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my dish og

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O.G. Lola’s

Vegan Filipino Soul Food
Made with Love
Lola (n.) translates to Grandmother in Tagalog

O.G. Lola’s is a small, qwoc owned private chef company serving the Las Vegas community with it’s 1st 100% Plant Based Filipino cuisine. Our mission is to pay homage to our ancestors (the real O.G.’s) by integrating mindful living & eating with our native food cultures & traditions. One plate at a time, without sacrificing flavor or soul.

What We Offer:

Weekly Pop Ups (☜ click for current schedule)

Catering (☜ click for full Menu)

Private Chef Services (Including Kamayan Hosting, Date Night, Dinner Parties and Cooking Classes)

All of our Pop Ups & Kamayan events (along with corresponding info & menus) are always announced and posted here and on our social media. The best way to stay up to date about our whereabouts is to follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook! Please feel free to contact us directly with any inquiries about our personal chef services.

Our Story

Meet The Chef

Hi family! I’m Mary Dee and I’m a vegan Filipina who decided it was time to share my passion for food, wellness and nature with the world. My roots originate from Pampanga (near Manila) & The Visayan Islands. I’ve been blessed with a tribe of incredible women who’ve been throwing down in the kitchen my entire life. Big, big love to my mother and Lolas for teaching me their ways and passing down these recipes with so much love and patience. Because of them, my intentions are to always transfer that same energy into each dish that I cook.

I spend my free time these days recreating all of my childhood favorites – plant style. Somewhere along the way, I fell in love with feeding people (I’m constantly feeding those that I love), spreading awareness & compassion for plant based food, self healing, community and Mutha Earth.

Thank you for reading. Your support along this journey is appreciated beyond words.

O.G. Lola’s Vegan Filipino Soul Food Made with Love Welcome! Lola (n.) translates to Grandmother in Tagalog O.G. Lola’s is a small, qwoc owned private chef company serving the Las


Follow Me Foodie ест lobster в 魚樂軒.

📸 The OG of “Instagram food”. 🤳 They started before Instagram even existed 🔥 . The signature @FishmanLobsterClubhouse lobster tower is undoubtedly the highlight, as the name “Fisherman Lobster Clubhouse” suggests. It was my favourite course and more than a presentation novelty, I’d go back for that alone. The other dishes were okay and good, but just spoiled by Vancouver standards and options for this style and execution of Chinese seafood. The Dungeness crab with sticky rice and crispy garlic at Dynasty Seafood in Vancouver is perhaps just as good as this lobster tower. Apples and oranges, but both unique and two of my favourite dishes globally. I need to do a # Toronto VS # Vancouver food showdown of dishes back to back! What do you think. 😃

This is the “Lobster in Hong Kong style” (5 lbs). This is what they’re famous for. One of my favourite dishes in Toronto. 💯 😍 The Lobster is great but the crispy garlic mixed with the deep fried baby Chinese anchovies aka “French fries of the sea” take it to the next level.

Follow Me Foodie сейчас здесь: Straight & Marrow.

Going against the grain. When many restaurants are going less meat and more plant forward, new restaurant @straight_and_marrow is going the opposite. Chef-owner Chris Lam has always been a fan of nose-to-tail dining, and it shouldn’t go “out of style” if you’re cooking and eating meat anyways. Off-cuts and cocktails is the name of the game here.

On the table:
1) Tongue in cheek – crispy beef tongue, braised beef cheeks, root vegetable “risotto”
2) Octopus carpaccio – watercress, tomato, marrow, smoked paprika aioli
3) Pork belly – braised pork belly, scallop “spaetzle”, king oyster mushroom, ponzu jus 👌🏻
4) Eggplant parm “double down” – panko breaded eggplant, halloumi cheese, marinara, basil inspired by @416snackbar in Toronto. 🙌🏻
5) Mussels – blue cheese cream, celery, lardons served with fried focaccia. Tasty and generous portion.
6) Sweetbreads – lamb sweetbreads, brussel sprouts, daikon, garlic purée, brown butter powder. Yum.
7) Rabbit gnocchi – cured rabbit, lardons, brussel sprouts, brown butter butternut squash purée. Super soft and fluffy gnocchi 😍
8) Uni gnocchi – house made potato gnocchi, uni miso cream, leek ash, sorrel
9) Frog ‘n grits – creole sauce, lardons, garlic scapes, green onion 👍🏻
10) “KFC” Korean fried chicken oysters – soy garlic butter, kimchi dust, charred rice, pickled daikon 🙏🏻 . Awesome to see chicken oysters! Love them.
11) Sweet corn panna cotta – cheddar tallow pop corn, dulce de leche, blueberry gel
12) Blood orange panna cotta – orange olive oil cake, vanilla chantilly, sea foam candy, butter roasted grapes
13) Funnel cake – cream cheese filling, strawberry three ways (gel, powder, fresh), duck fat icing sugar
14) “Ferrero Rocher”- chocolate terrine, almond tuiles, chicken liver mousse, toasted hazelnuts, chocolate soil, duck fat icing sugar

Follow Me Foodie сейчас здесь: Shameless Buns.

