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Last review on 2018-01-21

I have grown this strain. And it absolutely does have the potential to be a beast and quite potent even for noobs as myself. I have seen first hand how this strain can help cancer patients with appetite as my girlfriend has a rare form of terminal cancer. I have felt it’s potency and after only a couple bong hits you can be almost dissociated and thought locked. all with a huge smile on your face. This makes it great for pain. And although mentally it may be challenging to move task to task it is still quite an energetic buzz. If I had any bad critique for it it would be it’s aroma as I like more the diesel, sweet, and flower aromas as opposed to earthy. But thats it.

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Virgin Islands, United States

NukeHead has a wonderful sour tart smell. The buds are nice and dense and filled with trics. It grows bushy with thick thick stalks even without stimulators. Great for new growers as it is a worry free plant to grow. Great Genetics. Definitely one you need in your jars.

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Nukeheads Reviews

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When looking for security and trust in…

When looking for security and trust in selection you tend to be skeptical when you don’t know who you’re dealing with. I was searching for that “trust” when researching Nukeheads. I can now say that my initial skepticism has been erased. I received my order promptly. in less than a week (for me it was like 5 days). Nukeheads even took the time to personalize the package for contents of the order which I thought was cool. I cannot comment on the product outcome as I just received but will update with progress. It takes teamwork to thrive and so far Nukeheads has done their part. Thank you

If I could give 10 stars I would

(if I could give 10 stars I would)

Been doing business with NH since 2018.

I’ve been in customer service since 1995, and Nukeheads has it locked down like a pit in the pound in every single category.

Whether it’s the genetics, food, or lights, they do it all RIGHT, the 1st time.

I recently had an issue with an order processing properly (not their fault) I sent one email, and they not only corrected the issue, they even threw in a few freebies for me 🙂

Fast stealth packaging, superior customer service, THE BEST products, and just good people here. Tons and tons of knowledge here as well !

If you want to be treated right, & not have to worry about anything at all. use Nukeheads.

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