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We offer discounts to all veterans and first responders…

Our policy, now and forever into the future, is to provide discounts to ALL active duty military, military veterans and first responders (including retired first responders) when they purchase clones from us.

Just let us know at the time you are placing your order and we will provide you the discounted price.

“Sativa Seed Sale” starts today, buy 10 get 10 free…

These are just some of the genetics you’ll find on sale.

Feminized seeds:

Autoflower seeds:

Don’t forget that not only is shipping free, it is also guaranteed and if that is not enough you can get an additional $5 off your order simply by using the code “5fromrobert” at checkout.

Time to pre-order clones for 2020…

We are now accepting pre-orders for clones that will be delivered starting in March.

Here is the list of clones that we will be offering this year (2020):

707 Headband
9lb Hammer
Agent Orange
Alaskan Thunder Fuck
Big Bomb
Desert Diesel
Durban Poison
Godfather OG
Gorilla Bomb
Gorilla Glue #4
Green Crack
Ice Bomb
Mango Sapphire
Purple Haze
Purple Trainwreck
Sapphire OG
Snoop Dog OG
Wedding Cake
White Widow x Big Bud

Things to keep in mind:

  • All of our clones are first generation, meaning that they were taken from mother plants started from seed.
  • You can pre-order now (or at any time) but don’t have to pay until you take delivery.
  • With every six packyou will receive one free clone (check out the details here).
  • Folks are limited to 12 clones of any given strain and 36 clones in total.
  • First deliveries will be taking place beginning the first two weeks of March and will continue till Memorial Day weekend.
  • Clones are reserved on a first come first served basis, but we will do our best to get you the strain(s) and number(s) you are looking for.
  • The best way to reach us is via email ([email protected]), second best is to text us (1-207-613-5650) or leave a voicemail with any questions you have about medical marijuana clones.
  • All clones are 6-12 inches and come in degradable root pouches (no need to pull them out for planting), so you won’t suffer any broken roots or transplant lag time.
  • We make appointments Monday through Friday for clone delivery and meet with patients in either the Portland or Biddeford areas (depending on the town you’re coming from).

Labor Day “buy 10 get 10 free” seed sale!…

Here’s a great Labor Day seed sale, the sale is “buy 10 get 10 free” on some outstanding genetics.

Keep in mind as you check these out that not only is shipping free and delivery is guaranteed , you can also get an additional $5 off your order by using the code “5fromrobert” at checkout.

Maui Wowie (feminized)

Maui Wowie Strain Origin (20% Indica 80% Sativa): Originally from the Hawaiian Island of Maui, this strain was first grown in the rich volcanic soil of its pacific climate.

Maui Wowie was developed from Hawaiian sativa and is the result of the development and work of Hawaiian hippies of the 1960’s and 70’s and is said to create the feeling of a beach vacation, it is a light, sweet, tropical flavored strain that has a strong following, largely due to the unusually motivating effects it provides.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Origin (80% Indica 20% Sativa):

Like many great strains, this one got started in California. Because of its popularity it quickly spread across the states, then the world. Its fame is well earned. Why? Its balanced blend of both indica (OG Kush) and sativa (Durban Poison) deliver an enjoyable and balanced high.

This particular strain has been evolved by breeders into Thin Mint, Platinum Cookies, and this Girl Scout Cookies Extreme. Each version, although unique unto itself, shares the most loved qualities of the core strain.

Blue Dream Strain Origin (20% Indica 80% Sativa): This strain originated in the California medical marijuana scene. It became known for delivering that California vibe synonymous with great daytime highs. The strain is one of the most requested on the market because of its great blend between Blueberry Indica and Super Silver Haze.

Blue Dream is top shelf cannabis. It has a stellar reputation for easy-going all day highs making it the ‘go-to’ choice for daytime smokers. If you want a great high that can carry you through the day without plastering you on the couch – this is for you. Parents of Blue Dream: Blueberry Indica/Haze Sativa

Banana Kush Strain Origins (60% Indica 40% Sativa): This bright green strain of cannabis is an indica-dominant hybrid strain. It is composed of 60% indica and 40% sativa. Banana Kush was first bred by Cali Kush, tracing its roots to the State of California. It has a THC level up to 27% with a CBD level between 0.1%-0.7%.

