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13 Indoor Blooming Plants to Get You Through Winter

Because you deserve flowers to offset the frigid months ahead.

Once you’ve put away your gardening tools for the season, you may wonder how you’ll survive until next spring without plants around you. Flowering houseplants are the answer! With many colorful, inexpensive options with long bloom times, there’s one (or more) you’ll want to add to your window sill immediately. Buy mature plants, not seeds, unless you have loads of patience and years to wait for blooms. The exception is amaryllis, which will bloom from a bulb in a matter of months. And take note: Many blooming houseplants thrive for years with minimal care, while others shine for a just few months before fading. (Sometimes you can coddle them to rebloom, but, honestly, it’s often more work than it’s worth.) No worries; place those past their prime in your compost pile.

Here are a few of our favorite blooming houseplants to brighten your home all winter long.

From peace lilies to pointsettias, these indoor blooming plants flower all winter long, providing a burst of joy to get you through the winter months ahead.

20 Flowering Houseplants That Will Add Beauty to Your Home

Leafy green houseplants are wonderful (and many of them require little care), but why not expand your indoor gardening skills by adding a few flowering houseplants into the mix. Blooming plants inject vibrancy, color, and fragrance into your living space. Take a look at 20 of our favorite flowering houseplants to find inspiration for your next plant acquisition.

African Violet

Small in stature but big in wow-factor, the African violet is fairly easy to care for, as flowering houseplants go. Available in hundreds of variations, this fuzzy-leafed houseplant typically blooms year round with blue, purple, or white flowers. Keep this plant slightly root-bound to force more flowers, provide it with partial sunlight, avoid getting the leaves wet, and it can thrive for years.


The begonia is a favorite houseplant for many indoor gardeners and it’s not hard to understand why: They require little care and yet reward this sparse attention with colorful flowers. With over 1,000 varieties, there’s a size, color, and shape that’s just right for your home.


Orchids get a bad rap for being difficult to keep blooming, but don’t let that scare you from bringing one home. Caring for an orchid gives gardeners a chance to put their green thumbs to the test. Your patience and effort is well worth it for the beautiful flowers on this flowering houseplant.

Peace Lily

The peace lily is a showstopper, and a remarkably low maintenance one, at that. The large plant has large green leaves and elegant white flowers. When the peace lily’s leaves start to droop you’ll know it’s time for a watering. Peace lilies are toxic to pets, so avoid bringing one home if you have curious cats and dogs, or keep it well out of their reach.

False Shamrock

If you like the color purple then the false shamrock is for you. With its deep plum leaves and dainty violet flowers this colorful houseplant is often mistaken for a shamrock because of the shape of its leaves. The bright color isn’t the only thing that makes the false shamrock stand out among all your houseplants; it is photophilic, meaning its leaves open in daytime to catch the sun’s light, and then close at night.


Add a touch of the tropics to your home with the exotic bromeliad. The pineapple-shaped plant is surprisingly adaptable to the indoors even though it’s native to the rainforest. While it can be a little tricky to get flowers to bloom, the dramatic pay-off is well worth the effort.

Leafy green houseplants are wonderful (and many of them require little care), but why not expand your indoor gardening skills by adding a few flowering…