purple haze quotes

Purple haze quotes

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good morning, give me vodka [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

Fugo lay on an uncomfortable bed in a cheap hotel, staring
at the ceiling.
If Buccellati had not come to see him, what would have
happened to him?
He could never have survived in the normal world, but
being a member of the mob from the get go had been such a huge
advantage it was hard to imagine what other course he could have
No. I saw it with my own eyes.
Fugo had seen a boy whose life had been very much like
Fugo’s could have been. Narancia Ghirga.
If I hadn’t.

— I used to ship FuNara, but after getting this perspective on them, it’s just a no for me. Fugo just kins himself with Narancia sort of like Narancia does with Trish.

Abbacchio had said nothing for some time, and said nothing
in response. He’d been a cop once, and his silence carried weight.
Fugo had grown used to it, but he’d seen Abbacchio make children
cry with silence alone. then glare at them, without a shred of guilt.
He was that kind of man.
“I wonder if this is it,” Fugo said.

— Abbacchio making children cry with a glare? Golden. I expected nothing less from him.

“Don’t speculate,” Abbacchio hissed. “It’s a weakness of
yours, Fugo. You think too much. You think on things best left
Fugo bit his tongue.
“Our role is to do as Buccellati tells us. Put our faith in him.
That’s all. Am I wrong? Trust him. but not this new guy. Be on
your guard with him.”
“Really? But Buccellati brought him in. Trust Buccellati,
but not the man he trusts? Isn’t that contradictory?”
“Shush. They’re different and you know it.”

— ABBA IS SO JEALOUS LIKE. Dude, yeah your capo is head over heels for the “new guy”, just hit the bottle and get over it already lmfao

“That’s a mistake. It isn’t the flesh drugs devour – it’s the
soul. (. ) The suffering spreads to their families, to
innocents around them. Taking advantage of their weakness. Those
who sells drugs are insulting the world and everyone in it. Insulting
humanity, insulting dignity, insulting the future, insulting life itself.
They deserve what’s coming to them.”

— Sheila E talks about Giorno’s take on selling drugs, and it’s actually more strict than Bruno’s. (If people want to drugs it’s their choice as long as they don’t sell it to children) What that say? Dunno. But even though Gio comes off as cold, he’s really caring, and his moral code thing actually revolves on helping people.

And then we have a quote which is actually from the anime/manga, but reading it again, here. It strikes different at least to me.

“Buccellati. what should I do? Should I come? I’m scared.
But if you order me to come, if you say, ‘Come with me!’ then I’ll
find the courage. I’m not scared of anything you tell me to do.

— Narancia when the gang goes rogue. You know what I just realized? I think I ship Narancia with Bruno 😳 is that a thing?

“Gimme a break, man. You know how it is. You see him
you feel it, like. in your chest, right here, everything just feels at
peace. You feel strong enough to face anything. The way he got all
mad at a dirty kid like me, genuinely angry at me. My parents,
those teachers – the only got mad because it was their job to scold
me. But he. “
There were tears in Narancia’s eyes. But they couldn’t dull
the gleam.
That resignation was gone. The hopelessness in his eyes as
he’d rooted through the dumpster was gone. Meeting Buccellati had
given him a future.
Given him a dream. of how he wished to live.

— BruNara rights!

After all, the narcotics team had managed to slip through
Giorno’s network and escape to Sicily. Who knew what they were
capable of?
Fugo shivered. Every time he thought about Giorno, a chill
ran down his spine.
He hadn’t worked with Giorno for long, but when he
thought back, he couldn’t think of a single thing the blonde boy had
said that was wrong. Every move he made was right, every action a
step towards the larger goals to come. Every time Fugo had been
convinced there was nothing to be done, Giorno had fixed things
Why did Giorno send me after the narcotics team?
That boy did nothing without purpose. There must be some
clear reason behind this plan. He simply couldn’t see Giorno
throwing suspected traitors after actual traitors in the hopes of
clearing the deck.
He must have a reason – some hidden, ulterior motive.

— Fugo being a sweet infatuated little thing

“When you first met Giorno, what did you think?”
“Um,” Fugo hesitated. Sheila E’s eyes seemed to see right through him. They’d catch him if he lied. So he told the truth. “We didn’t know who he really was, so we didn’t. size him up, exactly. I thought. the way he presented himself could have been mistaken for weakness. But it seemed like he had the potential to be much more.”
“…. ”
“That’s what I thought at the time, anyway. We all thought he was a new recruit Buccellati had found.” Sheila E seemed dubious. At length, she said, “Giorno said this to me. ‘You take me for an honest man because you yourself are honest.'”
“I asked Mista the same question. He said he thought Giorno was lucky, someone who’d bring luck to the team. You see what I mean?”
“Um. ”
“Mista’s the lucky one, isn’t he? When people look at Giorno, they see something so unfathomable they see themselves reflected in him. They’re swallowed up in his potential, and wind up seeing only themselves.” She had no way of knowing, but a boy named Hirose Kouichi had once described Giorno as, “A gentle soul. A strange thing to say, considering he stole my luggage.” Kouichi himself was a gentle soul, one who inspired devotion in the unlikeliest of friends. Fugo was at a loss for words. “By that logic, the one with untapped potential. is you,” Sheila E said, skeptically.

