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15 Reasons Why Smoking Weed Is Actually Really F*cking Good For You

As more statesВ join the movement to legalizeВ marijuana, smoking weed is becoming more mainstream than ever.

Unfortunately, marijuana still tends toВ get a pretty bad rap.

But if you ask me, there are all sorts of reasons why smoking weed is actually really good for you.

And I’m not just talking about weed’s ability to make you feel more creative or the fact that it helps you chill out, either.

Apparently,В getting high can also have a myriad ofВ health benefits.

That’s right. Sparking up can improve your health in all sorts of unexpected ways, and research showsВ that marijuana can improve your mood,В boost your energy, help you lose weight and even prevent certain diseases.

If you’re looking for yet another reason to justify your weed-smoking sessions, here are 15В advantages to getting lit AF on the reg:

1. Cannabis unlocks your creative potential.

A study found that cannabis causes psychotomimetic symptoms, which could lead users to make connections between ideas that aren’t exactly related.

This type of thinking is often crucial to creativity, so grab some ganja, and get those creative juices flowing.

2. Trees can be used to treat depression.

A study conducted by Rudolf Magnus Institute of NeuroscienceВ found that THC “reduces the negative bias in emotional processing,” which means weed could be used to help people cope with depression and other psychiatric disorders.

Plus, a study published by USC and SUNY Albany found that “those who consume marijuana occasionally or even daily have lower levels of depressive symptoms than those who have never tried marijuana.”

So if you’re feeling blue, brighten up your day by packing a bowl.

3. Weed can help you lose weight.

Although marijuana is notorious for giving you a mean case of the munchies, aВ study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that pot smokers are less prone to obesity.

Another study in the American Journal of Medicine revealed similar results, finding those who light up on the reg are actually a bit skinnier than those who don’t smoke marijuana.

In addition to giving you a smaller waistline, researchers also discovered that marijuana may boost your metabolism, increase fat loss and lower cholesterol. So next time you’re tipping the scale, try swapping out your salads for a different type of green.

4. Lighting up can lower your risk of diabetes.

A study published in The American Journal of MedicineВ found that people who smoke marijuana had lower insulin levels and insulin resistance levels by 16 and 17 percent, respectively.

This suggests that cannabis may play a role in regulating blood sugar, which can decrease your risk of developing diabetes.

5. Cannabis keeps you calm, cool and collected.

Researchers interviewed Swiss inmates who regularly smoked marijuana in prison and found that marijuana made the inmatesВ calmer and less stressed. Plus, marijuana use among prisoners also prevented violence and acted as a “social pacifier.”

I guess they don’t call it a “peace pipe” for nothing.

6. Sparking up is a great social activity.

Weed serves as a great icebreaker since it reduces social anxiety, encourages you to open up and makes you more accepting of others.

Plus, let’s be real: There’s no better way to spend a night in with your friends than hotboxing your basement, ordering pizza and watching all of your favorite TV shows.

7. Pot can make your periods suck less.

When it comes to managing premenstrual symptoms, marijuana could be a natural alternative to Midol.

StudiesВ have found that THC is an analgesic and antinociceptive agent that can alleviate the pain of those killer cramps and pounding headache.

Plus, marijuana has also been found to have anti-inflammatory propertiesВ that can help with the bloating that occurs around that time of the month.

8. Getting high doesn’t give you a hangover.

A night of drinking beers with your BFFs will leave you feeling pretty shitty the next morning. However, unlike drinking, smoking weed doesn’t result in a deathly hangover.

So you can get lit with your squad and still feel pretty amazing the next day.

9. Marijuana makes food taste a million times better.

There’s nothing better than getting stoned and stuffing your face with an endless array of snacks. But have you ever wondered why marijuana makes food taste soВ magical?

A study published in Nature NeuroscienceВ found that, thanks to THC’s effect on the brain’s cannabinoid receptors,В food appears more appetizing as a result of a heightened sense of smell.

Therefore, it’s probably a good idea to stock up on bagel bites and Dino nuggets before you spark up.

10. Smoking a bowl can boost your energy.

There’s a stigma surroundingВ marijuana use that it makes you lazy. However, not all strains of cannabis turn you into a complete couch potato.