Wacky and wild take on Filipino style burgers and fries at @shamelessbuns. Partners in life and now business, Matt and Corvette opened this food truck to celebrate Corvette’s Filipino heritage. They wanted to make Filipino food approachable and fun. They call it “kitschy” and it sure is. They call it “comforting” and you’ll need a nap after. The menu is full of sexual innuendos and the food is over-the-top. Come ready, and ideally with or after having beers. I was lucky to try them while parked outside @ParksideBrewery in # PortMoody , so that was convenient. If you want to support small businesses, here’s another one. They work their buns off.
On the table:
1) Tapa dat bun – filipino beef tapa (marinated beef), chipotle cheese sauce, sarsi caramelized onions, chicharon, sriracha mayo on Pandesal. Fav burger of the 4 👌🏻
2) Not your ‘lola’s chicken adobo – low and slow braised chicken adobo, atchara (pickled papaya slaw), garlic calamansi aioli, tomato, green onion, garlic chips on Pandesal
3) Sir Spam a lot – crispy fried Spam, atchara, banana ketchup, runny egg, sriracha mayonnaise, green onion, and garlic chips on Pandesal
4) The little sausage – longaniza (filipino sweet and spicy pork sausage), atchara, banana ketchup, runny egg, sriracha mayonnaise, garlic chips on Pandesal
5) SPAM fries – crispy Spam fries with a few signature sinigang fries
6) Filipino spaghetti lumpia – crispy spring roll wrapper, filipino spaghetti, sausage, sriracha mayo. Served with chipotle cheeze sauce.
7) Adobo fries – crispy af sinigang fries, low and slow braised chicken adobo, adobo jus, garlic calamansi aioli, tomato, green onion, and garlic chips. The garlic calamansi aioli really makes it and you can buy it bottled 👍🏻
8) Fili-pino cheeze steak fries – sinigang fries, filipino beef tapa (marinated beef), chipotle cheese sauce, sarsi caramelized onions, chicharon, sriracha mayo
9) Sausage party – sinigang fries, longaniza (filipino sweet and spicy sausage), garlic calamansi aioli, runny egg, sriracha mayo & garlic chips.
10) Jacked up coconut fries – sinigang fries, jackfruit coconut adobo, jackfruit jus, garlic calamansi aioli, tomato & garlic chips. *vegetarian/vegan

Follow Me Foodie сейчас здесь: L’ABATTOIR.

The illusion of a New York striploin . 😲

Trust the hands of @chef_yoann at @labattoir_van to make a very special menu. # BYOF 🦆

On the table:
1) Lightly Smoked Foie – cured in coffee flower, salt, sugar, pepper, juniper, served with vegetables à la grecque and duck jus. Gorgeous and creative 🤩
2) Marinated Foie – dipped in chestnut butter, quince butter, poached quince, brioche. Lovely.
3) Baked Pacific oysters – Summer truffles, whipped garlic butter. Signature dish. Never fails.
4) Slices of raw Albacore tuna – cured with lemon verbena, radish and kohlrabi pickled with ice wine vinegar, yuzu gel, chili vinaigrette, housemade furikake, fresh grapefruit
5) Roasted sea scallops – Barbecue matsutake compressed in smoked maple syrup, celeriac puree, apple vinaigrette, buckwheat miso
6) Grilled Tandoori style sablefish – Crab turnover “samosa”, lime, vadouvan, Dungeness crab sauce
7) Foie stuffed Thiessen Farm Quail – wrapped in napa cabbage, legs confit and glazed in quail jus, infused with matsutake mushroom, slightly wilted watercress 💯 . Those legs 🤤
8) Breast of Fraser Valley duck cooked on the bone – Buckwheat crusted thigh glazed with long pepper and honey, quince, grilled radicchio 👍🏻
9) Roasted venison loin – coffee flower, pepper, juniper served rare, maitake, chestnut, sunchoke puree, salsify, huckleberry. Delicious.
10) Lemon syllabub – Honey, ginger, Verjus, citrus rind
11) French apple cake – Vanilla, apple butter, buckwheat, rum, caramelized apple sorbet
12) Chocolate brioche – glazed with chocolate toffee stuffed with pear compote mixed with raisin puree, rum and raisin ice cream with roasted pear 👍🏻 by @oliverbernardino

📸 The OG of “Instagram food”. 🤳They started before Instagram even existed 🔥. The signature @FishmanLobsterClubhouse lobster tower is undoubtedly the…

O.G. Lola’s Vegan Filipino Soul Food Made with Love Welcome! Lola (n.) translates to Grandmother in Tagalog O.G. Lola’s is a small, qwoc owned private

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They refunded my meal which was the minimum I would expect. I rarely ask for discounts but the service from just eat had been so poor that I decided they should have at least offered something. When I asked if they would give me a discount on my next delivery, I was given a flat no. They were not willing to give me even 5% off my next meal and the tone they used was dismissive. For a company as large as this it seemed incredibly petty and the whole thing has left a bad taste in my mouth.

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This just clearly indicates how JustEat whole process runs behind from their side. I guess I learnt from this and won’t use them anymore. Of course, after I have to spend time calling them to cancel myself the order and get a refund that I’m still waiting for.

Don’t bother

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