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“An initiated measure to legalize marijuana for medical use”

October 17, 2020 – (Video MP4, Time 57:44)

Although it touts itself as medical marijuana, Initiated Measure 26 is not medicine and is about allowing access to a dangerous schedule one drug which by definition has no medical benefit.

Focus October 2020–South Dakota marijuana ballot measures


October 2020 – (The South Dakota Federation of Republican Women)

WHEREAS, The South Dakota State Medical Association is opposing both marijuana ballot measures citing that the drug is hazardous and carries safety risks by circumventing the Food and Drug Administration’s approval process; and,

WHEREAS, The FDA has approved three synthetic marijuana drugs and a CBD drug for medical treatments; and,

WHEREAS, Marijuana is illegal under federal law and legalizing it would make South Dakota a “marijuana sanctuary state” hindering local law enforcement; and,

WHEREAS, It is a violation of federal law for physicians and health care providers to prescribe marijuana; and,

WHEREAS, Decades of research has shown the psychoactive effect of using high levels of THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) in marijuana may result in increased psychosis and violence; and,

WHEREAS, The initiative marijuana ballot measure in Section 96 requires the Department of Education and Department of Health to allow minors to take the “recommended” marijuana drug in South Dakota schools; and,

WHEREAS, The initiative measure requires South Dakota to accept medical marijuana cards from other states effectively legalizing the drug for any use; and,

WHEREAS, The initiative measure allows card holders to grow marijuana, share it with other card holders and sell the cannabis seeds; and,

WHEREAS, Colorado, which has legalized marijuana, has seen an increase in black market sales, organized crime, more calls to Poison Control related to marijuana edibles in the form of candies, and tax revenues at less than 1% of budget; and,

WHEREAS, The initiative measure in Section59 takes away local control by stating that, “No local government may prohibit a (marijuana) dispensary, either expressly or through the enactment of an ordinance that makes the operation of the dispensary impracticable in the jurisdiction; and, Therefore be

RESOLVED, The South Dakota Federation of Republican Women supports sound scientific and medical research when making important decisions regarding the health of South Dakota’s children and adults; and, Be it finally

RESOLVED, The South Dakota Federation of Republican Women urges no votes on the marijuana ballot measures.

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Proponents of medical marijuana have long touted the drug’s pain-killing properties. And while marijuana may provide a limited benefit for specific types of neuropathic pain, a preponderance of evidence suggests that it does not provide effective relief for more common types of chronic or acute pain. In fact, new research shows that people who used marijuana before surgery required much higher levels of anesthesia and post-op pain relief.

A total of 3,620 respondents finished the survey and qualified for the survey. Respondents had to have been sworn law enforcement members of Police1, not retired, and not in federal law enforcement. Following the survey an additional five responses from respondents were dropped because they did not meet the criteria based on information provided in write-in responses. Results presented below are based on a final total of 3,615 respondents.

Incarceration Statistics / Why Marijuana is NOT Medical

Mental Health Statistics for Marijuana Users

Concerned citizens opposed to Measure 26 ballot issue regarding medical marijuana legalization in South Dakota


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