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Legacy Seeds General Information


Producer of non genetically modified seeds intended for farmers. The company offers seeds of alfalfa, corn, soybeans, wheat, cover crops as well as turf blends that have not been genetically treated, providing farmers with chemical-free agricultural products.

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Tremendous investment opportunities cultivated by Legacy Seed Companies

Harnessing the entrepreneurial power and innovation of regional seed companies

Our Vision

Keep Rural America Strong

Help customers capture the greatest value from their farms by harnessing the entrepreneurial power and innovation of agricultural companies

Search out Seed Opportunities

Our goal is to find opportunities that offer more than just high yielding varieties. We view our customer as the grower, processor, food company and consumer.

Regenerative Agriculture

Our companies support product development that will help achieve upmarket sustainability goals with the following practices: We offer growers cover crop options to build soil health; we have wheat varieties with the gene for Fusarium resistance and lower vomitoxin numbers; we are selecting corn and alfalfa products that can lower methane emissions from cows; and, our leafy hybrids achieve top yields at lower plant population, saving input costs.


Legacy Seed Companies believes the entrepreneurial power and innovation of regional seed companies can offer tremendous investment opportunity.

Please contact us if you are one of the following


You are an owner seeking liquidity while preserving your company location and legacy


You are an innovative product supplier desiring a unique way to access the farm market

Food company

You are a food company looking for seeds with specific characteristics and qualities


You are an investor who believes in preserving the company culture of successful independent rural businesses

Branding announcement

We are excited to announce our holding company name has been changed to Legacy Seed Companies, LLC (formerly Tillerman Seeds, LLC). Our new name reflects our mission to preserve the approach and brand identity of all Legacy Seed Companies and to maintain the values that made them successful. Our current companies, DF Seeds and Legacy Seeds, and future companies will continue to operate under current names and management will evolve as they grow. We will continue to support their growth through back office and employee investment to increase the value offered to their customers.

Industry Trends

Marketplace change presents an opportunity and a need. We have a unique approach to serve the marketplace and are organizing around the following trends

Trait Economics

Grain market prices versus seed prices have producers looking for options and trusted partners. Today, over 90% of the corn and soybean acres carry at least one GMO trait.

Price Transparency

Seed pricing of genetics is becoming more transparent which has market movement seeking different suppliers or “trusted partner” options.

Market Concentration

Mega mergers and divestments with Bayer/Monsanto acquisition, Dow Dupont merger of equals, Chem China Syngenta acquisition, and BASF benefitting from divestments has resulted in significant changes in people, products, brand, and strategy that will provide several years of turbulence.

Consumer Preferences

Consumer preferences have fragmented markets and moved significant segments to look for non-GMO, organic, and other unique preferences like gluten free resulting in new practices, supply chains, and producer behaviors. Food companies are changing and looking for solutions and suppliers to deliver their needs. Organic and non-GMO production in the US is expanding.

Digital Platforms

Early stage impacts from Climate’s FieldView, Dow Dupont Encirca/Granular, Deere, and Farmobile are collecting performance data and practices. Seed is increasingly part of a solution and system that creates unique, measured value.


Genetic modification is faster, cheaper, and easier than past state-of-the-art. The technology can provide “unique quality output” impact not yet experienced in the market.

Farm Demographics & Consolidation

Farmers are changing through market pressures resulting in a large number of “Baby Boomers” retiring, creating emerging groups that we can serve “legacy farms” and “technology farms”

Our Specialties

Laser-like focus on developing seeds that allow farmers in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and other Midwestern states to maximize yields

Both Legacy and DF Seeds select corn and soybean products from all trait providers and from more than 15 different breeding programs. DF Seeds selects for yield and disease tolerance for the grower, combined with end-use needs of food companies like protein, milling characteristics, hilum color, and coagulation. Legacy Seeds is one of the few seed companies that test and select silage for digestibility. Legacy’s leafy hybrids are silage specific and offer greater starch availability to the cow using soft kernel and floury genetics. DF Seeds offers first-in-class food-grade products with non-GMO and organic soybeans options along with red and white soft winter wheats.

Dairy– High-yielding, high-digestibility, & high-protein varieties

Food grade products– Segment leader East of Mississippi

Trait stacks– More offerings than most any other company in the North Central region

Sustainability– Varieties selected for sustainability goals, not just yield

Research– Top industry geneticists and rigorous disease and performance testing

Investment opportunities in specialty seed brands