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We sell seeds all over the world as you say – and we can’t have hundreds of exemptions for every country. A few countries have specific lists of prohibited items but not everywhere. Garlic mustard is common in a large part of the world and sold as such by many countries.Surely it is the the responsibility of the gardener in a particular country to check?

Most very rare items with scarce seeds are clearly labelled on the website regarding amount of seeds in each packet. They are not in any way being deceptive. They are specialist growers, not industrialized mass producers.

Plant World Seeds has 20 reviews (1 negative, 16 positive and 3 neutral) at the Garden Watchdog.

Plant World Seeds 2018 catalogue + free seed offer

This offer has now expired – please click here for the latest Plant World Seeds offer!

Free seeds worth £5.15 with any order from new catalogue

The Plant World Seeds offers have always been very popular – and here’s a new one to celebrate the company’s 2018 catalogue and the relaunch of .

With any purchase, no matter how small, you’ll receive a packet of Meconopsis Lingholm (stunning Himalayan blue poppy, worth £3.20) and tomato Maskotka, worth £1.95. All you have to do is add voucher code SUND11 in the box at the checkout, visit

Tomato Maskotka

This is a compact bush variety (meaning ‘mascot’ in Polish), ideal for growing in containers on the patio or in hanging baskets. There’s no need to remove side shoots.

The plant produces an early and very heavy crop of vivid red, attractive, sweet cherry fruit which shows a good tolerance to cracking.

Meconopsis Lingholm

This reliable perennial far superior to M. betonicifolia. It has enormous deep cobalt blue flowers, up to four inches across, and is certainly the best blue poppy ever available.

It bulks up each year into a massive golden-haired clump which can be divided to increase your stock.

In a shady spot with organic-enriched soil, a bed of these plants makes an unbelievable sight.

New catalogue

Plant World Seeds has been my go-to company for anything unusual and the 2018 catalogue is absorbing – and the newish website a joy to use.

Here are three new and exclusive flower seeds for this year:

Echium Candy Floss

(E. fastuosum alba): Height 1-1.5m. A single plant from several hundred had pure white stems, and experts at Plant World Seeds suspected white flowers.

It’s the first time they managed to grow and collect seeds from a white form of this perennial.

A shrubby, bush-forming plant, it forms a solid compact dome when mature, when it can be smothered with a hundred or more swollen trusses of flowers.

This is a perennial in a sheltered situation in the South West – elsewhere grow in a large pot with some winter protection.

Occasionally a plant may produce flower spikes that open with a slight pinkish or pale blue tinge. £3.80 per packet.

Antirrhinum Angel Tower

Height 60-90cm. Plant World Seeds have crossed a tall, hardy, wild, perennial antirrhinum with a modern cultivar to produce these long-lived new plants.

Making tall, dividing, densely-shrubby branches, they have survived for several years in South West England, some of them growing strong trunks.

The flower colours vary from palest pink to reddish-purple and are produced from early summer to late autumn. They can also self-seed producing interesting variations. £2.65 per packet.

Dierama adelphicum

Height 7cm-1m. A new, very rare, and relatively dwarf species recently collected from Swaziland, with pink, flared, bell-shaped flowers clustered at the end of the compact flower spikes which are unusually erect.

This is an absolutely stunning new plant. £2.95 per packet.

Plant World Seeds 2018 catalogue + free seed offer This offer has now expired – please click here for the latest Plant World Seeds offer! Free seeds worth £5.15 with any order from new ]]>