The cannabis is as a result of a cross breed between Ghost OG and Skunk Haze strains. However, some say that it is as a result of crossing some other Banana strain with an OG Kush strain. This indica-dominant strain is considered legendary on the west coast. It is hugely popular in the California-based cannabis medical communities due to its medical capabilities.

Super Skunk Strain Origins (80% Indica 20% Sativa): The Super Skunk strain is a child strain of Skunk #1. It was created specifically for Skunk lovers by crossing the hybrid Skunk #1 with the genetics behind Afghani Indica. Sensi Seeds created this strain to produce thick, dense buds good for both body pains and reducing stress. It may be the very “first hybrid breeding project with Afghani roots.”

You also might want to check out the “buy 10 get 10 free” on autoflower seeds as well.

Cyber Monday Seed Sale, with free seeds & free shipping!…

Here’s hoping that you all had a very happy (and filling) Thanksgiving, but we want to give you one more thing to celebrate this holiday weekend.

Call it what you want, Thanksgiving sale, black Friday sale or a cyber Monday sale, we’re just calling it one damn big seed sale!

Here’s what this sale is all about:

Buy 10 seeds and you’ll get another 10 seeds for free, but wait, there’s more!

You’ll get free shipping anywhere in the US, but yes, there’s still more…

Not only is shipping free, if your order does not arrive, or the government sees fit to seize it, your order will get shipped out to you again at no additional charge… and one last thing…

Get another $5 off your first purchase by using the coupon code: “5fromrobert“!

Seriously, forget the cold and the snow (even though they’re forecasting another 10-14 inches here over the next 2 days), spring really will be here before you know it.

Just in case one of the above links doesn’t work for you, here’s one more link to try :

Medical Marijuana Clones list as of 6/19/18…

Here is our latest clones list (as of 6/19/18):

2- MOB
1- Gorilla Glue
4- 710 Cheese
8- Acapulco Gold
3- Chocolope
6- Jack Herer
8- Northern Lights x 5 Haze
4- White Widow x Big Bud
7- Durban Poison
5- Columbian Gold
2- Mango Sapphire
2- Cookie Kush
2- Headband
2- Granddaddy Purple

All clones are 6-12 inches and come in degradable root pouches (no need to pull them out for planting), so you won’t suffer any broken roots or transplant lag time .

We are take appointments Monday through Friday and meet with patients in either the Portland or Biddeford areas (depending on the town you’re coming from).

They go quickly and on a first come first served basis, but we will do our best to get you the strain(s) and number(s) you are looking for.

With every six pack you will receive one free clone (check out the details here).

Email us ([email protected]) is the best way to reach us, text us (1-207-613-5650) or leave a voicemail to ask questions about obtaining medical marijuana clones.

*clones are for patients only…

Happy 420 – Huge Seed Sale at I Love Growing Marijuana!

Happy 420 everyone.

Not only will you get special pricing, but you can take an additional $5 off your first order by using the coupon code: 5fromrobert

You will find discount prices along with Buy 10 seeds – get 20 seeds specials!

Remember, if you are a Maine grower and looking for clones we will have them in stock and available in May (on a first come, first serve basis).


No, sorry to say we do not have clones available at this time, but when we do (likely late September) things will be a little bit different.

We have been informed by the enforcement devision of the Maine Medical Marijuana Program that we can no longer provide clones to anyone who is not one of our patients.

