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How to Avoid Online Cannabis Seed Ripoff

The brutal truth about online cannabis seed banks

Online cannabis seed banks have opened up the marijuana growing capacities around the world. Now you can order the most potent and exotic strains ever bred and have them arrive at your door in days. No more scrounging around for some crappy seeds from Mexico, or wherever, and spending all that effort to harvest some mediocre pot. For the aspiring marijuana grower things have never been better or easier.

But it’s not all roses.

Along with a small number of high quality cannabis seed-banks situated in Holland and England, there are dozens of online vendors that are nothing short of rip-off shacks.

The worst don’t have any seeds to sell but simply take your money and you never hear back from them. They profit from the fact that people who order marijuana seeds online and get shafted aren’t likely to make that fact public. There’s still a lot of legitimate fear regarding going public about purchasing pot seeds considering that ridiculous penalties are still imposed for the cultivation and possession of marijuana in many countries. So these scam cannabis seed banks never get reported and continue to take money from honest hard working aspiring marijuana growers.

Another kind of scam weed seed bank is the ones where they have listings of awesome strains but have a reputation of sending the wrong seeds, or poor old seeds that have a poor rate of germination.

For example, a friend of mine bought 10 super strain cannabis seeds last year for over $100 and not one single seed would germinate. The seeds were old and dead. What a rip-off!

Unfortunately this is not an isolated story :(.

How to avoid online cannabis seed rip-off !

White Widow XTRM from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

So how to avoid online cannabis seed rip-off? Stick with long-established seed banks and wholesalers who have a sound reputation.

All the seed banks listed on this site are good ones who sell fresh seeds of killer strains at competitive prices and fast discreet delivery.

I can personally vouch for these banks because I use them and always get the goods in time.

The good seed banks are great. As for all the rest – buyer beware!

If you’re considering buying some seeds from a bank that’s not linked to from this site – how do you know it’s a good one?

Here are some things to look out for in a good seed bank

Almost all high quality seed banks are situated in The Netherlands.That’s because marijuana seed banks can operate there and develop some kick-butt strains without worrying about getting in legal problems. Holland has one of the most relaxed cannabis tolerating legal frame works in the developed world.

Jack Herer from Sensi Seeds

There are a number of sound seed banks in Holland that cater to specific tastes developing speciality strains. Consider Paradise Seeds or Serious Seeds for example. These are small seed banks that produce a small variety of super strains with a big reputation and following such as Chronic and White Russian from Serious Seeds.

Other reputable cannabis seed banks include Nirvana Seeds (known for its famous Bubblelicious), which has possibly the cheapest prices. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds do their own take on traditional strains, creating new super-strong hybrids.

And then there’s the long standing Sensi Seeds, the grampa of online seed banks with well known super strains such as Jack Herer and Silver Haze.

So which are the best online cannabis seed banks?

For one of the highest quality and diverse selections of cannabis seeds online, check out Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. They stock a good range of feminized, auto-fem and regular seeds, suitable for all growing climates and conditions. This also includes their own take on various strains, including super-potent “extreme” versions of the classics.

For the biggest selection of cannabis seeds on-line just head on over to Seedsman – a bulk wholesaler in London. These guys have a huge stock of seeds from dozens of speciality seed banks and always keep their seeds fresh.

Here’s a list of the best online seed banks with hyper-links:
  • Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds – diverse selection of high quality seeds, including their XTRM “extreme” line of exceptionally potent versions of favourite strains, sends seeds worldwide
  • Seedsman – London-based, huge selection, now ships worldwide
  • Serious Seeds – small selection of extremely high grade potent cannabis strain seeds, does not send to USA
  • Paradise Seeds – supplier of awesome exotic strains, does not send to USA
  • Sensi Seeds – the longest established cannabis seed bank around, pricey but awesome strains with big reputation, does not send to USA.

So there you have it – 6 of the best on-line seed banks that I have used and am happy to recommend. Some of them (such as Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds and Nirvana Seeds) also give free seeds with some or all orders!

If you’re reading this from the States and are interested in getting your hands on some high-grade Amsterdam seeds, you’re best bet is with Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds or Nirvana Seeds. Most other seed banks have stopped sending them state-side for fear of prosecution. AMS and Nirvana Seeds continue to burn the torch for freedom. Good on them!

So there you have it.

Deal with the good cannabis seed banks and you will be assured of fresh seeds that will grow into some mind-blowing weed – provided you know what you’re doing.

If you’re new to growing weed or looking to improve your harvests, then click here to check out the excellent Grow Elite Marijuana guide. It’s an extremely comprehensive and easy to read guide to growing marijuana with maximum efficiency and for maximum quality and yield. Best I’ve read so far anyway!

Click here for details (you can also download a free sample section).

