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Get Paid to Smoke Weed and Live Your Dream

Are you ready to live the dream? Get paid to smoke weed completely legally and live off it? Yes, it’s quite possible with these awesome weed jobs.

We’re going to present you with some of the most interesting and quality-weed-providing jobs on the market. For some ventures, you won’t have to spend a dime, whereas others might require some initial investment. We’re going to lay out all the job requirements, challenges, benefits, and potential salaries.

One of the basic conditions is that you have come of age. Moreover, none of these career options are possible if cannabis is fully illegal in your country or state.

Take a look at these business opportunities, learn how to get paid to smoke weed, and you’ll never be without a nug in your life!

Legal Requirements

Nevertheless, before you get too excited about your new 420 side job, make sure you fit the following:

  • you are of legal age to use marijuana
  • marijuana is legal in your state/country

Or, at least decriminalized. If you have a medical card, that could be acceptable as well as you’ll be doing a review of a medicine.

Make due inquiries if what you are going to do is in accordance with the law to avoid any legal prosecution. Getting jailed for cannabis definitely takes out all the fun of the new occupation.

Now that we got the elephant out of the room, see where weed opportunities lie!

Get Paid to Smoke Weed as a Canna-Influencer

Let’s begin with one of the most popular professions nowadays as they give us a bit of “getting paid for doing nothing” impression, thus definitely seem the most appealing — the influencer.

By definition, an influencer is a person who uses social media and encourages their followers to engage in purchasing certain products or services. An influencer’s reputation rests on their authority, knowledge, and rapport with the followers.

Influencers usually specialize in a certain niche, so you would be a kind of a cannabis reviewer.


Would you like to get paid between $300 and $1,000 for uploading a weed video? In that case, think about setting a career as a weedtuber!

There are plenty of people out there who have replaced their 9 to 5 grind for something much more creative and enjoyable. If you get paid to smoke marijuana, it will certainly bring in some revenue, though chances are you won’t exactly become a weed millionaire.

Weed Job Requirements

Naturally, you need to sign up on YouTube, open a channel, and have some kind of camera for filming. Depending on the type of channel, you’ll need different props.

Moreover, there’s more to it than just smoking the strongest strains and discussing your experience openly. You could be doing merchandise reviews, encouraging discussions about whether a bong or a joint is more enjoyable, making educational material, or trying your hand at making edibles.

Fun fact: what also brings loads of views to the table are “something-went-wrong” videos.

For example, the ”one-gram-dab” video of the CustomGrow420 marijuana reviewer — who tried smoking 1g of highly concentrated THC oil and ended up coughing it up, walking up and down, cursing, feeling sick, trying everything possible to get better — has over 2 million views!

To this end, even mishaps can serve you well. Aftermath videos are extremely popular so make sure you have at least some of these on your channel to boost the following.

Pros and Cons

Cannabis is an extremely profitable industry, especially its CBD branch. Alas, the smoke-weed-and-get-paid content is not suitable for advertisements, resulting in lower YouTube profit. That can be a serious issue.

We all still remember the big cannabis purge that took place two years ago when YouTube suddenly shut down cannabis channels for no justifiable reasons. They explained that the content was inappropriate for the larger audience. To sum up, you could be in danger of getting your channel banned. Moreover, receiving money from advertising will be tricky.

Still, if the camera loves you and you feel you have a lot to share with the world, becoming a weedtuber is right up your alley!

Get Paid to Smoke Weed on Instagram

Would you like to teach people how to smoke weed, have fun while doing it, and get cash (millions) and free merchandise? Do you spend a lot of time searching for #weedlife and #420 accounts?

In that case, here’s what it takes to become the weed star of Instagram!

Weed Job Requirements

Let’s check the high-tech details first. They almost go without saying, but let’s be thorough:

  • get a phone of the latest generation with an excellent camera
  • open an Instagram account
  • use the most popular cannabis hashtags for the followers to find you
  • update your content on a regular basis

To get paid to smoke weed and become a successful cannabis influencer, you have to think about the kind of content you would like to provide, and more importantly, whether you are able to do so.

For example, Koala Puffs, a female cannabis Instagram star whose fortune is estimated somewhere between $1 and $5 million at the moment, makes funny, goofy videos and has almost 700,000 followers. Have you ever thought about braiding your hair, and your joints? Well, Koala Puffs will show you how it’s done!