But first let me digress:

  1. Regarding the Maine recreational marijuana market, because of the ambiguity of the rules as they are currently exist we have not and will not delve into that market, and until there are clear guidelines and rules that will remain our policy.
  2. Our interaction with the the Maine Medical Marijuana Program – like many of you, I’ve heard horror stories about what has gone on when caregivers and “the man” collide. Let me say from my experience that I could not have been treated more like a professional that I was the day they showed up on my door (SURPRISE!). We had a discussion in which he listened to me (in what I believe was a true attempt to understand what I was saying), he explained thoughtfully their interpretation of the rule and other than disagreeing with the message he was delivering I can’t say one bad thing about their unannounced visit (we have had several email exchanges and conversations since that first encounter and I appreciate the continued professionalism).

So without getting into a long drawn out explanation of our discussion that day (though I would be happy to for anyone who might be interested) the bottom line is that moving forward we can ONLY provide clones to our own patients. You can check the rules regarding an official explanation of what a clone is here (

We respectfully disagree with their interpretation of the rule (or lack there of ) but unfortunately we only have an opinion, they have that AND the authority behind them (checkmate, they win), but we are working behind the scenes to see what can be done to provide more clarification in the hopes that we can return to providing clones to other medical marijuana caregivers and patients other than our own.

Lastly and while on the discussion of patients, those who have general questions on how to become a Maine medical marijuana patient or specifically how to become one of our patients are welcomed to email us ([email protected]) or text us (1- 207-613-5650 ) for further information. We accept out of state patients with Maine reciprocity.

The shelves are empty…

The shelves are empty, the cupboards are bare… as it is deep into the outdoor grow season and because the demand for clones is low this time of year we are taking the opportunity to refresh our mothers, clean all our rooms and be able to offer you new strains (and a few old favorites) in the fall.

If you are a patient, caregiver or a commercial grower with specific needs (in numbers and strains of clones) and would like to be put on the wait list or want to setup regularly scheduled deliveries please drop us an email ([email protected]), send us a text (1-207-613-5650) or leave a voicemail and as soon as our medical marijuana clones are ready you will be the first to know.

For those of you who have emailed our “available clones auto-responder” ([email protected]), we will save your email and you too will be notified the moment we have clones available.

Our review of “The Cannabis Strain Directory”…

We originally reviewed this program 2 years ago but because it is bigger, badder and better we thought we would “re-review” it here today, and as we said the first time, it could very well be a super short review, summing it up in just two words “Love It!“.

Here are some of the new/updated features:

At the time of our original review The Cannabis Strain Directory contained under 1300 strains, it has now expanded to close to 1800 different strains!

Bookmark Your Favorites

When researching information about strains it would be nice to save your work to refer back to it later, now you can do that easily with “Add to Bookmarks” allowing you to refer back to your library of favorite (or researched) strains.

Cannabis How To

There is a learning curve to everything. Now The Cannabis Strain Directory can make growing your own even easier. Everything from choosing a strain, selecting and setting up a grow space and dealing with the “unexpected” (like disease) is included.

The Emperor Wears No Clothes

A complete edition of the 181 page book “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” (Also known as “The Hemp Bible) by Jack Herer (yes, THAT Jack Herer) is included as part of this program.

And there’s a lot more to love about it as well, starting with the fact that IT’S FREE.

But there’s so much more to The Cannabis Strain Directory, starting with the fact that there are (currently) almost 1800 strains listed and because the list is updated so frequently every time The Cannabis Strain Directory launches it checks for updates to the database, so you’ll always be current when it comes to available cannabis strains.

You will find detailed and useful information on all of the listed strains and there are so many search options — you can search by breeder, you can search by strain, and (my favorite) you can search by disease. Once you’ve chosen a given disease you can then select the option to “show all strains that treat these symptoms“.

And once you have those strains listed you have even more options, like “the overview” which gives a quick peak at all the applicable strains for the selected disease process.

We love the fact that we can email strain information to clients and patients to help them pick the most appropriate strain to meet there specific need.

Because the software is free its development is supported by the occasional banner ad integrated into the software, but they are few, out of the way and in no way interfere with or make the use of the The Cannabis Strain Directory difficult or cumbersome to use.

Sorry Apple users but The Cannabis Strain Directory is still a Windows only program.