Remember the golden rule :): Good cannabis seeds + good guides = large quantities of high quality bud!

Online cannabis seed banks have opened up the marijuana growing capacities around the world. But how do you avoid online cannabis seed rip-off? Read on.

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Write a review

Reviews 1,415

Nirvana is just a scam. Don’t trust the 5 star reviews

The good reviews here for this company are made by companies hired by Nirvana to leave good reviews. They hire people to peddle their scam on growers boards too. Fact is they don’t send the seeds, at least not to North America, but probably not anywhere. They lure people in with cheap pricing and all these fake review sites when you internet search them. I purchased in September and was told to wait another 2 weeks for delivery twice. Then they said they would do me a favor and resend the seeds even though it wasn’t company policy. I asked for a voucher instead so they couldn’t use covid as an excuse for why my seeds didn’t show up. I tried to order using the voucher which was for $90 and my order was $78 but they wouldn’t include shipping in the voucher so that was $6 (annoying) then there was a $6 transaction fee (aggravating) so I had to process a payment for $12 to be able to use my own money on their site. After 3 attempts I resigned to the fact that they aren’t going to honor that voucher just like they took my money and never sent me anything. When I emailed to tell them I would just dispute the original charge they said “OMG, if you would have just contacted us I would have sent you two packs of Chemdog, but if you’re going to dispute the charges then fine”. Who talks to customers like that? Customers who have waited months to see what they paid for. You know who? Drug addicts, thieves, con men, and the people at Nirvana are probably a good mix of all of those. They will bury this review with 25 glowing 5 star reviews which will make you think that my review was based on a fluke. Its not. Their problems are systemic and intentional. Alice, I didn’t even order Chemdog. Lay off the dope and quit jacking people’s money.

I have ordered from ILGM, SeedSupreme, W.G.F.T., Green Point, and seed king and only problem I had was bad ethos seeds from wgtf.

Yep, called you scum bags for stealing which is true and called you a B!+/= after you were rude to me. My order wasn’t processed because your service said it was denied by my card which isn’t true, I have the info from my bank saying there was never a pending charge to approve or disapprove. There are over 200 people who didn’t receive their stuff on the review sites this year. Covid delayed shipments, it didn’t wave a magic wand and make them disappear. Notice how none of them redid their review to say they received them months later? You never sent them. Thieves/scum bags like I said. If someone stole from me here I’d do worse than calling them a scum bag. I ordered this order 4 seperate times and always an unsolvable issue and an excuse. You took my money, don’t forget that when you try to play the victim (narcissism). Everything I said was true

Of course our orders do get shipped, we would not be in business for 25 years if we were frauds. We shipped your order and when it did not arrive, offered to do a resend, free of charge. You preferred a voucher, worth the amount you originally spent, and that is what you got. For some reason you were unable to use the voucher and that is when the swearing and name calling began. Since you placed an order for 2 packs of Chemdog on the 29th of November, I assumed that is what you wanted to receive. And if you quote someone, you should use the correct text. I am sorry things did not work out, but I do not think I deserve the swearing and name calling, I simply tried to help you.

Seeds received

Sorry for first bad review, the seeds arrived today as promised with btc double quantity many thanks.

Class Act

I’ve been a customer since 2018 and never regretted it! I’ve had issue in the past ranging from growing to paying with crypto currency and customer service has always been there to help! When I say class act I’m talking about every part of the Nirvana seed operation from ordering to shipping, you just can’t find any better group of people to deal with!
Thanks guys!

Nirvana is by far the best seed bank…

Nirvana is by far the best seed bank heads and shoulders above the rest. I have ordered many time to Canada. I had one issue..I ordered seeds just before COVID struck. My seeds never arrived..I contacted Nirvana and then reshipped my order. They will take care of you. And the smoke off the plants is stellar. Lemon OG Haze is my favourite and grow every cycle. Right now I have a couple Lemon OG Haze, Super Silver Haze, and Raspberry Cough waiting to go on as soon as my batch of Lemons are done.

This is a scam.

This is a scam.
You will not receive your seeds or a refund.
Worst seed bank we have ever used.

Top Shelf Seeds

This is my 3rd time ordering

This is my 3rd time ordering. Nirvana has always been great. Best products, service department of anyone by far. And always the best discrete shipping.

Epic from seed to smoking finish!

Every seed has been a winner! I just grew my last Maui Wowie this season & the grow was EPIC!! I wish I could upload the pics. I’m a Nirvana lifer!

The quality of the seed leads to the…

The quality of the seed leads to the quality and f the breed ! Nirvana does it again! My og kush seeds led to some of the most healthy vibrant and strong plants I have ever grown ! Nirvana family much blessings to all of you!

Do you agree with Nirvana Shop’s star rating? Check out what 1,415 people have written so far, and share your own experience.