kalashnikov strain

Kalashnikov strain

Kalashnikov Seeds is a group of old school growers who are Soviet army
veterans. We have been breeding cannabis seeds in Russia since 2002. We are
based in the Kuban region, which is near Sochi, where we cooperate closely
with partners in Saint Petersburg and in the Far East region (close to
China). All of our strains are the result of cross-breeding AK-47 (Serious
Seeds) clones with Russian, Dutch, Spanish, Eastern European and Afghani
landrace strains.

We began selling our seeds in 2013. Within a short time Kalashnikov Seeds had
become prominent in the post-Soviet union cannabis market and we were
actively competing with many Western seed banks –even in their local
regions. Currently, our seeds are available in seven European countries and
we are always seeking to expand into additional markets.

After many years of experimentation, we have achieved a line of “Express”
strains, in addition to autoflowering and feminized seeds. These are
characterized by a shorter flowering period compared with their feminized

Attention! Express strains are NOT autoflowering. Please do not expect buds
to develop automatically in June! However, Express strains require less
daylight sunshine to enter the flowering stage, which is of comparable
benefit to growing feminized plants. Harvest outdoor in October, two weeks earlier than feminized plants.

The central stage on the European cannabis scene is occupied by Dutch and
Spanish breeders and our intention is to prove that Russian-grown seeds are
not in any sense inferior to those developed in other countries. Frankly
speaking, they are, at times, far better than many of the seeds that are
commercially available from other leading producers. To add credence to this
statement, our company participates in numerous international public cannabis
expositions, and as a result we have gradually developed markets beyond
Russia’s borders.

Please visit our official seed marketplace. We ship worldwide and accept all
standard payment methods. Shop

Our location as shown on the map is intentionally (i.e., within a radius of
20 km) and the photo is from stock footage. Anyone can add their pics, as

You can also check our private Telegram channel and view photos on Goggle-map. The locations are very conditional, with a radius of 20 km. Anyone can add their pics as well. Good day and we hope there is a peaceful sky above your head!

Качественные семена конопли от отечественного производителя

Kalashnikov Original (Kalashnikov Seeds) feminized

Kalshnikov by Kalshnikov Seeds has put a present day twist on the classic AK-47. An exceptional yield is to be expected after only 7 – 9 weeks of blooming. Weights in excess of a jaw dropping one kilo per plant are possible outdoors. Jaw dropping because the plant only reaches 120 cm. Now that’s amazing.

Kalashnikov Original (Kalashnikov Seeds) feminized
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Kalashnikov Seeds – Kalashnikov: One of the heaviest yielding sativas on the market

Just like its plywood and metal namesake the Kalashnikov can take whatever is thrown at it with no troubles at all. Wind, rain, heat, fog and cold nights are easily taken in stride by this tough little sativa. This welcome variant of the classic AK-47 strain of cannabis was achieved by crossing it with an Altai Sativa. The result is a quick growing 60% sativa dominant plant that has high fungal and pest resistance. An ideal plant for the novice, Kalashnikov requires little specialized maintenance to produce impressive yields under lights or outdoors.

Reaching heights of between 90 – 120cm sounds more like indica statistics, but this plant is psychedelically sativa all the way. Fine tuned over five years by Kalashnikov Seeds to be super stable this strain is a tough and vigorous plant. The low height and ease of maintenance makes Kalashnikov ideal for the guerrilla grower. It can be tucked away almost anywhere and the ease of maintenance means less need to visit your hidden plot. If it has rained it is all good. Scrogged indoors this plant produces a stunning collection of deeply toned flowers that yield in excess of 500 grams per square metre. Maturing in a 55 – 65 day window makes Kalashnikov perfect for the impatient sativa fan who wants quality and a great deal of it quickly.

The flowers are deep sage green tending towards indigo in the outside calyxes. Furry with trichomes the main buds mature to be blunt and rounded rather than the expected sativa pointy and are as wide as your palm. Orange pistils dry to a chocolatey brown when fully cured and the flowers are solid to the touch. A gentle squeeze emits a sharp edge quite noticable against earth and wood, fruit and marjoram fragrances. The effects are clearly sativa. A buzzing mental elevator ride to the penthouse suite of psychedelia for a clear view of shining psychic horizons awaits the patient grower. Kalshnikov is a distinctive and heavy producing sativa style cannabis strain that will keep you coming back again and again.

Perfected over five years Kalashnikov is a sativa with buds that are wider than your hand that can take whatever nature throws at it. ]]>