If you want to save some of your internet bandwidth then simply download the “program only” and take it for a test run, but I promise you that you’re going to love it, so just get the full enchilada.

Bottom line The Cannabis Strain Directory is extremely useful and gets two thumbs way up.

If you have used The Cannabis Strain Directory please leave a comment and let us (and our readers) know what you think program and what your experience has been.

About Us

Maine Seedlings & Clones is a proud part of The Sticky Leaf Company and is your #1 source for the highest quality and disease free feminized medical marijuana clones.

Maine Seedlings & Clones Medical Marijuana Caregivers in Maine Marijuana Seeds We offer discounts to all veterans and first responders… Our policy, now and forever into the future, is to

Marijuana Seeds Maine: A Home Growers Guide

The exciting state of Maine promises an incredible experience that can never be forgotten with plenty of locations to explore. As the northwesternmost state, Maine borders eastern Canada and is located right on the epic Atlantic Ocean that promises insanely amazing views like no other. This one-of-a-kind state is unique with its scenic rustic qualities, beautiful land, daring seas, and astounding sights.

Maine is the 12th smallest state in the US, and the 13th least populated, which means although this is not the biggest state, you will have plenty of space to spread your wings and truly get away. This breathtaking state is known for its spectacular jagged and rocky coastline, marvelous low rolling mountains, deep lush green forests, and dazzling waterways that will never get old. Check out the spectacular Cadillac Mountain, with an ultimate summit that showcases this state’s impressive, timeless views. Maine has 3,500 miles of jagged coast with about 70 miles classified as beachfront. The state’s most top-rated beach destinations include Ogunquit and Old Orchard Beach. There are other stretches of sandy beach worth discovering along Maine’s picturesque shoreline and there is nothing better than dipping your toes in the ocean. This wonderful state has everything you need to enjoy a nice relaxing getaway that will be truly away from it all and get outdoors as you can enjoy captivating experiences every day.

The state of Maine was inhabited by Native Americans hundreds of years after the ice age. They had great respect and took care of this stunning state, as they lived in peace and prosperity. In 1604, French explorers discovered this land and slowly started creating this region as a French territory. Some believe that Maine was named after the province of Maine in France, but that is just a theory. After years of friction between the French and the English, Maine was established as the 23rd state in March 1820.

This state is known for its amazing seafood and specializes in lobsters and clams. These crustaceans and mollusks call the Atlantic Ocean home and when you live on the east coast lobster and clambakes are a tradition. Along Maine’s shoreline, there are many Native American oyster and clam shell middens and present-day residents are merely the latest of the tribes who love to fill up on shellfish. Thanks to the abundance of shellfish, incredible chefs flock to this area and cook some of the best seafood in the world. Be sure to check out all of their amazing seafood restaurants when you visit or host your own authentic clambake. Maine does not officially have any sports teams, but residents love watching sports and mainly cheer for New England teams.

This quaint state has a humid and continental climate that is warm and dry in the summer, and very cold in the winter, always promising snow. Growing in this state is easy peasy, however, if you are interested in growing weed in Maine, the perfect time to harvest in the state is before November to ensure your marijuana plants do not freeze. Contact Us today at and find out more on all of the many seeds we have in store to start your own immaculate garden today.

Growing marijuana in this state is legal if you are 21 years of age or older. You are allowed to grow up to 3 plants at one time, own 12 immature plants, which means they are not flowering, and you are allowed to own unlimited seeds. It really is a truly progressive time to grow marijuana in this state, but be advised that you can not grow any more than 3 plants and they must be out of the view of the public to avoid questioning. Get your 420 Seeds Delivered safety and discreetly to your door for perfectly germinated seeds anytime.

Are Marijuana Seeds Legal in Maine?

