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Hello everyone. I’ve been lurking for a long while, but finally decided to register and start my grow journal. I would like to contribute to the many other great journals out there that have a simple beginning and end with information helpful to other new growers. I’m hoping mine ends with a successful grow!

I am a noob to growing marijuana, but have been reading this forum for the past month non-stop. I can’t seem to get enough info! I also enjoy vegetable gardening from time to time.

Lets talk about the grow.

Germination: I have germinated and sprouted three bag seeds. A word of caution about germinating in paper towels: make sure the tap root hasn’t embedded itself in the fiber of the paper towel. I accidentally snapped the end of the root and killed one. I would have had four sprouts!

Medium: a mixure of natural, rich compost from a nearby private forest, perlite, and vermiculite. The soil naturally has a favorable ph, so I dont have to worry too much there. I decided to add the perlite and vermiculite to better aerate the soil. I am using the same mixture in pots while they are young so when I transplant them to the forest, they will have an easier transition with less shock.

Site: I have scouted a nearby forest that is privately owned by a community. The forest is rather thick and small, so there are no hikers, hunters, or deer. I do worry though about kids who sometimes (rarely) wander out there to play.

Within the woods, there are patches where the trees have thinned out and lots of sun shines through. I would estimate the plot receives about 5 hours minimum of direct Florida sunlight, and much more indirect. I plan to grow the plants in pots for a period of 2-4 weeks at my house where they will receive a full day’s direct sunlight everyday before being transplanted to the forest. I will post pictures of the site soon!

Nutes: I placed a small amount of starter fertilizer in the soil at the time of planting in the pots. I know. shouldn’t have done it. Its best to wait until the plant tells you it needs food. Lesson learned, and plants are doing OK. Starting in three to four weeks I will be feeding with Jack’s Classic Plant Food from J.R. Peters. The website is great. You can locate vendors by zip code. I will use the All Purpose fert for vegging and the Blooming Formula for flowering.

I am considering these first three sprouts my practice plants. Within a few weeks I will be receiving 10 Afghan seeds which are brilliant indicas for outdoor growing and very resistant to disease. Several sites have ranked this strain within the top 5 outdoor strains. I purchased the seeds from this reputable site. The price was fantastic and every order is shipped with an additional 5 free seeds! Hopefully, the month lag between grows (bagseed and Afghans) will allow me to make most of my mistakes on the bagseed strain.

This concludes my first post. I dont plan on this being a daily diary of events. I plan to post about once a week or possibly more frequently if I am having grow problems. In that case, I would love your comments and suggestions. For that matter, I would love your comments and suggestions regardless! I am well read, but need help as any newbie would.

Hello everyone. I've been lurking for a long while, but finally decided to register and start my grow journal. I would like to contribute to the many other…

Outdoor Grow Journal 2018

  • Jun 4, 2018
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    Hello all and thanks for checking in on my 2018 journal.

    This journal will be a great way for me to check records and chart different strains I am trying this year, along with learning new tricks or teaching new growers who want to try growing in the outdoors. Please feel free to critique, comment or ask questions. Be advised, I am buy far no professional, keep your critism to yourself it will not be tolerated in this journal. I am looking forward to any and all advice thrown my way.

    This journal will include all the challenges that us outdoor fellas endure durring a typical growing season, please feel free to include any tips you can attest for.

    • Jun 4, 2018
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    The last couple weeks have been balls to the wall with above average temperatures. Every spare second of my time has been spent transplanting started plants to their final destination. It got so warm, so quickly that my plants started to outgrow their 3 gal pots they were started in..

    I like to grow in ground and above ground in pots, however I prefer to grow outdoors in fabric pots for many reasons. Fabric pots have their pros and cons like everything else. First off my ground soil is rock and heavy clay— not good! Over the years, after observing side buy side comparisons, plants seem to grow better in the pots as opposed to the ground in my area. I notice healthier root structure and mass in the pots, which I attribute to more oxygen flowing through the fabric (air pruning). They’re almost impossible to overwater as the fabric is permeable, which also helps reduce root rot. Bigger yields, denser and stronger plants. Easier to flush plants before harvest in pots too. Really, it’s undisputed, plants just grow better in the pots. My pots range from 70 – 100 gallons. Grow big or go home! I love growing monsters!

    If you have the type of soil that you can dig a hole and plant in, I hate you!
    On my property, I have the advantage of having unlimited access to making a lot of key ingredients to my own super soil, which saves me $. I have some beef cows and chickens, so I make all my own manure compost. The soil I make for my pots consist of home made cow and chicken manure compost. I then mix in biobizz soil, earthworm castings, dolomite lime, azomite, perlite and my top secret ingredient being dead herring. Lol. Where I live the herring migrate up the river every spring, and i bring the kids out for a day on the boat and load up. I freeze the herring and when the time comes, I put between 2-4 whole, dead herring at the bottom of each pot. Depending on size of pot.
    Again, I’m a huge proponent of doing side buy side comparisons. The results are not even comparable, the plants growth with dead fish far exceed plants without. Period.
    As a side note, do not to make the mistake I made when growing in home made soil.. You must let the soil “cook” for a few months before you transplant your plants. There is a microbio process that occurs when you mix said ingredients and It will burn the shit out of your plants if you don’t.
    I have a system where I’ll start mixing soil in March so soil is ready buy the time weather is nice enough to plant.

    Hello all and thanks for checking in on my 2018 journal. This journal will be a great way for me to check records and chart different strains I am trying…