im not getting high when i smoke weed

I Can’t Get High!

How often have you heard the words, “No, no. You need to inhale it and keep it in for as long as you can to get high”?

And you try but still, you can’t get high? I have met so many people who have tried weed once and given up on it immediately because they couldn’t get high.

R: I do three quick puffs consecutively. Then I release the smoke out of my nose slowly. I feel the high hit my brain immediately.

D: Hmmm, no… I’m more of a traditionalist. I take a long pull, then suck in some air into my mouth and swallow it all. I hold it in for as long as I can without coughing.

V: Nah man, I dig the coughing. As soon as I cough, I feel high right away. Then I also know when to stop.

This was a conversation I had with some of my friends one day while sharing a joint. Each one of us had a different method of smoking weed. And each one of us stood by our methods. Moreover, each of our methods seems to get us adequately high.

So that left me with the question: which one of us was right? And was there an optimal way to smoke a joint?

How does weed get you high?

When you smoke weed, THC and other compounds burn and vaporize into the smoke. This smoke then enters your lungs. Your lungs are lined with hundreds of thousands of alveoli, organs responsible for the gas exchange within the body. The alveoli absorb the THC into the bloodstream with the oxygen in the air. Once the THC is in your blood, it only takes a few seconds for it to reach your brain, inciting that high feeling.

5 reasons why you can’t get high from weed?

Poor quality weed

One of the biggest offenders is the low-quality weed. Brown, dry and twiggy, poor quality weed can dampen the experience of any user, be they, patrons or newbies. It can lead to coughing and a subpar high that is more paranoia than mellowness.

Poor quality weed is often laced with other additives to increase its effectiveness. These additives are not healthy and should not be smoked. While it can be cheaper in the short term, high-quality weed pays for itself in the long run.

You’re smoking it wrong

The most obvious reason you are not getting high is that you are smoking it wrong. There are many ways you could smoke a joint incorrectly, but the following are the biggest causes.

You’re not getting enough oxygen

In order for your alveoli to absorb the THC in the smoke, you need some oxygen present. In that way, the THC gets absorbed with the oxygen. So make sure to draw in a bit of air at the end of your pull. The mix of oxygen and weed makes for a more potent hit.

This is why coughing gets the user high. Coughing forcefully draws in oxygen into the lungs, allowing the THC to have a medium for absorption.

You’re holding it in too long

Research has shown that holding the smoke in for longer has no correlation to how high you get. The THC in the smoke is absorbed within seconds, so prolonged exposure to the smoke will not get you any higher than if you let the smoke out after 2-3 seconds. That light-headedness you feel after holding in the smoke for a long time is from oxygen deprivation in your brain, not a potent hit.

You are new to smoking

Many people believe that weed takes time to build up in your system, and that is why first time users can’t get high. When, in truth, it is more likely that, it is the lack of experience of how to smoke correctly, that is responsible.

Research has shown that new users can get as high as frequent users as long as they are instructed how to smoke properly. Many users have reported that they required guidance on how to smoke before they even managed a high.

It was rolled badly

Badly rolled joints can impact the smoking experience even more than bad weed. The joint won’t burn properly or hold its shape. Its contents will spill out, whole and untouched by the heat, wasted. The smoke will not funnel into your mouth correctly and will instead be wasted into the air. A similar effect happens when bongs and pipes are not packed correctly, or the clutch is not used effectively.

Unfortunately, rolling skills do not come naturally – it takes practice. Find some rizzle paper and practice a few times. Practice making a decent filter. And most importantly, use a grinder. It will create a uniform crush to your weed and allow a more even roll. Badly chopped weed can lead to lumpy and sloppy joints.

Soon your fingers will become accustomed to rolling and you will have perfect joints in no time. I know that I still struggle – and I roll a joint every other day. But they are getting better with time, and that’s what counts.

You are immune to weed

It’s sad to say that there are some people out there who are immune to the effects of weed. But what is important to note is that these people form such a tiny part of the population of the world, that it’s unlikely that you will meet any of them in your lifetime.

Give weed another go, taking into account all the tips and tricks in this article.

How to smoke a joint correctly

When smoking a joint, inhale it into your mouth first, allowing the dense smooth weed smoke to culminate there, in the same way you might smoke a cigar. Then draw in a deep breath and take it into your lungs. This will negate coughing and allow the oxygen-rich weed smoke to be more quickly absorbed into your body.

How to roll a joint

The shortcut way

I have a trick that I used to use at varsity when I was still new to the game. It takes a lot more time but yield perfect, uniform joints every time.

Step 1: Roll the rizzle paper around a thin pencil, eyebrow brush handle, straw etc. Seal it and slide it off until a third of it is sticking off the end.

Step 2: Make a filter or use a pre-made filter. You can cut a strip of paper and roll it into a tube and carefully insert it into the rizzle paper allowing it to unravel slightly to fill the space but remain firm.

Step 3: Slide off the rest of the rizzle paper tube and start filling it with well crushed/chopped weed. Make sure to pack the weed down gently with the pencil every so often. Be careful not to press too hard.

Sept 4: Twist off the end and blaze up.

The OG way

Step 1: Hold the rizzle paper on its end, creating a half tube shape. Add well-crushed weed.

Step 2: Place the filter on the paper and use it as a thickness guide.

Step 3: Pinch the facing ends of the paper together and rub them up and down to roll the weed inside the paper. While rolling, apply some pressure to compress the weed to the thickness of the filter.

