oregon silver haze

Oregon silver haze

Oregon Silver Haze. Beautiful frosty sparkling nugs. Sweet smell kind of a sweet sage, touch of earthy wood. Very similar to Northern Lights #5. The inhale struck me as woodsy and Floral then sweet. Somewhat hard-hitting took me by surprise and got a cough out of me. Not a big complaint but I do prefer a smooth hitter over hard. First noticeable feeling: Some relaxation behind the eyes followed by some inspired thoughts to contact friends about ideas of growing weed. Energy has definitely zoomed into the picture and I wrote my friend a nice paragraph. Lol A fair amount of focus but not so much the clearest I’ve had. Probably the NL5 genes. NL5 is one of the best strains in the world when done correctly. Even though I’m not an Indica fan. Definitely feeling pretty chill and groovy as things wind down. Overall this is a very enjoyable. 8.5 out of 10. Great to see NL5 genetics in a Sativa dominant hybrid. Personally I like a touch more clarity but this is a minor complaint. A touch more happiness would be nice to. Also too hard-hitting for my taste and give me a bad case of the munchies which is an effect I can live without. I’ve often found that I’m not the biggest fan of the Skunk high either. Great close to top shelf smoke. You might like more than me.

Oregon Silver Haze is a heavily sativa dominant hybrid (90% sativa/10% indica) strain that's a special Oregon cut of the infamous Silver Haze strain, a cross of Northern Lights X Skunk #1. Although hard to come by at most dispensaries, Oregon Silver Haze is one potent bud that you'll need in you…

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Strain Sheet: Super Silver Haze from Apical Meristem Productions (Oregon)

Posted on May 5, 2016 by SueVo in Portland, Reviews // 0 Comments

Super Silver Haze from Apical Meristem Productions

Reviewer: Mrs. Nice Guy
Strain Name (Genetics, etc.): Super Silver Haze – (Sativa: Skunk + Northern Lights + Haze)
Grower: Apical Meristem Productions – Purchased at Five Zero Trees (Oregon)
Onset time: Immediately
Fade: 1.5 to 2 hours
Strength: Strong, two bowls had me high AF
Tingling (where did you feel it): Eyes felt hyper focused, heavy feeling in my head, like an anvil was sitting on it. Mind shot off like the silver surfer! Physically I felt relaxed.
Control: Good
Emotions: Super social, happy, felt like I was floating through the universe radiating euphoric thoughts and feelings to everyone.
Paranoia: None
Energy Level: High – body was relaxed but felt a good surge of creative energy, couldn’t sit down, a very productive high. Great for waking and baking!
Smell: Pungent as heck, one whiff of this and you’re surely going to perk up. Strong pine-cleaner smell with hints of sweet citrus
Relieves: Social and regular types of anxiety, stress, mood swings, fatigue and sleepiness. I smoked this on a day where I was a little hungover and it really helped level out the sleep feelings I had that were mixed with nausea.
Positives: Great social weed that can also help alleviate nasty feelings when you’re hungover or just feeling icky. Also a good chill and TV binge strain, I’ve been making my way through the Cheers series and I almost demolished a whole season, I had been laughing so hard I forgot where my day went.
Negatives: That you want to smoke it all, so delicious
Other notes (appearance, etc.): The buds I received were very delicate, I didn’t need a grinder to break them down. They’re also covered in a lovely coating of trichomes, and as soon as you split this open and smell it, you’ll instantly go from zero to hero. It’s almost like when you smell coffee beans and it instantly wake you up before you even drink any. Silver Surfer is a definite must try and must have at all times strain.

Super Silver Haze from Apical Meristem Productions Reviewer: Mrs. Nice Guy Strain Name (Genetics, etc.): Super Silver Haze – (Sativa: Skunk + Northern Lights + ]]>