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Weed smoking games and weed video games

Picture of a mobile phone on a table next to a bud showing on its screen a game about cannabis.

There’s a magical combination of fun: cannabis and games or video games and if these are related to marijuana even better. Today we’re going to look at the games that all of us smokers have tried at some point, and in the process we’re going to look at the best smartphone and PC games related to weed. Well, let’s play…

👌 The 5 best games to smoke weed with friends

  1. The submarine
  2. Russian Roulette
  3. Basket and smoke
  4. The train
  5. Frozen

1.The Submarine

It consists of locking several people inside a small room and then lighting several joints to flood the entire space with smoke. It started to be done in cars, but it is not really the most suitable option for safety reasons, as it can be done in a tent perfectly or in any space that’s not too big.

Personally, this smoker’s game has given me great moments in my youth, you know, whoever gets out is eliminated and the one who stays in it the longest wins. There comes a time when you can hardly see who’s left because of the smoke, and it can happen to you as to a mate, who we thought hadn’t noticed that we’d all gone out and the guy had fallen asleep from the high…

Representative image of a Submarine*

2.Russian Roulette

This pot-smoking game is really fun, and no, it’s not about loading a gun with a single joint and killing the guy who gets it. In this case, the participants sit in a circle, each with his or her joint ready, and wait for their turn.

It’s easy to understand how it works, a topic is specified and each participant has to smoke while saying 3 or 5 examples of that topic. 3 rock groups, 3 football players or if we want to do it about cannabis we can choose 3 weed seed banks, 3 indica varieties, etc.

The fact is that, as time goes by, the participants get more and more high and the difficulty increases, so they have to smoke more, and there comes a time when one of them is not able to say 3 examples of anything and this one’s out of the game.

Image of a joint being passed around during the Russian Roulette game*

3.Basket and smoke

Il s’agit d’une adaptation d’un jeu classique qui était utilisé pour boire, mais dans ce cas-ci une version pour fumeurs.

This is an adaptation of a classic game that was used for drinking, but in this case a smoker’s version. It can be done with plastic cups and ping pong balls, several cups are arranged in a row or forming triangles, and each participant has to try to shoot the balls into the cups, if you succeed you smoke and if you don’t wait another turn. There is also an option in which the basket maker chooses who smokes, which is even cooler…

This is the cannabic adaptation of a game that is widely used at private drinking parties in the United States. In Spain for example we have a similar game, “El duro” or now it will be “El euro”, although I’m not sure if it’s still played (I’m so old…). In this case you bounce a coin on the table and after it bounces it must fall into the glass. With this joint game it’s similar to the previous ones, as time goes by THC makes you lose skill and it’s more and more difficult to score.

Photograph of several plastic cups in formation to play ball shooting*

4.The Train

This cannabic game is also a lot of fun, especially when more than 4 people are involved. The idea is to make a circuit between the players, a circle for example, light a good joint with Blunt or King Size paper, and start smoking, but not in an usual way, in this case you have to take a puff, pass the joint and hold the smoke until it’s your turn again.

At first it doesn’t take too much, especially if you smoke and pass it at high speed but, as the game goes on, it becomes more and more difficult to hold the smoke in your lungs for so long, especially when laughs start, which will be more than a few, you’ll see.…

Photograph of several friends playing the cannabic train*


Among the funniest smoking games you should always include this one, because laughs are guaranteed. If it is already difficult to look at a person’s face for a while without laughing, imagine after smoking weed, it is impossible…

Well, it consists of that, two people are placed in front of each other with their faces at a short distance and they get high smoking weed or hashish, while they stare at each other trying not to laugh. The one who laughs loses, could you take it?

Picture of 2 friends playing Frozen with cannabis*

✨ The 5 Funniest Free Cannabic Video Games

Smoking joints while playing with friends is one of the most fun things we can do. But sometimes we don’t have anyone to play with and and we have to amuse ourselves with individual games or video games, and if these are cannabic games we even like them more, right? That’s why I’m going to recommend you the 5 best free games for Android, Iphone and PC.

  1. Weed Firm 2
  2. Pot Farm Grass Roots
  3. Hempire
  4. Wiz Khalifa Grass Farm
  5. iSmoke: Weed HD

Weed Firm 2: Back to the college

It reminds the story of the ” Breaking Bad ” series but in this case the main character (Ted Growing) decides to become a weed grower after being fired from the university.