Marijuana seeds are completely legal for anyone 21 years of age and older, and you are allowed to carry as many as you like. Once you start growing your seeds, you are allowed to own 12 immature plants that are not flowering and producing buds, and you are allowed to grow 3 mature plants at one time. When you are growing outside, make sure you are growing in a safe space, and out of view to not draw attention, as you would not want any plants confiscated. Growing tasty strains like Wedding Cake OG For Sale Online will blow you away with its delicious flavors, and one of a kind growing abilities that will make any gardener proud. Get inspired to grow by checking out the impressive Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, for insanely mesmerizing walks right beside the Atlantic Ocean through a seaside garden, and truly breathtaking nature walks, that will uplift any green-thumb.

Can you legally consume Cannabis in Maine?

Legally you can absolutely enjoy consuming marijuana in Maine, as it is now legal to possess 2.5 ounces of marijuana if you are 21 years or older with a government-issued ID. If you are a medical marijuana patient, you are entitled to carry more as prescribed. Smoking in public or on federal land however is still considered a misdemeanor and you can receive a $100 fine, just like an open alcohol ticket, so make sure you are smoking in a private area. 710 Seeds Cheap can be found online through our site at, so come check out all of the incredible potent strains we have to offer that can be used to extract higher THC concentrations for shatter or oils. Smoke a joint and check out the relaxing sandy beaches of Maine. Sand Beach in Acadia National Park has a crushed seashell beach that will totally chill you out and inspire your creative energy.

What is the law around Rec Use in ME?

Maine is incredible for its great outdoors, which works hand in hand with enjoying a little bit of marijuana. Whatever way you like to take your weed is now completely legal in this state if you are 21 years and older with a government-issued ID. Recreationally, you are allowed to carry up to 2.5 ounces at one time, which is more than enough weed to last a little while. Buy Chronic Seeds Online today and see just what strains are perfectly suitable to your every need through Getting out and exploring this state is even more awesome with a joint or two. Find your happy place in the winter months at the epic Sunday River Resort. It is the largest ski area in the northeast and offers world-class riding and skiing. If your knees are saying no thank you, the alpine resort has off-slope fun and is an incredibly romantic resort with scenic mountains to hike and tour and golfing areas for an elevated getaway.

Growing Outdoors in Maine from Seed

The weather in this state is classified as humid continental, which means you are going to have hot summers and freezing winters. The best time to grow your weed seeds is outdoors during a nice dry summer but you must watch the humidity levels because excess moisture can cause damaging mold. Harvesting your plants no later than November is important for your plants, as you do not want your plants to freeze and die. At, we promise incredible, 5-star rated seeds. Buy Blue Dreams to see just how amazing your garden can truly be in this great state. Growing outside is great and rewarding, and with growing in this great climate it will give you less time worrying about your seeds and more time checking out fantastic spots like the Nubble Lighthouse. This attraction is known for its notable fishing and scenic views of an old lighthouse. Photos on your camera will look like they were made for a postcard, so be prepared to spend a few hours here.

Best Indoor Cannabis Strains for Maine Growers?

Growing your plants indoors is incredibly beneficial as you can grow just about any strain you like as you are in complete control of the environment. It is important to figure out the easiest way to grow your seeds indoors as there are many ways to grow that are beneficial in their own ways. If you love bold flavors in your weed, consider growing in soil. If you want a faster flowering time of up to 40-60% try the hydroponic method, which is growing without the use of soil and having water and nutrients going directly to the plant. Creating a suitable space to grow indoors doesn’t have to be difficult. Your space can be a closet, tent, cabinet, spare room, or a windowsill. You will need to tailor your equipment and plants to fit the space and the quality of light you use will be an important factor in the quality and quantity of your yield. Check out our Wholesale Seeds Shop and see how many strains of seeds are available for you to start planning your incredible indoor garden. While you are at it, check out Casco Bay, and get an up-close and personal view of the lobster boats, lighthouses, and a stunning inlet that is sure to inspire your next growing project. Take some marijuana along with you to make your day even more special.

Buying Femininized Seeds Online: What is the Benefit?

