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Mr Nice Guy Strain Review – Everything You Need to Know & More!

Named after cannabis legend Howard Marks, this strain was unavailable until Sensi Seeds decided the world needed to have some Mr Nice Guy. Howard Marks’ story is absolutely incredible, and you can read a little more about it below. This strain is an indica-dominant hybrid, with a sweet smell, and a profound, mellow high. This strain came up second in the 2004 High Life Cup.

This strain is sometimes referred to as Purple Mr Nice Guy, G13 Hash Plant, amongst others. That is because of the strains it was bred from, and also because the purple coloring that can sometimes be found on its buds.

Mr. Nice Guy out to hang for the afternoon! Photo: @insight_ovd_insane

Mr Nice strain is an indica-dominant hybrid

This strain is claimed by Sensi Seeds, as they were the seedbank that brought this strain back into existence. However, who the original creator was is hard to say. It’s named after Howard Marks, who spent years in federal prison after finally being tracked down by the federal police for international cannabis smuggling. It was re-released by Sensi Seeds to the general public in 1999 and has been an exceptionally popular strain ever since. With strong hashish flavors (a personal favorite of Mr Nice himself) this strain also has hash-like effects.

Mr Nice Guy Movie & Book

Mr Nice’s story was first turned into a book by the legend himself, Howard Marks. If you’re looking for a new book to read about marijuana, and want to hear how from 1975 to 1978 Howard Marks managed to smuggle 55,000 pounds of marijuana and hashish through JFK airport, then look no further. The book is amazing, and the film is top-notch as well. Rhys Ifans does an incredible job of playing Howard Marks.

Mr Nice Guy genetics

Mr Nice is a cross between two exceptional strains, resulting in one body indica strain. It was originally called G13 x HP; this becomes obvious when you look at the two strains it was bred from:

  • G13
  • Hash Plant

The main reason for the choices here is that G13 is thought to be a strain originally created by the CIA, FBI, and other agencies, who came together to breed some of the best strains from around the world. This would fit nicely with the Mr Nice story. Also, Hash was a favorite of Howard Marks, who originally started smoking cannabis at Oxford University whilst studying physics. He quickly became one of the largest hashish exporters in the world.

Mr Nice Guy THC percentage

The average indica-dominant hybrid has about 12.5% THC content. The average Mr Nice Guy has about 14%, but THC percentages can go all the way up to 20% depending on phenotype and growing method.

Mr Nice Guy price

Mr Nice Guy’s seeds are available online. This normally drives the price down. As such, in coffeeshops in Amsterdam, you’re likely to only pay about $8-10 a gram. This is a similar price to what you’d expect to pay in North America, but in some dispensaries, it’s likely even cheaper than this.

Mr Nice Guy taste

Mr Nice Guy has a fantastic flavor, which should be fully appreciated inside a flower vape :

  • Earthy
  • Tropical
  • Sweet

Mr Nice Guy oil, wax, shatter, edibles, etc.

You can make any marijuana strain you like into oil, wax, or shatter. It’s a difficult process and can be dangerous, so it’s often better to simply buy it. This is difficult outside of North America. Shatters and other concentrates aren’t currently legal in Amsterdam or the Netherlands, and they’re not particularly popular in many places outside of North America. If you want to try some shatter and can’t make it yourself, a trip to the States or Canada might be necessary.

You can also make edibles out of any strain you like, and this is a much simpler process. Simply decarboxylate your weed before you cook it into fat or an oil and you’re good to go. You can also use your left-over bud from your flower vape to make edibles quickly and easily. Your already vaped bud is actually perfectly decarboxylated marijuana.

If you're ready to settle in for a relaxing, pain relieving session, you need to get your hands on Mr Nice Guy. Named after Howard Marks, this indica-dominant hybrid will leave you sinking into your couch. Alright then, ready to relax? Mr Nice Guy will be extra nice to you!