leg protection for weed eating

Trimmer Leg Protection

With over 46 years of family ownership, our experience, product knowledge, and expertly trained repair department you can be assured that we can assist you in anyway possible.

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Trimmer Leg Protection With over 46 years of family ownership, our experience, product knowledge, and expertly trained repair department you can be assured that we can assist you in anyway

Shin Guards

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Mine sit in a box in the garage somewhere. As I can best recall I threw them over somewhere the day I found that I’d hit a fire ant nest with my trimmer.
They were feasting on my shins for quite some time before I found them and the remnant of my lower leg.

If I were to have been in slacks or jeans.

One can only ponder where these creatures could’ve taken residence!?

Now chainsaw chaps? That’s an entirely different issue.

Had a chain separate once. Had to come down and be inspected to see if I was actually bleeding from anywhere I couldn’t see.
Gruesome thoughts came to mind that day, 30 feet in the air.
Chainsaw chaps? Never pop the cord without them. ever!

If you don’t use them, I suggest you come sit in a Hospital ER/ED for a
day. Just watch what Einsteins walk in the door with what kind of
Then picture yourself sitting there relating the same, exact occurrence to
to a room full of gigglers while they try and save the foolish behind
connected to your leg/arm/neck (Insert preferred appendage)!
That being said, my son is bullet proof and gonna live forever.
Chaps? Yeah, Uhh, Next time, Dad! I’m just gonna trim this limb. Nothing’s gonna happen. Cringe!!

I was wondering if anyone knows where I can purchase shin guards to wear why I am doing weed eating and edging? I live in Florida and would rather not wear… ]]>