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Original Sensible Seeds Review

  • Founded: 1992
  • Location: South Wales, UK
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Payments: Credit Cards, Prepaid Visa Cards, Bitcoins, Bank Transfer & Cash
  • Shipping: Worldwide (All Countries!)

I love Original Sensible Seeds, but hate how slow their website is! They really need to move to a faster server as it is pretty slow to browse through their site.

Original Sensible Seeds is one of the best online seed banks for very simple reasons – they have the best regular and feminized strains, and their prices are the most affordable in the market. It can be difficult to choose the best strains by Original Sensible Seeds because despite having a huge variety on their site (over 2,500 cannabis strains) all of their strains are of the best quality. They also offer worldwide shipping and have various payment modes to choose from. I have heard many good things and everybody is very happy with the Original Sensible Seeds Company (OSSC).

Their Top 3 Regular Strains

Mendocino Madness – This heavy yielding strain is an Indica/Sativa that is bug resistant as well. It flowers for 7 days and can be grown both indoors and outdoors, achieving a height that reaches meters in the right conditions. The scent is floral, smooth and light – perfect for a hard day.

Grandaddy Purple – This Indica strain is named so because of its light purple leaves and is a result of a cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud. The shade has nothing to do with the taste and flavor but it offers easy recognition. The aroma is the defining feature of this strain and reminds people of nuts and grapes. It has a lifting and by no means light taste and is often medically recommended for insomnia and pain.

AK 47 – One of the most popular strains in the market and the absolute best strain by Original Sensible Seeds, this hybrid is a Sativa dominant. The size of the buds is quite large – half a dollar or so long – and the smell is amazing. It has an almost instantaneous effect, and the taste of AK 47 is sweet and smooth.

Their Top 3 Feminized Strains

OG Kush – This is an Indica strain and is said to be a cross between Old World Paki Kush and Lemon Thai, but not even experts are absolutely certain. What’s clear is that the popcorn sized nuggets are ideal because of their high potency and sweet aftertaste. The taste and aroma are pine-like. OG Kush is also effective against Anorexia, stomach problems, migraines and ADD.

LA Confidential – This Afghani Indica is the popular choice of medical growers and offers relief to people in the Autism spectrum. The plant is lemon yellow, red and indigo in color with lavender and pink crystals on the bud. The aroma is floral and the taste is spicy – particularly reminding people of nutmeg – and it lingers. The effect is relaxing.

Blue Widow – This is hybrid strain is a cross between Hawaii’s male White Widow and British Columba. It is known to provide relief for pain, lack of appetite and headaches. The odor is a bit medicinal but the taste is strong and sweet. It offers both mental and visual buzz.

Seed Prices

The prices at Original Sensible Seeds are simply the best anywhere. What’s amazing is that with the quality of strains being offered, this is a pleasant surprise. Many people are skeptical at first because of the low prices but the moment they get their first order, they realize that Original Sensible Seeds is just that good.

Shipping and Delivery

Worldwide shipping is offered and their ‘Standard Stealth’ option without tracking is the best. Deliveries are always on time, and that is one thing that customers love about Original Sensible Seeds.

Overall, Original Sensible Seeds is an all-rounder – they have the best strains, their prices are great, and their shipping and delivery is commendable.

Original Sensible Seeds is one of the best online seed banks for very simple reasons – they have the best regular and feminized strains, and their prices

Sensible Seeds Reviews

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Best seed bank ever

Best seed bank ever! I’ve ordered from multiple seed banks (some based in U.S.) and sensible seeds are the best I’ve experienced as far as price, user friendly site, and selections. However the crowing attribute is their customer service. Every email i sent regarding order received, product shipping, and tracking was replied to the same business day or next. They take you as the customer personally as you don’t receive the same “generic” type responses you typically get from most seed banks. Order arrived very fast. Fastest I’ve experienced. Sensible Seeds is now my go-to seed bank.

Trust these folks and have 2 good buys

I continue to trust & buy from these folks because they are easy to work with and responsive. Recently purchased DELICIOUS SEEDS CRITICAL SENSI STAR EARLY VERSION FEMINIZED and 2/3 germinated, love the super stealth packaging as my postal service is nosy. Great success with these genetics, personally I clone so it’s not deal killer if not all seeds germinate. Thanks!

Very Unstable Genetics

Ordered seeds xmas 2019 al arrived plus ‘oms cheese’ x 15 fems free, grew all 15 out not one had the slightest taste/smell of cheese, smoke was ok tbh. amongst the order were ‘rocksters cheese’ these all foxtailed and looked great but grew no actual bud, smelt ok bit cheesey but the stone was next to zero, charlottes angel cbd was perfect cured ailments 100% alas a few seeds in this hermie plant, got worse next round so much so i have binned this strain, so had 5 replacement feminised free seeds from sensible seeds as my previous order was not upto scratch, so mega mouth x 2, honey trap x 2, power plant primo x 2, high jack x 2 and og kush x 2, so mega mouth was a beauty until i noticed it was rammed full of seeds as it had thrown a few nanas, the power plant did the same alas on smaller scale, og kush high jack were ok no real issues there, only honey trap was pukka, NOW PUTTING ALL THIS TOGETHER I GREW OUT A MINIMUM OF TWO SEEDS PER STRAIN AND EACH ONE WAS DIFFERENT. having now had about 40 seeds from sensible seeds i won’t be ordering from them again, saying that i have had bad dealing with attitude seedbank and dutch passion, only company i ever got what it said on the tin was from paradise seeds.

Hi Peter,
Sorry to hear about the issues you had with the seeds you bought. When a customer places an order , we order the seeds in direct from the relevant breeder or his UK agent and they are with us the next day – this means we are not sitting on old stock and get them in as fresh as possible. If you do wish to place a future order I will add some extra free seeds from our top rated breeders as compensation.

Okay for a seed bank, not the best

I really wanted to love this company. I will say it’s not their fault in a way for what happened as they are just a “seed bank” but I got a whole batch of seeds that wouldn’t germinate at all, then another batch there were 2 males out of 5 supposedly feminized seeds (they weren’t herms, full blown male plants) now the great thing about them is their bonus seeds. That’s a real treat, and sometimes you can even request what bonus seeds you would like to get and they accommodate your request in most cases. Their stealth shipping is great (little pricey) but worth it and you can track your package. They do have good customer service, can be slow to respond but they always do try to make things right.

simply amazed

I was simply amazed at the packaging alone. All of my seeds were super strong and healthy. All germinated without an issue.

I was weary about the payment process but these people are 100% honest. I love their service and product quality.

Excellent Customer service and great…

Excellent Customer service and great packaging with fast delivery times.

We have problems, you solve them quickly and add a bonus or two.

Thank you for everytime

I order from two seed banks before I…

I order from two seed banks before I order from sensible seeds and I receive sensible seed order three times faster than them other two Banks one Bank was msnl and I am still waiting going on the 40th day still not have received nothing..
Then I order from seedman’s around 30 days ago and after 30 days is when they process my order moral of the story is I should have went with sensible seeds from the get-go as they are prompt at customer response easy payment method and again fast shipping. You definitely have a long-term customer sensible seed.

Updated rating fast shipping ,But poor genetics out of 40 seeds only 12 sprouted . I have been growing for sometime and have never went less then 80% germination rate . And that’s on the low side it’s less the 45% germination rate lol ..
What sucks is both of my other ordes are stuck in isc Chicago and in new York.
Seed bank made it right and set me some replacement seeds with no hesitation. Will definitely order from them again

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