purple lemonade weed plant

Purple lemonade weed plant

Purple Lemonade; arising from a meticulous cross between purple and citrus Cali genetics with our own autoflowering genetics, making this Indica leaning hybrid our most advanced purple genetic yet. Providing a complex high made up of subtle Sativa kicks and light body-stoned sensations. Zestful flavors are sweetened by a strong sugary seasoning making it the ideal sweet-tooth strain.

Bud Appearance
Purple clouds, contrasted by rich orange pistils. A perfect combination of a crystal covered purple buds, with dark green tipped sugar leaves, and rosie pink trichomes, all riddled with bright orange pistils shooting out of every direction, making some of the most compact and complex purple buds you’ve ever seen.

Smoke Report
Our Purple Lemonade is an Indica leaning hybrid like no other. Users will experience a primary uplifting kick, that, in the best case scenario will leave you with a giggling fit, but that otherwise will keep you uplifted and content. That kick then progressively turns into a wave of bodily relaxation, that won’t leave the smoker couch-locked, not drowsy. With approximately 22% THC this strain is great for a day time smoke or a relaxed evening buzz.

Exceptional Seeds
Our special packages and storage facilities are conditioned to ensure the proper and ideal preservation of the seeds, maintaining their freshness and quality.

Quality Statement
Top shelf feminized autoflowering seeds. Meticulously selected and put through weeks of vigorous testing to maintain genetic perfection.

Plant Appearance
Growers can expect their Purple Lemonade to attain around 70-110 cm in height (about 3ft). She’ll develop multiple chunky bud sites around the stem, making a great contrast between the bright green stem, the dark purple bud development and the darker green and purple sugar leaves growing around the buds. A beautiful strain with great internodal spacing.

Grow Tips
Thanks to the great internodal spacing, Purple Lemonade will make for a great candidate for LST. She’s a vigorous and sturdy grower, and grows equally as well indoors as outdoors. A strain that will do exceptionally well without nutrients, but will perform exquisitely with good quality nutrients and proper usage. Under ideal conditions, growers can expect to yield approximately 400-500gr/m2. Recommended flushing time is two weeks before harvest.

A long lasting citrusy smell that the plant will carry from the beginning of the flowering all the way through to the curing period. Tasting just like she smells, these aromas are then translated into sweet, citrusy taste that’s sourness is underlaid by strong sweet flavouring, giving it an all round sweet lemon taste.

<p>Purple Lemonade; arising from a meticulous cross between purple and citrus Cali genetics with our own autoflowering genetics, making this Indica leaning hybrid our most advanced purple genetic yet. Providing a complex high made up of subtle Sativa kick

Purple Lemonade

Indica dominant Purple Lemonade has genetics from purple and citrus Cali along with ruderalis. It’s a nice, all-round strain which makes a good choice for beginners.

Purple Lemonade has average THC of 22%, which is enough to generate a mood boost, which is relaxing as well as uplifting. You may feel a bit giggly, but the Indica genetics mean that overall the experience is more mellow than you’d expect from a Sativa with similar THC content. Having said that, the CBD content is fairly low, which means that body buzz is deeply relaxing and will probably make you feel dreamy or perhaps mildly drowsy but it’s not going to leave you couchlocked for hours at a time. In other words, this is a very flexible strain which can be used day or night. Obviously, if you’re using it in the daytime, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to recover before doing anything complicated, such as driving.

As Purple Lemonade is an autoflowering strain, the grow time is 8 to 9 weeks (seed to bud) regardless of whether you grow indoors or outdoors. In principle, this means that you can grow outdoors whenever you want. In practice, you’re going to need to keep local weather conditions in mind when you decide when to plant your seeds. In particular you’ll need to keep your plants dry, as well as warm and sunny, as wet buds are very vulnerable to the dreaded mould. Alternatively you could split the difference and use a greenhouse, remembering to space out your plants and implement effective odour control.

Purple Lemonade grows to a compact 0.7M to 1.1M and is pretty as well as productive. You get bright purple buds set off by orange pistils and framed by dark green leaves covered with plenty of glittery resin crystals, which are a slightly-pinkish white. The buds are clustered in multiple sites around the stem and have great internodal spacing, which makes this strain a good candidate for low-stress training. Treat Purple Lemonade with a bit of tender loving care and you could harvest as much as 500g/m2 or 450g per plant outdoors. Beginners might not get quite so much but should still be able to gather a very decent crop.

In terms of flavour and aroma, Purple Lemonade really is essentially lemon all the way, but it’s a mixture of sour lemon and sweet lemon which is crisply refreshing.

Purple Lemonade is an autoflowering strain from Fast Buds. Easy to grow with beautiful purple colours and up to 22% THC this strain is one for all growers.