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Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi in the bowling alley in ‘The Big Lebowski.’

Practically anything can count as a stoner movie if you’re high enough. 18-hour nature documentary? Whoa, look at those fish, man. Somber black-and-white drama? Sure, why not! But the greatest stoner flicks have something more – a certain sticky green magic that makes you crack up laughing like the very first time you saw them, even on your ten-thousandth viewing. Read on for our definitive list of the 10 greatest works of pothead cinema. Truth be told, most of them are pretty hilarious even if you’re completely sober. But they’re definitely way funnier if you’re not.

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Movies about selling weed

R | 82 min | Comedy, Crime

R | 93 min | Comedy, Fantasy

R | 94 min | Comedy

R | 111 min | Action, Comedy, Crime

TV-MA | 28 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

R | 93 min | Comedy, Crime

R | 131 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

R | 86 min | Comedy, Music

Unrated | 91 min | Drama

R | 93 min | Adventure, Comedy, Music

R | 94 min | Documentary, Comedy

R | 99 min | Comedy, Crime, Sci-Fi

81 min | Animation, Comedy

R | 92 min | Comedy

Not Rated | 80 min | Adventure, Comedy, Horror

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