Or, get paid to smoke weed in California like these guys: Marc and Craig Wasserman, aka pot_brothers_at_law. They also smoke weed religiously, but while doing so, the brothers like sharing legal advice. Essentially, they’re a law firm specializing in helping California individuals and businesses with legal issues obtain licenses. Could you do that?

Dabbing Granny, Mr. Purple Gloves, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa are famous cannabis influencers that hardly need any introduction.

All things considered, define yourself as a brand and post photos and stories according to it.

Pros and Cons

Smoke weed and get paid a lot — sounds great. What’s more, cannabis manufacturers are keen on contacting influencers to promote their products. Even in countries and states where cannabis is legal, not all marketing forms are allowed.

For instance, it is forbidden to advertise it on television if 30% of the state population is under 30. Canadian products are to be sold in plain packaging that suggests no exclusivity or living the high life, which are the basics of each sales marketing.

Due to these and similar restrictions, cannabis industry jobs, which sometimes even start off as hobbies, are very much in demand.

Conversely, the ban on cannabis vaping influencers is pretty much real and people were losing their accounts in a matter of seconds. Facebook says the ban refers to tobacco vaping, but, overall, the rules are tricky on Instagram due to federal legalization as dispensaries can promote the use, but not the sales.

Get Paid to Smoke Weed as a Blogger

You love reading about cannabis, don’t you? Well, so do others! This way of getting money to enjoy marijuana may take the longest in terms of preparations, but it’s well worth it.

Weed Job Requirements

For starters, you’ll need a hosting provider, a WordPress theme, landing page software, an email service provider, and some training too.

Pros and Cons

However, once you have everything in order, you’ll be responding to your niche’s comments at the bottom of the page.

The get-paid, smoke-weed routine is nice and all, but is it possible to earn enough? How much can you benefit from this (financially)?

Generally, one subscriber email equals one dollar, so if you have 10,000 of them, that would equal $10,000 per month.

In contrast, blogging is an extremely competitive niche, so rising to the top and becoming the next Stoner Mom, Green Love Denver, or the Hurt Guru is quite the challenge, to say the least.

Cannabis Products Connoisseur

American Marijuana was all over the cannabis news last fall when they published a cannabis ad for a pot reviewer. Over 16,000 applications came to the address, and right now, the company is in the middle of the selection process.

Weed Job Requirements

What does it take to apply for such a position? That largely depends on a company’s requirements. Apart from passion and vigor, you should possess some knowledge of the matter and be able to interpret the results in the best way possible. Usually, a short introductory video is mandatory.

Get paid 3,000 a week to smoke weed sounds wonderful, so you could invest in becoming a professional cannabis connoisseur like Russ Hudson, who is also running a cannabis blog. Kayla Gerber was the chosen one among 25,000 applicants and is getting paid $50 an hour for her skills. promised $3,000 a month for the bud reviewer’s services.

Should you choose this job, your responsibilities may include the following:

  • Testing a strain’s smell and texture.
  • Judging the looks.
  • Describing the flavor(s).
  • Inspecting the terpenes and trichomes inside the plant.

The dream job to get paid to smoke weed in 2018 was enabled by BudTrader too.

Pros and Cons

As you can see, it’s rather difficult to become “the chosen one” as the competition is huge. It’s not that well-paid either.

On the other hand, becoming a recognized weed tester could help you gain followers and become a canna-influencer.

Every now and then, a company is looking for a skilled cannabis critic, so browse the net regularly for “cannabis jobs” or “cannabis news”, and work on your skills in the meantime.

Apply for a Cannabis Trial

Not only will you get some cash and enjoy a good smoke, but you’ll also be helping humanity find out a bit more about the beneficial cannabis effects.

How much do you get paid for a marijuana study? There are no official records, so it’s hard to make any estimates.

Weed Job Requirements

Your job will probably require the following:

  • Strictly adhering to the trial’s rules.
  • (Not) Taking weed at specific times.
  • Being available for testing and feedback.

Pros and Cons

Bear in mind, not all applicants get to finish the trial. The research team has the right to expel you if you aren’t following the guidelines and you’ll lose both the weed and your free “dispensary.”

Admittedly, sometimes your qualification to get paid to smoke cannabis depends on whether you suffer from the “desired” condition.

Overall, probably not the most paid, and requires lots of discipline on your side.

Grow and Smoke Weed

If you are lucky enough to live in a state where cannabis is legalized, do your homework and find someone to pay you for growing it!

