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The Best Purple Marijuana

There are a lot of different types of Marijuana plants and each one has a set of unique characteristics depending on their genes; everything can vary, taste, effect, structure and even the color of the leaves. Today we’re going to talk about the best purple marijuana that comes from strains that have an extremely characteristic color.

Beforehand, there were a lot of purple plants due to the fact that they’d change color in low temperatures, although today there are many more crosses available, and people have managed to develop amazingly potent strains that grow purple regardless of the temperature. The pistils, leaves or even the entire buds can go purple. Today we’re going to talk about some of these precious strains and we’re going to explain which ones are the best in as far as flavor, effect and production.

List of the best purple marijuana:

Mendocino Purple Kush: This strain has some high and balanced THC/CBD levels, offering an instant high followed by an amazing relaxing sensation. This strain is a nice descendant from Purple Kush that has definitely been improved on by adding the amazing Mendocino genes. We have two different phenotypes in this strain; the first one turns purple and it has a sweet and fruity taste. The more purple the strain, the sweeter the taste of its buds. The other phenotype grows green with a lot more resin and its flavor is earthier with a hint of hash.

Violeta: This strain is predominantly indica, born from the cross between a Malawi Sativa Africana and the extremely famous Pakistan Chitral Kush. It develops compact and dense, light purple buds, and its leaves tend to go slightly black. It has quite a relaxing effect on the body as well as a stimulating effect on the brain thanks to its high THC levels (between 12 and 14%). It has an amazing flavor of berries with an earthy aftertaste that can linger in the mouth for quite a while.

Raspberry cough: This precious strain has buds that are quite light in color, surrounded by leaves that are rose-tinted, making these plants one of the most beautiful strains available on the market right now. This beauty was born from a cross between Cambodian IBL x Ice x Haze#1, making it an incredibly flavorful sativa-predominant with some high THC levels. It has a very vivid mental effect and it’s perfect for consuming all day thanks to how it won’t make you feel too stoned. It causes extreme laughter that can last for a long while, so it’s great to smoke with your friends. It’s also capable of increasing concentration levels and creativity, as well as being useful for alleviating depression.

Ayahuasca Purple: This purple plant was born from a cross between Red River Delta, a ’98 California selection and Master Kush, one of the biggest resin producers on the market. This indica hybrid rewards growers with extremely compact buds with a truly stoned effect, so it’s perfect to consume before going to bed. It has a fresh papaya and tropical fruit taste with an earthy undertaste that any consumer will enjoy.

Red Afro: This strain was born after a very long selection process and crosses between Pakistan Chitral Kush and Swazi, a South African landrace strain. The buds that this strain grows are extremely shiny and purple, with precious white trichomes that can be seen with the naked eye, as well as amazingly deep green leaves that make the purple stand out even more. It has a hash-like flavor with some hints of berries that combines nicely with its dense smoke. It has a relaxed effect and it can be used therapeutically to combat insomnia, anorexia and nausea.

As you can tell, all of these strains coincide in the fact that they’re all purple in some way, but they’re all different in many other ways. They have different timings, different effects and many different flavors. We’ve shown you some of the best strains in as far as our experience, but you’ll have to try them out for yourself so you can decide what strain you like the most.

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Top 10 Purple

Cannabis comes in a variety of colors. Most of them are just different shades of green. Both the pistils and the resin help give cannabis its distinct look. However, there are a few strains that exceed in the color department.

Purple strains are some of the most loved and prized strains on the planet. Until recently, however, the only purple cannabis came from stressing the plant. Plants grown outdoors and exposed to cold temperatures tend to develop a purple pigment.

The reason? Anthocyanins are a group of pigment molecules that give plants their color. This is true of the cannabis plant too. That said, cannabis has a great deal of anthocyanins. Further, they also can turn the entire plant a deep hue of purple. This includes the leaves, buds and stems.

Today selective breeding and genetics allow growers to produce purple plants without stressing the plant. Here is a list of our top choices.

Purple strains are popular for their unique colors. Breeders have also now created plants which create beautiful foliage and buds with a powerful punch.