The game is really fun, because in addition to growing and selling the weed, you’ll have to help Ted defend the production, customize your dispensary and much more. The only problem is that it’s super addictive, but it’s worth it.

Image of the game Weed Firm 2 where it is shown a caravan with a cannabis leaf*

Pot Farm Grass Roots

This cannabis growing and selling game is the farm style that is so popular on Facebook, such as “Farmville”, “Farm Country”, “Family Farm”, etc. In this case obviously you have to grow weed, gradually expanding the resources to increase yields.

In addition to selling weed, you can cook edibles, negotiate with laboratories to enter the medicinal industry, and many other things, but always being careful to prevent pests like the mite, which can destroy the crop and ruin your business.

Image of the Pot Farm Grass Roots game*


With this video game about weed, in addition to entertaining you, you will be able to learn many facts about the best known varieties, both in terms of their cultivation, effects, flavors, etc.

It is 100% recommended, no wonder it is always on top of the most downloaded cannabis games. But if we have to say one negative side, you must take into account that after a specific level you need a lot of money to be able to buy gems and continue with the business.

Hempire smartphone game cover image*

Wiz Khalifa Grass Farm

Artist Wiz Khalifa launched his own free online weed game on 4/20th of 2017. Developed by Metamoki, it’s really addictive, once you start you can’t stop playing, I guarantee it.

It is a cannabis farm game too, so it consists of planting, caring for, harvesting, manicuring and then selling the weed. Start your own business and grow in the international market.

Wiz Khalifa Weed Farm game image*

iSmoke: Weed HD

This is a game to smoke weed virtually, a very real game simulator that helps the player to relax and disconnect, so it has nothing to do with the previous ones, but we wanted to include it in our ranking because of its originality.

When you’re stressed, light up a virtual joint and, thanks to the relaxing music and beautiful landscapes, you can escape from reality for a while. Try it and you’ ll tell us.

Image showing a grinder dropping chopped weed in the iSmoke: Weed HD game*

⛳ Other Joint Roller Games

In this case there are even competitions, cannabis cups that have categories that consist of making joints, something that can even be an art. We must recognize that there are people who have a special talent for rolling joints, something natural.


As you can get an idea with the name (in spanish), just as origami is based on making crafts or sculptures with paper, in this case it is the same but making joints. Note that it is not enough to make something very cool and then dismount it quickly, no, it has to be consistent and smokable.

Photograph of a joint sculpture, a good example of porroflexia*

Porrometro or Joint meter

It consists of seeing who is capable of making the fastest joint, that is, several players are placed with the grinder, paper, the mouthpiece and the prepared weed and we check who rolls it up first. I mean, a race…

Photo showing hands rolling a joint at full speed*

Roll a Joint

This is a virtual rolling joint game for Android. It seems easy, but as with other games or simple applications, when you pop there is no stop. Download it and try it, you will tell me if it is addictive, we have already checked it.

Image of the weed game for Android Roll a Joint*

⭐ Conclusion

If you like games related to cannabis, you have already seen that there are all sorts of them, to play with friends, alone with the smartphone or to roll joints of different types. If you know any interesting game that you would choose among your top 5, tell us in the comments below and if you liked this post, please share it with everyone.

In this post we gather the best games to smoke weed with friends and the funniest video games with marijuana…

Bored? Try Playing These Weed Games

The energy will be high during these games.

by Kelly Pitts – November 11, 2020

Looking to spice up your next gathering of cannabis enthusiasts? Inject some added amusement into your next smoke session with some fun weed games! Some of these entertaining pastimes are similar to drinking games, but with a weedy twist, while others are in a league of their own.

To make sure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable time playing these weed games, keep in mind the following tips:

  • It’s recommended to use dry flower instead of concentrates or edibles, which can be a bit too intense for some.
  • Mixing significant cannabis consumption with alcohol is not recommended and can have negative effects.
  • Know your limits and feel free to take a break from smoking if you feel yourself getting too high.