Weed Job Requirements

It’s not impossible, far from it. You can learn how to grow marijuana from a simple guide.

Surely, you need to own a property for starters. The kind of equipment involved can vary depending on whether the crops are indoors or outdoors.

For example, you could search for cannabis industry jobs in Denver and contact the company that is in need of more crops and is willing to pay for the harvest. Not just manufacturing companies, but dispensaries too might be interested in a reliable provider.

Pros and Cons

Unless you can negotiate exceptional conditions and the ordering party agrees to provide you with funds, you’ll have to spend quite a sum to get all the licenses and equipment for commercial growth.

Admittedly, becoming a grower isn’t the best option among all the jobs in the cannabis industry, but if you’ve got a green thumb, you may give it a try. How much can you earn? That usually depends on how much you’re able to produce.

Become a Marijuana Model

The fashion market is extremely competitive, and even more so with this niche.

Weed Job Requirements

The necessities? The camera must love you, and you probably should be able to demonstrate how to smoke a joint.

You should belong to a modeling or talent agency as they are usually contacted for such jobs. Can you get paid to smoke weed in NY, the fashion capital? Perhaps. It’s decriminalized, but still illegal for recreational use.

In case you’ve gathered enough social media followers with your amateur photos, you could be eligible for becoming an official marijuana model.

The responsibilities? Pretty much as in any other modeling job. Be punctual, look your best, cooperate with the photographer and the rest of the team, and be ready to adjust to different demands.

Pros and Cons

As for the salary, one shoot could be worth several hundred dollars. Showing off your looks and cannabis skills on social media is also an option. If you make a brand out of yourself, the sky’s the limit!

Smoke Weed as a Weed Ambassador

Marijuana ambassador and marijuana reviewer jobs are among the most desirable ones. When the job description literally says: “Travel. Smoke Weed. Get Paid.” there’s little to think about but apply for becoming a cannabis rep asap!

Weed Job Requirements

The companies usually look for someone with experience in the field. Besides the application form, a short motivation video is needed too.

What do you have to do? Represent the brand across the state or country. Attend events and promote the brand by consuming it and sharing on social media. Sharing the knowledge, and communicating with old and potential customers alike. Mind you, you will probably be asked to set up the booth, or to lift some heavy objects (this is listed in the cannabis industry jobs ad).

Pros and Cons

As for the salary, Heavy Hitters Originals was ready to pay the ambassador $1,200 per month and give $500 more in the form of a voucher for using the products. Companies may give salary and special discounts for the merchandise. Also, not all jobs are about smoking weed — some are about edibles, too!

These jobs are always in high demand (pun intended), so do your due diligence and search the web!

Extra Jobs to Get Paid to Smoke Weed in 2020

Besides the above, you may take your chance at becoming:

  • Weed photographer — technically, you’re not getting paid to smoke weed but rather to capture it, but who is it to say you won’t be offered a joint when you go to take the shot of a greenhouse?
  • Weed Writer — true, you can hardly expect when you apply for a cannabis writing job that you’ll be sent a couple of nugs by the company to boost your creativity. However, you will still benefit if you are able to express your weed smoking experience through writing. You can even write a book on it!
  • Ganjapreneur — get paid to test weed, and by that, we mean your own. Not necessarily, but quite expectedly, you have to test your products, don’t you?
  • Cannabis affiliate — you’ll be helping others smoke weed, but as some companies offer free weed samples, you may light some yourself.

Can I Smoke Weed and Do Nothing?

Just in case cannabis jobs seem like too much hard work, you can always look for some free samples online. CBD gift baskets with the best CBD oil, free strong strain samples, cannabis seeds, and so on — you can get all of these free of charge.

At the same time, with some companies, you will need to pay for the shipping.

Final Recommendations

Can I get paid to smoke weed and make a living out of it?

This is the question that many a cannabis lover is asking themselves. Yes, it is possible. Should you opt for some of the more lucrative options from our list, you could end up receiving the money to enjoy your favorite pastime. You can even get paid from home.

By the way, whatever you do, steer clear of laced weed. That’s a bit too risky for one’s health.

Some of these cannabis jobs take serious preparations. For instance, defining yourself as a brand requires time and effort. In order to get paid to smoke weed, spend some time preparing yourself. And no, being stoned at the job interview does not help.

Therefore, if smoking cannabis is your dream job, invest some time and energy into it. The outcome will be simply incredible!

