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Mega Marijuana Store

Mega Marijuana Store Reports & Reviews (21)

chased in the amount of 160.00. They asked for a copy of the back with the black stripe peeled showing all the numbers. As soon as they got my email with a copy of the card they stopped responding to my emails and on the chat. I am reporting this their website to the FBI as a Cyber Crime Webs

̲P̲H̲O̲N̲E̲*̲N̲U̲M̲B̲E̲R̲#̲ +̲1̲_̲6̲O̲5̲_̲7̲7̲7̲_̲1̲O̲4̲7̲
C̲u̲s̲t̲o̲m̲e̲r̲*̲S̲E̲R̲V̲I̲C̲E̲^̲ +̲1̲^̲6̲O̲5̲^̲7̲7̲7̲^̲1̲O̲4̲7̲

I placed an order before checking out the reviews or the legitimacy of this company. They take Walmart Gift cards which I purchased in the amount of 160.00. They asked for a copy of the back with the black stripe peeled showing all the numbers. As soon as they got my email with a copy of the card they stopped responding to my emails and on the chat. I am reporting this their website to the FBI as a Cyber Crime Website.

Attempted to place a expedited order by credit card for $310, after a couple of days I began calling to find the status. After many attempts I finally got through to a “impossible to understand” person stating they don’t accept credit cards. I was asked to wanted me to transfer cash. Red Flag raised and further investigation revealed it’s a scam. There is no such company. I guess I was one of the lucky ones.

Out $160. Responsive through the payment process but then they ghost you.
Wish I could do more to hurt them. Doubt they are in VT, I plan to stop by and check as I’m from New England and visit often. Opened a dispute with PayPal, we’ll see.

Tommy Chong Chatted with me and I trusted he was legit. Should have put the $310 bucks he scammed off me on the roulette table, it would have been safer. The rest of the on-line pot companies should be pissed off with this joker as he stealing business from them.

8/28/2020 Mega Marijuana Store at 126 College Street, Burlington, Vermont 05401 is a fake website. I chatted with Tommy Chong and never got any updates on my order. I paid $519. Another phone # used is 702-518-0681.

Their website ip address 185.162. 89.66 and traces back to LA.
They are not in VT but also not hard to find

I also ordered products and never got them, I lost $380.

they are 100% legit

They ripped me off

Victim Location 27403
Total money lost $170
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased a product with an extra delivery fee. I never received the product, I’m not getting answers from customer service and my requested refund has been ignored. I paid $170 for product and delivery.

I have tried to order delivery from this location 3 times and every time there is a problem. In short, I have entered my order 3 times and never once has the order arrived. I always know that the store will call me after 5 minutes with some lame excuse as to why they can’t deliver. you guys leaves me hanging, every time. Their delivery is not to be trusted so l will recommend ( because the mean good business thanks ganja-estates

Never received my order. Contact many times but never got any response on my order.

Hi, I placed order and it was never shipped. This is fraud and we need contact authorities. I was asked to pay $300 in order to ship my order. I chat with Tommy Chong and never got any updates on my order.

May 16, 2020. Paid for an ounce of gold. Never got it. No response from there chat site. Paid with 2 prepaid gift cards of $200 each. The charge was $310. They zeroed out the balance of both cards. Basically they stole $400. They are scammers. Do not do business with them!

these thieve are receiving money under the account names of Michael Giordino and Michael Brooke not the same name as on they fake website which is Tommy Chong or Peter Nganga. They are being investigated.

They are scamming thieves. Dont get caught up in their scam. The names they use, at least for now, are Tommy Chong and Peter Nganga, phone number 18024480046, this is the address the use but the “STORE” isnt there 126 College St, Burlington, VT 05401. They have complaints against them with bbb and ic so hopefully its only a matter of time before these lowlifes are caught and thrown in jail. My advice – do your research

Victim Location 33324
Total money lost $300
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Had me send him money and my order never arrived. I never received any sort of confirmation or tracking info. Customer service stopped answering the phone and replying to customer care chat. Total scam.

Victim Location 34209
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This business simply does not exist. They fool lots of people saying they are acredited with an A+ rating.The address given has a different bussiness at that location. Read the history of these guys here; or here; heres more;

Victim Location 60194
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This business does not exist at the address given on the website. During a web chat I was informed by an agent at that business that they were issued a “special” license to mail cannabis to all 50 states. Nothing could be father from the truth. Do the authorities in Vermont know their state is being used to decieve and rob the public?

This is a fly by night operation ripping off as many people as they can before they’re shut down. Chances are their operating from another country and feel immune from prosecution.

Maybe you can tell me that how in this great nation these parasites can exist in our country? Who’s asleep at the controls? These web sites should be investigated and prosecuted and closed. Where’s the FBI? The states attorney in Vermont . Why are these criminal enterprises allowed to exist right under our nose? Please investigate for the sake of all the people who need pain relief and think their going to get it here.

Go on the web site and start a chat like I did and ask some questions and you’ll get the same lies.

Victim Location 55129
Total money lost $240
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This is a fake website called the Mega Marijuana Store at 126 College Street, Burlington, Vermont 05401, I paid $240 for products and never received them but they collected my money using Western Union. Turns out this address is a legit address but a empty building beware.

Mega Marijuana Store Contacts

Address: 126 College St, Burlington, VT 05401

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At first, I really did not want to offer these pages. not really my nature. As I continued however, I somehow maybe felt chosen. I know, really weird right? But who do we go to if we get ripped-off in this market?

My point exactly.

So now, I feel like maybe it is about time someone did speak out about these companies and/or their tactics. If these firms treat us in this manner, how will they treat you? Your order? Or your personal information?

(I think) Just because we are stoners is no reason to be taken advantage of. as a matter of fact, they should be doing everything possible NOT to add risk to an already paranoid audience. Chosen? Maybe not, but ethical? – We like to think we are. When we are told one thing, and the facts clearly show a different picture, well, then it’s on them to justify their actions (or lack of).

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