Purple Punch Cannabis Seeds

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Purple Punch Feminised Seeds

Purple Punch is a 90% indica hybrid strain that was bred by crossing Granddaddy Purple with the famous San Fernando Valley (SFV) OG Kush. Yields are very good indeed from a strain that is so easy to grow that even the absolute beginner should have no problems obtaining a great crop.

This strain’s relatively early finish means that it is a great choice for both indoor cultivation as well as outdoors too. With a strong resistance to all kinds of mould, the cold and even spider mite, environmental problems cause little trouble for Purple Punch. Outdoors it tolerates cool, temperate and hot climates. It’s a short and stocky plant with multi-branching growing to a height of around 90 cm. indoors or up to 150 cm. outdoors.

Indoors plants take 50 – 60 days to flower with great yields of 600 – 700 gr/m 2 . Outdoors each plant is capable of producing between 1000 – 2000 gr. with harvests north of the equator ready in either the second or third week of September.

The scent of Purple Punch is reminiscent of the interior of a good quality bakery. Its taste is that of apple pie with cloves.

Purple Punch Seeds

Purple Punch strain is a popular indica that grows vigorously and produces potent buds. Purple Punch strain is known for its abundance of trichomes. During the flowering phase, these plants form large, dense, colorful buds that glisten from a thick layer of resin coating.

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Purple Punch Seeds

Purple Punch strain is an indica dominant hybrid created from two popular strains with high sedative qualities. Therefore, Purple Punch provides a great high for those suffering from insomnia, chronic stress, or pain. The terpene profile of the Purple Punch weed strain is an exquisite combination of grape candy and blueberry muffins, along with a number of other sweet and distinctive flavors.

Smooth, sweet, fresh, and perfect for everyday use, Purple Punch is fast becoming one of our most popular strains. The initial energizing high quickly gives way to a calming effect that relaxes you in no time. Don’t be fooled by the small and compact plant size, because the ample side branches and fat buds deliver excellent yields in less than 8 weeks of flowering.

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Benefits of Purple Punch Cannabis Strain

Our Purple Punch marijuana strain is popular among sativa users and indica fans alike due to its exquisite flavor profile, enjoyable experience, and soothing properties. Your high will begin with a full-force hit of cerebral stimulation right behind the eyes, before giving way to a heavy dose of sedative calm.

The impressive genetics of the Purple Punch flower brings out the best of both parent plants. With the ability to effortlessly lift your spirits while also relieving aches and pains, Purple Punch offers relief from several conditions, including anxiety, depression, stress, migraines, muscle spasms, and arthritis. And it goes without saying that the peaceful state of reverie that follows a Purple Punch high is a welcome reprieve for those who struggle with fatigue and insomnia.


Purple Punch seeds are an indica dominant cannabis variety engineered by crossing two relaxing genetics; Larry OG strain and Grand Daddy Purps strain. As a result, this hybrid serves up some very resinous flowers, with a sugary grape aroma and a very fruity candy flavor. The Purple Punch marijuana strain is well-known for its highly sedative qualities, and the abundance of trichomes covering the buds make for stunning purple and white flowers.


With wide and thick fan leaves that are typical of high-quality, indica-dominant breeding, Purple Punch grows short and stocky with a thick main cola, a few shorter side branches, and a number of longer branches capable of delivering a respectable yield. The light green compact buds are round, flecked with subtle hues of purple, and punctuated by fat calyxes covered in orangey-yellow hairs. The distinctive trichomes result in a beautiful frostbitten look that is highly sought after by many growers.


Although there’s no definitive scent that you can describe as “purple,” this plant offers a complex combination of fragrances that match its distinctive color. The overall aroma of Purple Punch is sweet and fruity, with a side note of faint herbs and an unmistakably earthy tone. Often described as having a “juicy” taste, each puff is packed full of grape, blueberry, and cherry flavors with the perfect balance of spicy undertones and a faint hint of vanilla. The muffin-like sweetness when the smoke hits the back of your throat leaves a delicious aftertaste.

