medical marijuana genetics

Medical marijuana genetics

Medical Marijuana Genetics are quickly forging a reputation for their selection of carefully bred, laboratory tested, CBD-rich medical cannabis.

Having firsthand experience of the therapeutic benefits of cannabis oil led the Medical Marijuana Genetics crew on a voyage of discovery. Long held prohibition-type myths and long held taboos surrounding cannabis were proving to be incorrect in the face of experience. Cannabis oil eased the final months of a beloved family member’s struggle with pancreatic cancer.

As a response to the lack of information about the medical benefits of cannabis the website was established. Here, compassionate and fact-based discussion about medical cannabis was encouraged. The website is now one of the largest online resources of up-to-date information on cannabis research and helps to change public opinion.

Discussions with breeders and interactions with patients revealed a lack of CBD-dominant strains in the medical marijuana and seed marketplace. Cannabis breeding traditionally focuses on increasing THC content, with the other cannabinoids generally ignored for their lack of recreational value. Medical Marijuana Genetics is a response to the need for readily available CBD-rich cannabis strains for medical patients. THC certainly has its place in the therapeutic apothecary, but the cannabinoid superstar is CBD.

Medical Marijuana Genetics paid attention to feedback from patients and experienced carers. They then teamed with expert cannabis growers from the Basque region of Spain. The mission was to create a range of CBD-rich cannabis strains, that have a distinct place in the medical cannabis marketplace. Scientists independently performing cannabinoid tests have been amazed by the never before seen high therapeutic oil content of these strains.

Accomplished crossbreeding of known cannabis breeds produced their flagship, the CBD strain Candida (CD-1). A classic sativa silhouette entwined with pointy resin covered flower clusters, that boast a whopping 20.6% of CBD with as little as 0.39% THC. This strain went on to become the primary parent of a superb range of high CBD cannabis bred specifically for patients.


Medical Marijuana Genetics take the medical part seriously. All seeds come packaged in sterile flip top tubes to guarantee their uncontaminated integrity. You receive your seeds free from E. coli, mold spores and other pathogens, that can infect your finished product.


Expert breeding since 2014 has produced a range of medical cannabis, that has reset the curative standard. The Medical Marijuana Genetics crew are pleased to offer three high CBD strains of impeccable therapeutic quality.

High CBD strains of cannabis provide the highest standard of treatment for patients suffering from a number of afflictions. CBD has been shown to be an effective treatment for depression, anxiety, inflammation, seizures and convulsions from epilepsy and other neurological disorders. CBD is a known antagonist towards the reproduction of cancer cells and helps manage chronic pain and the side effects of chemotherapy.


Candida (CD-1) feminized seeds will grow into impressive plants, indoors or out. The thick coating of resin-laden trichomes on the finished flowers have the highest CBD and lowest THC percentage of any medical cannabis in the world today. That’s not marketing hyperbole, that’s a laboratory tested guarantee.

Liquid chromatography sounds frighteningly technical, but it is the way science types calculate cannabinoid percentages. Our Candida (CD-1) flowers tested in the range of 20.6 to 10.6 % CBD, with an average of 15.5%. THC was very low at below 1.0% in every test. CBD is an antipsychotic and mitigates the effects of THC in the brain so this strain has minimal to no psychoactive effects.

Candida displays hybrid vigour in all grow environments. It has tested well indoors and out and exceptional results were gained in a greenhouse.

Expect to see two phenotypes. One sativa-dominant and the other indica-dominant. Each are equally outstanding therapeutic strains.

The sativa-dominant phenotype has the higher CBD percentage, on a plant, that stretches substantially, with good distance between the leaf nodes. Typical of a sativa, it produces dense small flowers distributed evenly around the plant with elegant, long, pointy colas.

The indica-dominant phenotype has the lower CBD percentage, with the plants having less distance between leaf nodes and more substantial branches and trunks.
The indica tends towards denser flower clusters and will have a higher yield. Although lower in CBD than the sativa-heavy phenotype, it still outranks most medical marijuana available in the world today.


Hiydrow (HY-1) is a sativa-dominant 2:1 feminized photoperiodic hybrid.

Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Dream were crossed, both favourites in the USA and Europe for their individual bouquets and noticeable effects. Add to this heady mix our flagship CD-1 strain and an exceptional medicine has been created.

CBD is high, testing between 16.5 and 11.1%, with relatively low THC at 6.3 to 8.4%. Patients seeking the therapeutic advantages of both cannabinoids will appreciate the effects of the Hiydrow strain. CBD offers relief from chronic pain, migraine, fybromyalgia and insomnia, while the THC provides a positive and anxiety free mindset. The low THC percentage means, that Hiydrow can be used all day with minimal psychological effects and maximum therapeutic value.