When you are buying feminized seeds online through us at you can be assured that these seeds are guaranteed to grow only female plants. Feminized seeds are created through a process of stressing a plant to self pollinate. This results in only female plants that produce the potent buds we desire. Incredibly, this gene can be passed on and there are more and more self pollinating plants that are able to produce incredible buds every day. Buy Feminized Seeds online and see just how many feminized seeds we have available today to order and purchase. Maine has fertile land that grows natural, deep, and lush forests. A visit to Park Loop Road will offer a charming view of the dense beautiful natural forests and an impressive array of wildlife that will captivate your childhood wonder and leave you in awe.

What are Natural Seeds?

Natural seeds are regular unsexed seeds. When you are growing natural seeds, you need to know your Ganja Seeds sex, so you do not risk accidentally growing a male plant that produces more seeds and less bud. Natural seeds are excellent to grow for their incredible yield and potency potential. It is important to know exactly how to grow your seeds, as each strain has its own specific growing requirements. You can find all this information and more through our website at Regular seeds are as natural as Baxter State Park. This massive park will send you into another world of deep relaxing peace with its astounding mountain views and fabulous hikes that you could spend an entire day on. Sit back and relax as you watch the world go by with a view of the mountains and the mesmerizing ocean.

How Are Autoflower Seeds Germinated?

Autoflower seeds are incredible for their ability to flower on their own, regardless of light shifts. This feature makes it awesome for beginners as it increases the chances of growing a beautiful bud that is easier to grow and resistant to pests and disease. Autoflowering plants were created by growers who combined strong indica and sativa strains and crossed them with ruderalis strains that grow naturally in the wild and autoflower on their own. Buying through ensures that your autoflower seeds will be safely and discreetly delivered to your door with a germination guarantee, which means you will be able to start planting right away. Buy Autoflower Seeds For Sale through our fantastic website and see just how many autoflowering seeds we have available for you to order today. This seed is so easy to grow that you will have time to check out the Portland Museum of Art, for a gorgeous experience walking through premier art exhibits, that will inspire you to create your own masterpiece of growing majestic plants in your very own backyard.

What Are CBD Seeds?

CBD seeds are completely legal to grow in the US because CBD contains all of the magical feel-good effects of marijuana but does not contain any THC, which contains psychoactive compounds that leave a user feeling high or stoned. If you want a healing weed without the high, consider CBD seeds. CBD contains cannabinoids that are incredibly therapeutic. High CBD plants are beneficial for decreasing the growth of tumors, supporting mental health issues like anxiety and depression, and reducing physical pain. CBD is an incredible plant to grow as it comes from growing hemp plants. Buy CBD Seeds USA online through us at for an exceptional selection of only the best CBD the US has to offer, by sourcing through the best growers with exceptional bud. CBD will leave you feeling great, which will give you enough energy to check out the beautiful Jordan Pond. This scenic experience with a beautiful transcendent mountain, a wondrous lake, an incredible trail, and even a restaurant that will satisfy anyone with the munchies, is well worth checking out.

Why Buy American Cannabis Seeds From Us?

When you buy from us at, you can rest assured knowing that we will be with you every step of the way from ordering to delivery. The best part about ordering online is that your seeds will receive minimal handling and extremely safe packaging to ensure your precious seeds make it right to your door and are ready to grow with a germination guarantee. Check out Do Si Dos For Sale and all of the other strains we have and truly enjoy your growing experience. With all of the wondrous places that Maine has to offer, you will have no shortage of venues to light up. Check out Acadia National Park, with an exceptional view of Mount Cadillac. Located in Bar Harbor the park has features that will leave you speechless. With wonderful coastal roads for a brilliant drive, Maine has incredible scenic destinations like no other.

How to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in Maine?

Buying seeds online in Maine has never been easier with the legalization of recreational marijuana. Celebrate by growing your own little garden of up to 3 mature plants and buy through us at to ensure the best seeds for your dollar. Once you have ordered your strain like the impressive Gorilla Glue Near Me sit back and relax and check out the absolutely iconic Portland Head lighthouse. This lighthouse was built all the way back in 1791 and was constructed so well that it is still standing to this day. This lighthouse and museum will take you back in time to a different, more hardworking, yet traditional time that will make you truly value what you have. Make sure to grab a few photos of this awesome location because it sure is instagram worthy.