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Purple Punch Terpenes

Purple Punch strain seeds provide a superb blend of terpene profiles. The core components are caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene. However, several other terpenes are present in smaller amounts, including pinene, humulene, bisabolol, B-pinene, guaiol, and linalool. Each offers its own distinct qualities and aroma, but together they provide an overall relaxing and sedating experience. Combining these particular terpenes ensures resinous and incredibly aromatic flowers, making Purple Punch marijuana seeds an excellent choice if you want to make hash or concentrates.


The indica-dominant hybrid design produces incredibly relaxing and analgesic properties. The pleasantly sedative effect is attributed to the significant amount of CBD, which triggers anti-anxiety responses that can help users with anything from sleep disorders to neuropathic and chronic pain issues. Reducing discomfort and promoting healthy sleep patterns also bring relief from stress and anxiety. With a CBD content of 0.05% and THC of around 23%, Purple Punch weed strain is potent enough to provide a long-lasting result, and the full-body calming effect and comfortably high normally starts to kick in after just one or two hits.

Purple Punch Seed Effects

While the high THC content of 23% certainly packs a punch that gives this strain its name, the faint Sativa genes ensure you won’t feel like you’ve been hit by a steam roller. Immediately after the first energizing inhalation, you’ll experience a pleasant buzz and feel your muscles begin to relax. You’ll feel mellow and calm as your stresses melt away, although you’ll retain a clear head that brings about a feeling of peaceful mindfulness.
While popular for its medicinal properties in aiding pain relief and insomnia, you won’t necessarily find yourself couch-locked. While some Purple Punch fans use it purely to speed up the sleeping process, that’s far from the only benefit. Depending on your tolerance, the moderate euphoric effect provides an enjoyable escape from a stressful day, a welcome tonic for your muscles after a hard workout, a way to switch into chill mode so you can space out in front of the TV, or simply enjoy a laid-back evening with friends, free from the stressors of the outside world.
Purple Punch is also known for its creative effects, so if you’re looking for some inspiration for that poem, short story, or piece of artwork you’ve been meaning to get round to, this could be just the inspiration you need.

Growing Purple Punch

Growing Purple Punch seeds is moderately difficult, although with the right guidance on climate and growing conditions, it’s much easier to get it right on your first attempt. The beauty of Purple Punch seeds is that they can be cultivated in greenhouse, indoor, and outdoor conditions. Typically, they thrive in a sunny, humid climate, so it’s all about getting the lighting and temperature just right.
So When growing indoors, try to mimic a northern California climate with balanced humidity and lots of light, and aim to harvest in September. Typical tent setups are fine, provided the plants have strong light sources and a powerful heating system. Growers opting to cultivate outdoors should try to emulate a more Mediterranean climate, and expect to harvest in mid-late October.

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Using 5-gallon buckets of organic soil and nutrients will provide you with a hearty medium. Growth is robust, vigorous, and branchy, with a shrub structure whose main cola stands proud above the lower branches. Therefore the plants grown from Purple Punch cannabis seeds react well to pruning, and yields can be maximized by regularly topping to ensure the larger leaves don’t block light or inhibit air circulation. Growers looking to nurture the trademark purple hues of the Purple Punch flower will need to ensure they expose their plants to slightly cooler temperatures before the flowering stage.

Due to its indica-dominant genetics, Purple Punch strain seeds will reach a maximum height of 3-4 feet, and growers won’t need to wait long to see returns on their effort. Flowering time is typically between 45-55 days depending on your method of cultivation, and you can expect a yield of 450 – 550 grams per plant.

Characteristics of the Purple Punch Weed Strain

During the flowering phase, these plants form large, dense, colorful buds that glisten from a thick layer of resin coating over the frosty purple flowers. The Purple Punch scent is potent, and rich in terpenes, so you’ll notice the sweet-smelling, satisfying scents of blueberry muffins and candy before you even begin to see the buds begin to appear.

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