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Purple Kush

Purple Kush is the variety that adds the colour of wild berries to our seed bank, thanks its contrast of rich purples and greens.

This is a hybrid of 70% Purple with a highly compact and richly resinous bud that draws the eye. The wait to enjoy its sweet herby taste may seem eternal, but with its rich amethyst colour and brilliant shine, it will be the jewel of your garden.

It is a plant that requires little attention and grows well with small amounts of a recommended fertilizer. Over-fertilization will be clearly visible in marks on the leaves. The whole plant has a purplish tone, most notable in its resin-loaded buds.

High in THC and low in CBD, its affect is highly calming. Purple Kush´s hit is clearly Indica, giving you a relaxing buzz but without knocking you out. This plant will care for you and won´t leave you without the energy for day to day life.

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Purple Kush Strain – Legends of Marijuana (Buy Seeds)

Purple Kush strain review, grow info and links to buy seeds. The popular weed strain Purple Kush has been around for decades. It remains top-notch quality dank bud to this day. Purple Kush is easy to grow both indoors and outdoors.

Purple Kush – ILGM

Purple Kush by ILGM is a feminized marijuana seed version of this legendary indica strain. Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani genetics combine to create a plant that’s easy to grow in most conditions. It forms into a bush structure that’s resistant to pests and parasites. Purple Kush does well indoors in a SCROG setup. Outdoors, it is ready to harvest by early September.

Flowering Time 8 weeks
Seed Breeder ILGM
Pack Size 5/10/20 seeds
Yield 5–9 oz per 3x3ft

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Mendocino Purple Kush – Medical Seeds

Mendocino Purple Kush by Medical Seeds is a multiple award-winning hybrid of Purple Kush and Mendo Purps. It is a robust marijuana plant with large leaves and big dank colorful buds. For indoor cultivation, SOG or SCROG is recommended. Outdoors, the plants can grow big and are finished by early October. The various phenotypes give color ranges from green to deep violet. Sweet tasting, rock hard stoney buds.

Flowering Time 8–9 weeks
Seed Breeder Medical Seeds
Pack Size 3/5/10 seeds
Yield 450 g/m2; 600 g/plant

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Purple Kush Strain History

Purple Kush is an indica hybrid created by crossing Purple Afghani to Hindu Kush. It originated out of the Oakland area of California.

Purple Kush came onto the Big Island scene sometime around the 2000’s and eventually got hybridized into a more sativa dominant plant.

At the time outdoor pot was going for $5,000 a pound. The quality didn’t even have to be that good. A lot of the indica strains had mold issues when grown in the sugarcane fields. Purple Kush did surprisingly well outdoors and was ready to harvest before most other growers had buds. That meant you could hit the market early to get that premium price.

  • Mold resistance is better than average, even with its indica dominant Afghani heritage.
  • Purple Kush grows bigger and yields higher than many other popular indica varieties, making it a great strain for guerrilla grow operations.

Once it was found that the dank-budded indica strain Purple Kush was forming up fat buds out in the fields and finishing to indoor-quality standards, it was like finding the golden ticket.

Some early Purple Kush plants on the Big Island of Hawaii

Growing Purple Kush

Purple Kush is a vigorous indica strain that outgrows many other hybrids.

  • Outdoors, Purple Kush seeds can grow into massive trees yielding multi-pound plants when vegged to 4 feet or higher bushes.
  • Indoors growers can control growth of Purple Kush by flowering this strain at a moderate (1 to 2 feet) height along with cropping and topping techniques.

Purple Kush is a bulky heavy feeding strain. Whether you are growing organically or using synthetics, a hearty diet of cannabis nutrients can help maximize yields from these fat bud Afghani plants.

Tropical and subtropical growers should extend their daylight hours with extra lighting to get Purple Kush big fast. For more information see Hawaii growing information.

How does Purple Kush do against mold & pests?

Purple Kush holds up well against pests and diseases. Its thick dark green leaves are not the succulent type that attracts insects—just take a bite of a leaf and you’ll know what I’m talking about—it’s bitter.

Outdoor growers should watch out for Botrytis mold (blue/grey mold) during the end of flowering. Due to its indica Afghani genetics this strain is moderately susceptible. Fortunately, the mold does not spread like wildfire through Purple Kush. With clean plants, good airflow, and (if you’re lucky) good weather, mold is easily avoided. The end product is on par with indoor top shelf buds.

Keep Purple Kush in as much full sun as possible, at 6 hours for solid results. Be careful of the sunlight following a humid rain, a perfect condition for mold growth.

A few years back we had a massive powdery mildew outbreak on the island. Almost all of our medical marijuana plants were affected by this mildew, but the Purple Kush plants were hardly hit at all. Its rough broad leaves held up strong and clean.

Tested in guerrilla style growing in grass fields, gulches, forests, pastures, and jungle valleys. Purple Kush plants are strong, producing a good quality end product even in rough climates.

More Information about the Purple Kush strain

  • Purple Kush is a cross between a Purple Afghani and a Hindu Kush, originally bred in Oakland, California.
  • This strain is reputed as being one of the most powerful strains of marijuana in the world.
  • For many phenotypes, the buds give off a fragrant scent comparable to lavender and grapes.
  • Don’t expect too much purple if you are finishing in a warm climate. The true purple color only fully comes out with cold temperatures.
  • A tried-and-true outdoor variety, Purple Kush is the superior to many strains in resistance to pests and diseases.
  • Purple Kush is also a solid choice for indoor growers as well—these fat bushy plants will yield heavy, solid buds.
  • The finished product of Purple Kush has a nice dark appearance and great bag appeal.
  • Abundant yields. Estimated harvest weight: Indoors: 450 g/m2; Outdoors: 600+ g/plant

Happy harvests from Hawaii

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Purple Kush strain review, grow info and links to buy seeds. The popular weed strain Purple Kush has been around for decades. It remains top-notch quality