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Larry OG Strain Review – Everything You Need to Know & More!

Larry OG or Lemon Larry OG comes from the Ocean Grown or OG family. These strains were all created in Orange County, California. Larry OG is an indica cross between two incredibly famous OG strains. It may be indica-dominant, but just like most of these strains, it also has a cerebral buzz. The effects are not overwhelming, which can make for a much more pleasant smoke for those of you who may be newer to the cannabis scene.

This strain has many different names because of its taste and because of the fact that it was bred from a diverse pool of strains. You may also hear it be called: Larry Skywalker, Lemon Larry, Larry OG Kush, Legendary Larry, Lemon Larry OG Kush, or Larry’s Lemonade.

Larry OG looking mighty tasty in nugg form! Photo: @betterbutterbrothers

Larry OG strain: indica or sativa?

This strain is definitely an indica-dominant hybrid. You shouldn’t expect only indica effects, as the cerebral effects do creep into you a little bit. This indica-dominant hybrid won the Cannabis Cup for the best medical indica strain in 2014, which is a stamp of quality. It’s not overly potent, and Larry OG can definitely be used for something like aiding sleep. Larry OG also gave birth to strains such as Purple Punch strain, which is itself a very popular strain.

Larry OG genetics

Larry OG is a cross between two legendary OG strains:

These two legendary indica-dominant hybrids are brought together to make what can only be described as a dankenstein strain. Dankenstein strains are crosses between two or more dank strains to create one freakishly tasty or potent (or both) strain. In this case, Larry OG is more focused on the flavor and also the medicinal benefits of an indica strain.

Larry OG THC percentage

The average indica strain has around 12% THC inside it, but Larry OG tests at 21% on average. This is pretty crazy, but some phenotypes even test at 24.5%. This is very high, but it’s not the highest possible. Despite this, the effects aren’t really considered to be very potent. This is because it’s overwhelmingly an indica, meaning it’s hard for you to get too high from this strain.

Larry OG price

The seeds are available online. What does this mean? Well, it normally means that the price is lower than if the strain was clone-only. As such, in North American dispensaries, you’re likely to pay anywhere between $8-15 a gram. However, in Amsterdam you’re likely to pay a little bit more, as this strain is considered to be a boutique strain. You’ll probably pay around $15-20 a gram in a decent Amsterdam coffee shop. A lot of the time they offer strains that they may call Larry OG, but it in fact is something else entirely. This is a problem because of the fact that Amsterdam doesn’t actually have legal weed; rather it’s decriminalized. If you go into the reputable Dam coffee shops, it’s a different matter.

Larry OG taste

Larry OG is also called Lemon Larry for one simple reason… it’s a lemony strain! If you didn’t already know, the terpene inside lemon strains (at least the true lemon strains) is actually the same thing that gives lemons their smell. As such, you should definitely enjoy this strain through a flower vaporizer . Please ensure that you grind your weed first, as this allows the flavor to be fully released. Larry OG’s taste profile is:

  • Pine
  • Lemon
  • Citrus

Larry OG oil, wax, shatter, edibles etc.

Another advantage of using a flower vaporizer is that you can actually use the already vaped bud (AVB) to create edibles quickly and easily. Take your AVB and mix it with either a fat or oil. Once you’ve done this, either eat it as it is or cook it into something else. Please be wary, you may not be expecting these to be potent, but they’re actually incredibly potent. If you don’t want to use a vaporizer for this, or if you don’t have one, you have to first decarboxylate your weed.

You can also make any strain you like into concentrates etc. This is a much more complicated process and can be considered dangerous. We recommend exercising extreme caution if you do attempt this yourself. We have a guide to making Butane Hash Oil here . If you have the chance you could also travel to North America, where many dispensaries will sell this strain in concentrate format. Larry OG makes a good concentrate because of its flavor. You can find an example of Larry Wax in the picture below.

Read more about why Larry might be your new best friend! Though its average THC content comes in at a whopping 21%, don't let that scare you away. Larry OG, an indica-dominant hybrid from California, will leave users with less pain, less depression and more happiness. What more could you ask for in a friend?

Larry og yield

Larry OG Strain

Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica
THC: 26%

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If I want to be stoned out of my mind, but don’t know what to pick.. Larry, will never let you down. I love this strain!!

I smoked a variation of this call Purple Larry with way less THC in it. I enjoyed the high it was relaxing. The way I remember getting high was in high school. What I’m understand now even though this is a sativa dominant I have nowhere to write this I really don’t like Indica everything that it claims to do with pain and stomach aches it does the reverse for me I get terrible stomach aches pain throughout my body and labored breathing. and nobody seems to grow sativa that much anymore it’s either a lot of indica or hybrids that are Indica dominant. And the sativas they grow are extraordinaire high in THC. Not a complaint just an observation for the amount of weed I smoke anyways it really doesn’t matter they can take me three weeks to go through a gram.

Picked up an eighth of the Larry OG in Bishop,Ca. at the Pals Dispensary. This stuff is the real deal. This weed is why we all smoke. It’s nearly perfect as far as structure, nose, taste, and of course how high it gets you and the effects. The cultivator was an outfit called Platinum Vapes ironically. So this glass jar has printed in huge letters across the side that it is a 90% indica 10% sativa strain. (Also THC-A content at almost 31.5%!!) Just wanted to point that out because the intro on this page has it as a 50-50. I love everything about this strain if it wasn’t so damn expensive I’d really load up on it. If you can get you some of this, do it. You’ll be glad you did.

The description describes it best. The exact same traits happened. It’s an awesome strain to smoke. Everything about it is good. I like this and look forward to getting more soon.

This medical marijuana strain is among the members of the popular ocean-family of strains. Larry OG was originally created in Orange County of California by crossing OG Kush with SFV OG. This is an indica hybrid strain that is featuring the entire lemon-pledge funk along with the vigor of the rea… ]]>