Hiydrow is a hardy hybrid, that grew well during indoor and outdoor trials. As the name suggests, it boomed exceptionally indoors under hydroponic conditions. Swollen calyxes, bright red hairs and overdrive trichome production can be expected on world class resin drenched flowers.


Lemon flavoured sativa power is in full play with the Green Doctor (GD-1). Using the flagship Candida (CD-1) for CBD content and crossing with a Haze for legend content, a therapeutic marvel has been created. Still high in CBD, the Haze brings a reasonable amount of THC to the equation. This mix makes Green Doctor the choice for those who need the benefits of both cannabinoids.

CBD was lab tested at between 16.9 and 10.2%. Still some of the highest figures recorded, more than enough to be considered therapeutic. THC was a respectable 12.0 to 3.7%. Those who appreciate the cerebral intensity of the Haze variety will enjoy the added mentally uplifting benefits of the Green Doctor. Feeling good while healing conveniently from one curative source.

Green Doctor seeds germinate quickly into easy to grow and vigorous plants, that thrive under all growing conditions. 400g/m² indoors or the same per plant outdoors is a decent harvest for a sativa-dominant strain. The buds can be so resin encrusted, that from some angles the citrus scented flowers look white and shiny.

Medical Marijuana Genetics provides CBD-rich cannabis strains that contain high amounts of beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes.

Medical Marijuana Genetics

In 2014, the founders of Genetic Medicinal Marijuana began to be aware of the therapeutic properties of the cannabis plant while treating their mother’s advanced despair symptoms of pancreatic cancer. Not long after his first cannabis oil intake, his ability to move relatively increased enormously pain free, allowing him to attend his beloved garden in the weeks prior to his death.

Medical Marijuana Genetics Catalog

Candida (CD-1)

Medical Marijuana Genetics

Green Doctor (GD-1)

Medical Marijuana Genetics

Hiydrow (HY-1)

Medical Marijuana Genetics

Master Hemp (MH-1)

Medical Marijuana Genetics

Nagual (NG-1)

Medical Marijuana Genetics

Night Night (NN-1)

Medical Marijuana Genetics

Orinoco (OR-1)

Medical Marijuana Genetics

Txaki (TX-1)

Medical Marijuana Genetics

The benefit that the cannabis oil had given him was clearly visible to those around him and aroused a passion and keen interest in the use of cannabis as medicine. Soon after, the website was born and a little later, a concept to the source and sell seeds that could create cannabis plants with exciting therapeutic benefit at the same time as the sensitization.

Through the organization’s interaction with patients and cannabis communities around the world, it became apparent very quickly that access to cannabis from any other cannabinoid than THC was very limited.

As a result of this, mmgenetics was formed, with the initial aim of creating a line of dominant CBD varieties.

Using Harleqin genetics and the well-known AC / DC, Genetic Medicinal Marijuana correctly create Candida (CD-1), the mother’s name of the founder and that means “bright light” in Latin.

Testing the cannabinoid profiles of CD-1 revealed a 20% CDB count. This percentage is the highest known number in a CDB-rich phenotype ever created in Europe.

Following the overwhelming success of its first crop, Marijuana Medicinal Genetics created another 12 strains of elite Candida crosses, all of which have been genetically selected to provide access (within the legal jurisdiction) to the broader range of therapeutic products than the plant Of cannabis, and the CBD in particular, has to offer. This includes treatments for symptoms such as pain, inflammation, seizures, seizures, gastrointestinal disorders, nausea, vomiting, skin diseases, bacterial infections, anxiety, depression, chronic cancer cell growth and more.

Research continues in Medical Genetic Marijuana to create strains containing beneficial amounts of other cannabinoids and terpenes.

At the moment, all strains available from Genetic Medicinal Marijuana are CDB dominant or CDB rich (1: 1) and all strains contain a minimum of 10% CDB.

Medicinal Marijuana Genetics are one of a growing number of seed banks that encourage clients, who are legally allowed to grow, to publish lab results of the cannabis they have produced.

Candida (CD-1) and four other strains have been created specifically for medical use are available to buy at Seedsman now.

This vigorous strain has impressed all with its growth and consistent CBD to THC ratio (20-1). In testing THC levels have never yet exceeded 1% and CBD levels have tested between 11% and 20% making it one of the first CBD dominant cannabis strains in history.