— Fugo, you’re valid. You have infinite potential and that’s why Giorno searched for you again.

He’d fought alongside Fugo a number of times. Each time Abbacchio investigated the crime, and Fugo executed the culprit. Sometimes they were covering up business scandals in the name of ‘protection’, or eliminating those who tried to embezzle from the mob, or executing the minimal number of Passione members required to contain internal conflicts; nothing the police would be involved in, just problems that needed to be taken care of. The bulk of these requests came from Buccellati, but some came from Polpo, and these they often kept secret from Buccellati. Their capo needed the job done, but they knew, for example, that their team leader would not be able to stomach the murder of a child.
— Bruno is a softie and the team knows it

If Fugo decided a particular job would prey on Buccellati’s conscience, he kept it secret. Abbacchio went along with this, never breathing a word. People around them seemed to view them as partners, but Fugo never once asked Abbacchio about his past, and Abbacchio never asked about his. Neither understood the other. If they had ever been in a situation where only one could survive, Fugo was certain Abbacchio would abandon him to his fate, and he felt sure he would do the same.
They trusted each other, but they were not close. There was as little between them as the day they’d met. Abbacchio had been a policeman. When his corruption was discovered, and he was on trial, Fugo went to see him in prison. He’d accepted bribes from one of Passione’s thugs, and Fugo was looking for information. The thug had died in police custody – of hypothermia. In mid-summer. In other words, he’d been dealt with by his superiors – and only Abbacchio knew anything more.

— Fugo + Abbacchio = Bruno Protection Squad

“Um, Abbacchio, I’m. ”
“I know you’re like me. I know you’re a failure. I can see the rot in your eyes. So where do you get this confidence?”
“I feel like I should be insulted. ”
“Tell me why, and I’ll tell you what I know.”
“Tell you what, exactly?”
“Your reason for living. Tell me what it is that keeps you going.”
“I’ve merely sworn loyalty to my syndicate.”
“Then tell me how to do the same,” Abbacchio said.
Fugo blinked at him. “You. want to join?”
“If that’s reason enough for you, it’s worth trying.”
“You’re an ex-cop. They’ll never promote you. They’ll never give you territory of your own. You’ll be someone’s henchman your whole life. Are you ready for that? And that’s if you don’t get stabbed in the back. The family won’t protect you, not really. You’re better off taking the money, moving abroad, and living it up.”
“…. ” Abbacchio just glared at him. The darkness in his eyes was terrifying.

— Abbacchio asking Fugo to let him join Passione

And Giorno.
Fugo felt a chill run down his spine.
If Fugo had made any mistakes back then, it was his assumption that Buccellati was calling the shots. when in fact, it had been Giorno all along. He should have tried to change that boy’s mind, not Buccellati’s.
Giorno Giovanna was determined to take down the boss, and wrest control of his power. Buccellati simply followed his lead. Come to think of it, Giorno volunteered to take Trish to the boss. Abbacchio objected, and Buccellati wound up taking her. maybe we should have let Giorno go. If he’d managed to win, maybe none of this would ever have happened. Perhaps Giorno would have let Trish die. Sacrifice her for a clue to the boss’s identity, allowing him to formulate a better, safer plan – one with less deaths on his side.
He didn’t exactly wish that was what had happened, but if it had. Fugo would never have left. If only Abbacchio had kept his. no, there was no point dwelling on hypotheticals. Ultimately, all of them were just caught up in the battle between Giorno and Diavolo – like the battles in epics, two legends out to prove which of them was the true ruler.

— FuGio rights! What a bittersweet trainwrek through. I really want to know how it would have gone down if Fugo spoke up for Giorno in that moment, Bruno would be alive and everyone would be happy? Except Trish? Maybe? Anyway stan BruFuGio

But thinking back on it. Buccellati had gone out to investigate, and come back talking about a boy he’d never mentioned before, saying that he might be one of them soon. Fugo and the others had not been able to hide their surprise. “What the hell? Who is this guy?” Narancia demanded. Buccellati shrugged him off. “Just someone I thought was worth trusting. If you’ve got a problem with that, join someone else’s team.” That got under everyone’s skin.
“Hey!” Abbacchio snarled. “That was uncalled for. We trust you. We don’t know what to think about some kid we’ve never even met.”
Buccellati remained unmoved. “If you trust me, then you should trust him.”
“Then how about you let us check him out before he joins the team?”
“Not necessary.”
“You’re hell bent on this, then?” Mista snorted, scowling

— Bruno is in too deep, but what else is new.

Fugo lay on an uncomfortable bed in a cheap hotel, staring at the ceiling. If Buccellati had not come to see him, what would have happened to him? He could never have survived in the normal world, but being a member of the mob from the get go had been such a huge advantage it was hard to imagine…

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