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Purple Trainwreck

Indica dominant Purple Trainwreck is a cross between Mendo Purps and Trainwreck. This strain combines great taste with outstanding medical effects and is reasonably easy to grow as well.

The top notes of Purple Trainwreck are lemon, lavender and pine and they’re supported by a spicey body for a weed which really gets your mouth watering and your nostrils twitching.

The effect has also won a lot of praise. Although the THC content is medium, it is enough to give you the immediate benefit of pain relief and to lighten your mood without going into a euphoric high, which is too much for some people. Then the classic Indica effect begins and users begin to feel themselves sinking gently into that wonderful, full-body stone. This is a great strain for treating insomnia particularly if it is caused by either emotional issues or physical pain. Basically this variety is strong enough to provide pain relief all night long so medical users can actually get a full night of quality sleep rather than being woken by their pain. Because of this, this is generally best kept as a night-time strain, but it can be used in the daytime as long as you’re able to go easy on yourself, for example you’re a passenger on a long car trip.

Overall, Purple Trainwreck is very easy to grow, however even though it is an Indica dominant, the element of Sativa genetics can certainly push it towards the upper end of what you would expect from a fairly balanced hybrid, which means that indoor growers are going to want to ensure that they have plenty of space even if they’re happy about getting to grips with plant training. Outdoor growers should note that Purple Trainwreck needs plenty of warmth and sunshine, so is best kept for Mediterranean climates.

One of the big advantages of Purple Trainwreck is that it is known for its strong root structure, which helps to make it very robust. It is also appreciated for its resilience to mould and pests. This is partly because the leaf structure allows for good airflow. Yields are in the region of 400-600 g/m2.

Purple Trainwreck is a indica dominant strain, great for medical use and easy to grow. Read the full strain review here. – Grow M

Purple Trainwreck

Purple Trainwreck is an indica dominant plant that contains 35% sativa and 65% indica. It is based on the combinning of Mendo Purps and Trainwreck.

The plant needs a quite space and a feeding riched in nutrients. Purple Trainwreck is sensitive to humidity and pests. Therefore it suits for indoors, greenhouses and outdoors when the climate is temperate, warm, dry or Mediterranean. Purple Trainwreck demonstrates amazing violet and purple colors when the night temperatures are lower then day.

Purple Trainwreck provides aromas of citrus and lightly hot spices. The smoke produces a taste of lemon, pine and lavender. The long-lasting effect has two stages. The first is cerebral, invigorating and psychedelic, the second brings a potent relaxation.

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I really feel bad for the HSO Purple Trainwreck, rating her #4 out of the 4 HSO strains grown and #5 out of the 6 overall. She’s got the yield, she’s got the DENSEST of all the buds. She’s got the weirdest baco-bits mixed with baby powder smell, that at first is alarming, but endearing in its uniqueness. And she does hit like a train, fell asleep to this the other night 🙂 She just happened to be up against some tough competition with these other strains!

The PT stands well on her own. If you’re looking for an indica with a different flavor profile but a nice couchlock effect, this would be a good place to look. She does awesome with LST and grows thick hardy buds. But when lined up against all the other HSO greatness I’ve grown, she’s just the last of this bunch. Don’t let that stop you from trying and deciding for yourself!

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