Step 4: Seal the paper and twist off the end.

So, going back to what my friends said:

R puffed the joints and released the smoke soon after inhaling it

D sucked air in with the smoke and held it in for a long time

V said that coughing made him high

Each of them has a different method but each of those works to a greater or lesser extent. What is key to notice, is that each of them took in the air with the smoke, whether by puffing, consciously taking it in or forcefully by coughing. This oxygen-smoke mix is crucial for a good high.

Whatever your method, make sure you’re maximizing your hits.

May all your future endeavours now be successful.

And may all your days be high ones!


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You've tried blazing up with friends, yet you're always the one missing out on the high? So why can't you get high!? Here's 5 reasons why & some tips!

First Time Smoking Weed: Why Didn’t I Get High?

Tuesday August 13, 2019

E ver have that friend that says they just can’t get high? Maybe you were that person that couldn’t get stoned their first time. Or, if you’re like me, you got so high your first time that it is difficult to comprehend how someone can’t get high off cannabis. For anyone frustrated or confused by this early-stage consumption phenomenon, consider the points below. They may apply to you or someone you know.

Your Body May Not Allow You to Get High Initially

Keep in mind that cannabis affects everyone differently and the high a person experiences can and likely will vary by person. Factors can include a person’s height, weight and metabolism. Think about how a larger-sized person probably needs to consume more alcohol to feel drunk or ingest more food to feel full. The physical makeup of a person will often be the culprit if physical limitations are what’s holding them back from experiencing THC. In other cases, however, additional internal factors can alter one’s experience. This includes any issues relating to a person’s hormones as well as their serotonin and dopamine levels.

In 2014, a study pointed towards the naturally producing hormone pregnenolone as a counter effect to THC. In the report, it states that the hormone “can protect the brain from cannabis intoxication.” If the person continues to not feel the effects of THC consumption after a few times, they may want to consider visiting a physician for further answers.

You May Be Consuming Cannabis Wrong

If a person doesn’t get high the first time, those around them may suggest that they try a different approach to smoking. One of the more common mistakes new consumers make is treating cannabis like cigarettes. While they may appear similar, their consumption methods are rather different. Namely, nicotine is held in the mouth by the user. Whereas with cannabis, it is recommended that the person inhale the smoke right into their body without holding it in their mouth.

Also, consider how the cannabis is being consumed. If the person doesn’t feel the effects of the smoke in a few minutes, then the person may need to explore some of the other reasons on this list. However, with edibles, vaping and other methods of consumption, it is best to keep in mind that the onset effects vary, sometimes taking around two hours to kick in. This is especially true with edibles. Don’t be like comedian Jason Mantzoukas and his first time getting high using cannabutter (see video above).

You May Have Bad Weed

Not all cannabis is created equal. Today’s crops of cannabis are more likely to range in the teens to mid-30s when it comes to THC potency. This sharp increase in marijuana potency should ensure that every person gets high every time, right? In theory, yes. But several factors may have made that seemingly fire strain rather extinguished by the time you light it up. Starting with the producer, they could have a contaminated crop. That means anything from a leaky roof allowing rainwater onto the plant to miscategorized flower all potentially ruining a high.

Even if a person receives high-quality flower, that does not mean the strain will retain its quality over time. If left exposed to the elements, cannabis can degrade and deteriorate. As such, it is essential to store flower in a cool, dark container that does not allow air into the packaging.

A reliable storage method won’t protect flower forever, either. Just like everything other than honey, cannabis has an expiration date. Once that date passes or is exposed to enough UV light, the THC and THCA in the plant can convert to other cannabinoids, namely CBN and CBNA. While these cannabinoids won’t harm a person, they may have them experiencing different effects than expected. This could potentially result in a person thinking they aren’t high.

You May Need to Smoke More

The “start low, go slow” method is a wonderful concept in cannabis. Basically, begin with a low dosage of marijuana, whether smoking, eating or what have you, wait 30 minutes to an hour to gauge the effects. If a person isn’t feeling the high the first time around, then a second round may be in order. If so, they can take an equal or slightly larger hit and gauge how it affects them. No need to go overboard if the first time didn’t do the trick. Continue at the same levels of consumption, or incrementally up the levels being consumed. No need to go all in if the first round doesn’t produce the ideal results.

You May Have CBD Flower

It’s highly doubtful this is the case, but smoking CBD flower definitely won’t lead to anyone getting high for the first time. Sure, they’ll likely feel some effects, but not like THC can provide. If a person says they are looking to get high and they have Charlotte’s Web or ACDC, then you may need to give them a small bit of difficult news. Conversely, in states where cannabis is still illegal, black market dealers have been known to “cut” cannabis flower with CBD flower in an effort to make extra profits.

Keep in mind that cannabis exploration should be fun. Save for a physical limitation, in due time a person is almost assured to find what dosage and method of consumption is the best way for them to get high. Safe consumption is always advised as well. Be sure to use extra caution if you find yourself unable to get high right away. Don’t get frustrated and overdo it. Keep on exploring and slowly scaling up if need be. The high will come, and when it does it will be that much more worthwhile.

Did you get high your first time consuming cannabis? Share your experiences in the comments below!

Cannabis affects everyone differently and the high a person experiences can and likely will vary by person. Many people claim they cant get stoned the first time smoking. Click hear to better comprehend this early-stage consumption phenomenon.