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Honey Peach Auto CBD (Sweet Seeds) Feminized

Honey Peach Auto CBD by Sweet Seeds is a medicinal cannabis strain with a balanced ratio of THC and CBD. With up to 12% CBD and 6-9% THC, users can take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of both, without experiencing significant psychoactive effects. This autoflowering strain is very easy to grow and provides you with aromatic medicine in a short 8 weeks from seed to harvest.

Honey Peach Auto CBD (Sweet Seeds) Feminized
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Sweet Seeds – Honey Peach Auto CBD: Versatile Medicinal Powerhouse

Sweet Seeds used only their best strains to make Honey Peach Auto CBD. A careful selection of genetics from autoflowering strains with sweet and fruity flavours and those from a photoperiodic CBD-rich clone resulted in an outstanding, yet easy-to-grow indica-dominant hybrid.

But seeing that Honey Peach Auto CBD is an autoflower, she’s not only easy, but fast as well. Taking only 8 weeks post-germination, you can have top medicine grown in record time. Typical for an indica hybrid, she will not get too tall, but will stay at a compact size of about 60-100cm, making her a good plant for virtually any tent. She will grow numerous side branches emerging from a strong stem that will be brimming with tons of very resinous, densely packed buds. Look forward to good yields of up to 550g/m² indoors and 40-120g/plant when you grow her in ideal outdoor conditions.

Honey Peach Auto CBD doesn’t carry her name for nothing. This lady delights with an awesomely rich, sweet, and fruity taste. She blends a sweet peach aroma with touches of lemon and cypress for a very enjoyable smoke experience.

With a THC:CBD ratio that is anywhere between 1:1 and 1:1.5, she delivers true therapeutic potential. This strain can be an excellent choice for medicinal users who find that both CBD and THC offer them the best relief. You can also simply enjoy her if you want to relax and de-stress.

Honey Peach Auto CBD by Sweet Seeds is a well-rounded medicinal cannabis strain suitable for a wide range of scenarios. Since she is autoflowering, less-experienced cultivators can grow her successfully, which is another major benefit.

Honey Peach Auto CBD by Sweet Seeds is a medicinal strain that delivers a balanced ratio of CBD and THC, not to mention great flavour.

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