You think it's impossible to get paid to smoke weed and make a living of it? Not at all! Here you will find weed jobs, job requirements, benefits, and salaries!

10 Jobs in the Legal Marijuana Industry

With the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana in an increasing number of states, more and more jobs are popping up in the legal cannabis industry.

And a booming industry it is. Marijuana is big business, worth over $10 billion in 2018 and responsible for creating over 250,000 jobs, according to economists. Beau Whitney, vice president and senior economist at New Frontier Data, a cannabis market research firm, told NBC News that he expects the legal marijuana industry to top $16 billion in 2019.

A look at the marijuana-related job board websites out there shows a vast number of available jobs supporting the growth and sale of legal marijuana.

Ready to take your skills to a growing field? There’s almost certainly a marijuana job out there for you. Some are universal to many industries, e.g., delivery person or store manager, while others are unique to this emerging segment.

There are jobs available in many different areas and for many different skill sets. See if one of these appeals to you:


A “budtender” works at a dispensary to answer customer questions, provide the correct information and generally be the customer’s go-to resource for making purchases. (Think of a sommelier, but for legal weed instead of wine.) Accordingly, budtenders must be personable and have exceptional customer service skills while also possessing experience in sales and customer relations.

Edible Maker

With recreational and medicinal marijuana available in multiple different forms, including baked goods, candy, and tea, a variety of jobs have emerged. Edible chefs, for example, are directly responsible for creating recipes and producing goods. There are a variety of other positions in the edibles industry, too, from working on an assembly line to labeling and packaging.

A job working with marijuana edibles will require experience with food handling and production. In many cases, a culinary-related degree is preferred.

Vaporizer Retailer

Now that e-cigarettes and vaporizers are becoming increasingly popular, many stores are popping up that are solely dedicated to selling smokeless devices. Landing a job in one of these stores will require some familiarity with the industry, in addition to top-notch sales and customer service skills.

Delivery Person

Many dispensaries offer delivery services to patients who are prescribed medicinal marijuana but can’t necessarily make it out of their house to pick up the prescription. In addition, truck drivers are hired to transport products to their various locations.

A delivery job will require a valid driver’s license, a clean driving record, and no criminal record. Some companies will require you to have your own car and GPS device, and for legal reasons, in some states you may be required to possess your own doctor-authorized medical marijuana permit to work for the company.

In cases where you’ll be interfacing with customers, you’ll also need solid communication skills.

Store Manager

As more dispensaries pop up, store managers are needed to successfully run each store. Having previous experience working in a dispensary is a huge asset – and sometimes, a requirement – to land a job as a manager. At the very least, you’ll need to have retail skills and be able to demonstrate your ability to successfully manage employees, retail operations, and sales.


Cashiers or front-end sales associates are needed in dispensaries and stores to greet customers, answer their questions, and ring up sales. Though this is generally an entry-level position, you’ll need to have great customer service skills and a familiarity with the products you’ll be selling.

Security Guard

Security guards are needed in dispensaries, manufacturing areas, and other places medical marijuana is produced and distributed. In many cases you’ll need to be certified as a guard and licensed to carry a firearm if the job requires an armed guard.

Production Manager

Production managers oversee and analyze the entire “seed to sale” cycle of the product. In this job, workers must account for operations, process, and staff management, plus manage budgets and timelines.

Website Manager

Website, social media, and email managers are needed to run the digital presence of dispensaries and marijuana companies, as well as the agencies that run their marketing and PR efforts. In addition, there are many marijuana-related websites and apps popping up that need staffing.

A background in communications, digital media, or web and graphic design is necessary to land a job in one of these fields. Employers may give preference to those with experience in the field, as advertising a product that’s still illegal at the federal level comes with a host of challenges.


Harvesting marijuana involves in a number of tasks, including growing, trimming, and packaging. These entry-level jobs tend to be quite labor-intensive and physically demanding, but prior experience is not usually required (although it may be preferred).

How to Get a Marijuana Job

Looking for a marijuana job? Job searching in this emerging industry isn’t very different from looking for a job in a more traditional field. The usual methods apply: networking, referrals, and even job search sites can help you find your dream job in the legal marijuana industry.

There are also several niche sites with a focus on marijuana jobs, including:

Wondering how to get a job in the marijuana industry? Here are some tips, along with 10 cool cannabis jobs to consider, and where to look for job listings.