Never Have I Ever

Pack up lots of weed before getting started. Go around in a circle. The first player will say “Never have I ever” followed by something they’ve never done (i.e. gone snowboarding or eaten a ghost pepper ). If any of the other members of the group HAVE done the action mentioned, they take a hit from their piece. Then the next player says “Never have I ever” and the process repeats until you get bored or tap out. In the time of social distancing, t his game can be played virtually via video chat as well.

Musical Marijuana

If you’ve ever played the “Thunder” drinking game, this is a similar concept. Pick any song with an often-repeated word or phrase (examples include AC/DC’s Thunderstruck , Bob Marley’s Jammin , or Outkast’s Hey Ya ). Every time you hear the phrase repeated, take a toke. This game is super intense when every player has their own joint or piece to smoke. You can make it easier by using only one joint and passing it to the next person after every repeat.


In Greek mythology, those who gazed upon the face of Medusa were turned to stone. In this game, gazing upon your opponent could cause you to get stoned. The game is simple: all players stand or sit in a circle and begin with their eyes closed. With eyes still closed, turn to face another opponent. On the count of three, everyone opens their eyes. If the person you’re looking at is also looking at you, both players take a hit. Any players who do not meet someone else’s gaze are safe…until the next round!


For a game that’s easy to learn but not always easy to win, pick any category and go around the circle, with each player naming a member of that category. Consider starting with an easy category like “Spongebob Characters.” The first person to get stumped takes a toke. After two players get stumped and take their hits, change categories.

For an added challenge, choose a broad category. Make a rule that each new player must use the last letter of the previous person’s answer as the first letter of their answer. Let’s take the category of “Musicians” as an example. If Player One says “Elvis Presley,” then Player Two’s answer must start with the letter Y, perhaps Yoko Ono. Player Three must then choose a musician whose name begins with the letter O.

Ash Bomber

For this game, you’ll need a few easy-to-find items:

  • A glass cup or jar
  • A piece of tissue paper/facial tissue/paper towel
  • A rubber band
  • A penny
  • A joint

Cover the opening of the glass container with the tissue or paper towel and secure it with a rubber band, similar to how you would make a sploof. Place the penny on top of the tissue and light the joint. After each hit, the player must use the joint to burn a hole in the tissue paper. When the penny falls into the cup, the last player to burn a hole is out. You can replace the covering and the penny and continue to play, if desired.

Bong Pong

Like the ever-popular game of beer pong, you’ll need several Solo cups, at least two ping pong balls (it’s always good to have extra, however, in case they become lost or damaged during the game), and a relatively long table to set up on. Arrange the solo cups in a triangle formation and play as you would normally, with each player trying to eliminate cups by tossing the pong balls into them, with one key difference: Your reward for sinking a ball into a cup is a hit of weed.

You can also make up a few weed-related rules of your own. For example, you can establish the rule that if one team captures a ball on a roll-back, they must hold in a hit of weed while taking their trick shot.

Straight Face

Keeping a straight face when you have a case of the giggles is harder than you might think, and the higher you get, the more difficult this game can be to win. On the count of three, everyone will put on a serious face. The first one to laugh or smile is out. You can choose to take a hit as a penalty, a reward, or as a way to make each round progressively harder.


For a fun ongoing game, consider picking a few “buzz” words in the beginning of your gathering and inform everyone that getting caught using one of these words means taking a hit. Some common examples include weed , pot , or high , but you can also get creative. You may choose to make “I,” “me,” or any proper names (city names, brand names, people’s names) into buzz words. This game is also fun to play in a group or alone while watching a stoner flick.

High card

For this game, you’ll need a deck of cards. The dealer deals one card face down to each player. The dealer then flips one card from the deck face up. The first player must guess whether their own card is higher or lower than the card that is face up. After guessing, the player flips their own card face-up. If they’re right, they take a hit. The next player must then guess if their hidden card is higher or lower than the previous player’s card. Once every player has made their guesses and taken their hits, deal again to play another round!

Final Thoughts on Weed Games

Weed games are a fun way to add some fun and excitement to any social gathering. Remember that moderation is key, and that you can sit out from any game if you feel like you’re getting too high. Watch out for your friends and yourself to make sure everyone has an enjoyable experience.

Similar to drinking games, playing games with marijuana brings a group of people together over a common activity. Next time you’re looking for something to spice up your smoke session, try one of these weed games.