Cannabis Culture in Pine Tree State

Maine is truly an exceptional state, that has peaceful tranquil vibes, enchanting mountains that will inspire, iconic and famous fishing opportunities, beautiful art exhibits and a stunning east coast that will have you appreciating the brilliance of the Atlantic Ocean. Buying weed has never been easier in this state with the legalization of marijuana and this state is truly thrilled about it. Order your American Seeds For Sale online through and see all of the many varieties of marijuana strains that we have, ready to be grown in this recreationally legal state. Enjoy a marvelous relaxing adventure in Maine that works perfectly well hand in hand with a little bit of marijuana.

Maine law has permitted adults to cultivate any amount of seedlings, a maximum of three flowering cannabis plants, and 12 immature cannabis plants. Moreover, you are allowed to keep and own all the yields your plant produces. It is also legal to buy and use marijuana seeds in the state of Maine. Since the legalization of the medicinal as well as recreational use of marijuana in Maine, many people have taken up an interest in growing the plant. However, cannabis cultivators, especially beginners, may experience a hard time trying to get the right seeds.

At Weed Seeds USA, we strongly recommend that growers of Marijuana seeds in Maine consider some factors before deciding on the seed type they should buy to ensure optimal yields. When you purchase marijuana seeds from us, you are assured of getting some of the finest, highest-quality varieties on the market.

What to Consider When Purchasing MJ Seeds in Maine

Growing marijuana in Maine starts with selecting the right type of seeds and choosing the method of cultivation. Below are factors to consider when buying cannabis seeds:

  1. The Kind of Seeds You Want

Maine marijuana seeds come in different strains, including indica, sativa, and hybrid. The choice of seeds will depend on your personal preference and the effect you want from the plant.

  1. Space Restrictions

Space is an important consideration and will dictate the type of seeds you can plant. For instance, sativa normally takes more space than indica. Sativa also grows slower than indica, which takes a shorter time to mature. As a result, indica does well indoors while sativa grows best outdoors.

  1. Growth Requirement of Different Types of Seeds

Some types of Maine cannabis seeds require specific growth requirements and conditions to germinate and mature. Therefore, to make sure you get a desirable outcome from growing marijuana in Maine, it is recommended that you consult an expert in weed growing. At Weed Seeds USA, we provide growers with vital information on the growth requirement for specific seeds, for example, the average growth time, environmental, and nutritional requirements.

  1. The Outcome of the Seeds

Some marijuana seeds produce more yields than others. So, depending on the outcome you desire, you should have a rough estimate of the amount of marijuana the seeds will produce before purchasing cannabis seeds in Maine.

  1. Growing Period

It’s best to consider the growing time of Marijuana seeds in Maine before purchasing the seeds. Early or late harvesting of the bud might cause perturbations on the THC content of the bud.

Get the Best Variety of Marijuana Seeds

We’re a premier supplier of cannabis seeds in Maine. We work closely with our experienced and reputable growers to bring you the best in class cannabis seeds. What’s more, our seeds are handpicked and tested in the lab for quality assurance. We have a variety of seeds in our inventory you can choose from. By looking at the variety of Marijuana seeds in Maine we stock, you’ll find some of the best seeds for your unique needs. Call Weed Seeds USA to buy your seeds or purchase online on 1-844-807-1234.

Weed Seeds USA is your home for quality marijuana seeds in Maine. If you’re less-than-satisfied with the quality of seeds you’ve purchased in the past, we invite you to take a closer look at what we have to offer in our inventory: chronic seeds, feminized, CBD, autoflower, Ruderalis, and many other types of seeds, as well.

Looking for marijuana seeds Maine? Weed Seeds USA it the best seed bank online. Autoflower cannabis seeds and feminized pot strains for sale online.