peyote cookies grow

FIRST grow in my new environment

Growing it was healthy from the start to Finnish great genetics.

Canna is very easy to work with and although I’m changing Munich nutrients up nxt time I would always recommend canna for first timers

Absoulutty стучать бутон, не так много веса, как я хотел, но я думаю, что это было до низкого вегетарианского времени. Я люблю этот штамм, это один из них цветы, которые вам нужно только запахнуть его, чтобы знать, что это будет трахать вас :joy: бутон все зажатые теперь вылечить, и я должен сказать, вкус приятный, это не sweet, как мне нравится, но вкус внутри себя. Призрак OG ближайшие собирается попробовать my все возможное, чтобы продолжать шагать его :raised_hands: :seedling: :+1: :skin-tone-4:

Привет :wave: :skin-tone-5:

Я использовал Co2 несколько лет назад, когда я сделал палатку 2.4×2.4×2, 2x Co2 мешки, 4x600w фары, аэропоника, 50ltr 8x cheese.
My опыт использования этого заключается в том, что вам не обязательно нужны высокие температуры с ним (я никогда не поднимаюсь выше 29’c лично, но с Co2 вы можете идти до 33’c, но я бы не советовал, если бы адекватный поток воздуха для уменьшения, когда это необходимо) У меня просто был один в центре комнаты для grow и один либо рядом с вашим циркулирующим вентилятором поэтому он дует вокруг комнаты и/или перед встроенным вентилятором, чтобы blast co2 вокруг комнаты,

Надеюсь, что это поможет :v: :skin-tone-5: Удачи :seedling: :sweat_drops: :deciduous_tree:

"FIRST grow in my new environment" cannabis grow journal. Strains: Barney's Farm Peyote Cookies by Grass_slinger. Grow room В помещении, growing in Без почвы. Harvest yield, seeds review, grow details.

Peyote Cookies Grow Diary

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Last year we had a hefty promo with Barney’s Farm, in which they were giving away their famous Peyote Cookies seeds, so we decided to plant our own and make our very own grow diary from start to finish!

Materials Used:


  • 1 winged reflector.
  • 1 250w CFL light.
  • 2 Sunburst LEC lights.

Climate control:

  • 1 laser thermometer.
  • 1 thermos-hygrometer.
  • 1 large, oscillating wall fan.
  • 2 multi-turbo floor fans.
  • 1 1000m 3 extractor.
  • 1 active carbon filter.
  • 1 humidity controller.
  • 1 temperature controller.
  • 1 humidifier.
  • 1 dehumidifier.

Other materials:

  • 7x7x9 Teku pots.
  • Anti-spiral 3.5L pots.
  • 11L anti-stress, elevated bottom pots.
  • Adjustable stakes.
  • Methodseven protection glasses.

Growing process

Germination and growth:

We germinated 25 seeds and then picked enough for two square meters through process of elimination.

During the first 15 days of growth we used a 250w CFL light. This is done because we don’t want them to grow too fast at the start, so that they can use more energy oncreating stronger, sturdier roots. After 15 days, we transplanted them from Teku pots to the 3.5L pots in order to begin the growth period, ending this period in 11L anti-stress flowerpots.

After recovering from the transplant, we placed our plants under a CMH 315w Sunburst light. Our plants began to grow extremely healthily, producing leaves bigger than our hands, and thick, sturdy branches. An interesting piece of information is that we couldn’t move the lights any closer than 70cm because our Peyote Cookie’s leaves would begin to curl inwards due to the power of the light. This is why we used just one light during most of the growth period, as it had to be placed up much higher.


Once they reached around 40cm tall you’ll want to flip them to flower so that the final height sits at about 0.8-0.9m. These plants reacted spectacularly to the light flip, growing and flowering intensely once placed under 12/12h – they only stopped growing at around the fourth flowering week. We had a small issue with the reflector, and we had to adjust the height because the light radiation was much too intense for some of the plants. This caused some new shoots to completely close, so we had to move the reflector up to 70cm.

During the fourth flowering week, once it had stopped growing vertically and had adapted perfectly to its LEC light, we were able to adjust the lights to around 40cm from the tips of the plants. We could have even placed them at 30cm because the temperature allowed for it, although this distance would have reduced light coverage.

Peyote Cookies is a plant that produces plenty of branches that grow quite spaced out from the central stem, so it needs plenty of space to grow properly. This means that we had to remove some plants in order to fit a maximum of 12 in a 2m squared area with two Sunburst LEC lights.

When it comes to growing cannabis, every mistake is simply more experience, and by removing the extra plants we allowed the ones that stayed to absorb much more light from our grow lights. We also did some cropping in order to stretch out the branches and allow them to get more light.

This strain is incredibly resinous and once it begins to let off its intense aroma, our job became a lot more entertaining.

You will definitely need stakes in order to train your plant because it can easily bend and break. You’ll also need to keep its branches up or they’ll end up brushing the floor.

Climate and Nutrition Parameters:

  • Day temperature: 24-27ºC
  • Night temperature: 20-22ºC
  • Relative humidity: 70-80%
  • pH in soil: Growth 6-6.3, Flowering 6.3-6.7
  • EC for growth: 1000-1200 microsiemens
  • EC for flowering: 1200-2500 microsiemens
  • Water temperature: 20-23ºC

Keep in mind that the relative humidity during the flowering period here was much too high, although we got lucky and no fungi managed to make its way to our plants due to having a large oscillating fan facing our plants day and night. The bad side to this is that the plants dried up much earlier and we had to water more often. In our case, we watered every second day with 1.5L.

Peyote Cookies flowers incredibly fast. After 8 flowering weeks we harvested around 700g from 12 plants. Keep in mind that you need to use specific protective glasses when using CMH lights as they can damage your vision.

We've made our very own grow diary, following our Peyote Cookies seeds by Barney's Farm from start to finish with detailed explanations.