Research has supported a link between the brain’s CB-1 and CB-2 cannabinoid receptors and dopamine. Essentially, small doses of marijuana won’t hurt your efficiency level, and an increase in dopamine levels gives you the focus you need to get your shit done.

If you’re looking for a little pick-me-up, swap out your coffee and smoke a Sativa-dominant strain like Sour Diesel or Jack Herer, instead.

11. Smoking weed can help you fall asleep.

Everyone knows weed helps you unwind.

While there is considerable debate over the long-term effect marijuana has on sleep cycles, someВ feel that smoking a bowl before bedtime actsВ as aВ better sleep aid than other substances, like alcohol and certain sleeping-inducing medications.

(Unfortunately, though, it’s said that marijuana’sВ effectiveness as a sleep aid decreases with increased usage.)

12. Marijuana can also eliminate nightmares.

Marijuana is also known to disturb the sleep cycle and suppress REM sleep.

Since dreams occurring during this type of sleep, marijuana can be used to interrupt this REM sleep and eliminate your full capacity to dream, thus eliminating your nightmares.

13. Everyone respects someone who can roll a blunt that’s lit AF.

Every pothead knows rolling the perfect joint or blunt is basically a form of art.

Learning how to roll an impressiveВ blunt takes a lot of time and practice to master, so people will always respect a stoner who has decent rolling skills.

14. Smoking weed makes you worry less.

An article published in a 2010 Harvard Mental Health Letter also suggestedВ marijuana alleviated symptoms of anxiety when administered in small doses.

The article also mentionedВ that small doses of THC act as a sedative, decreasing symptoms of anxiety. So the next time you can’t stop worrying about something, break out the weed.

15. Ripping the bong can actually be good for your lungs.

A study published in theВ Journal of the American Medical Association indicated that marijuana smoke is not detrimental to your lungs.

In fact, past studiesВ found lighting up can briefly increaseВ your lung capacity in the short term. you know, from all that inhaling you’re doing.

As more states join the movement to legalize marijuana, smoking weed is becoming more mainstream than ever. Unfortunately, marijuana still tends to get a pretty bad rap. But if you ask me, there are all sorts of reasons why smoking weed is actually…

Is weed good or bad for your mental health?

In honour of 420, we asked what you think…

There’s always been conflicting stories about the effects of weed – one minute it’s fucking up your sperm and making you paranoid, and the next it’s actually good for you. There’s a plethora of information out there, and if you look hard enough you could find every worry you’ve ever had confirmed – or find those same worries refuted.

Arguments about legalisation and the health effects of weed go round and round in circles, with laws varying hugely across the world. Everyone’s heard of how ‘one time my friend’s friend had a bad reaction’, but everyone’s also heard: ‘I smoke all the time and it’s never affected me.’

So, as stoners across the world take to the streets to celebrate 420 today, we wanted to find out what you, our readers, really thought about weed’s effect on your mental health – so we asked you in our Dazed Group Chat.


“I don’t smoke as much as I used to, only because it increased my anxiety tenfold, and would then be worse for weeks. Now that I’ve cut back I’ve been able to enjoy it so much more in comparison to when I was younger. For me personally, I can enjoy recreational drugs when I do them in moderation.”

Maudie Osborne via Dazed Group Chat on Facebook


“For me it got really bad; I smoked for eight months every day and night before bed, and had used it for years a little less heavily before that. I was in denial about the harm it was doing to me, I depended on it and couldn’t get to sleep without it. I couldn’t focus on anything and started to feel depressed. Finally I had to bite the bullet and stop smoking a couple of months ago, now I wish I’d seen sense earlier – some people can manage to use it and get on with their lives, but personally I couldn’t.”

Jack Carleton via Dazed Group Chat on Facebook

“If you already have mental health issues I definitely think weed can exacerbate them” – Rik Clarke


“It depends on your mental health, what you’re smoking and at what age. Sativa makes my anxiety worse, indica grounds me, and smoking CBD-rich weed helps kill pain but still keeps me functional.”

Britleaf Carpenter via Dazed Group Chat on Facebook


“We’re not all the same and will have different reactions to the same substances. Prohibition in the UK led to the rarity of the mild hashish and grass variants available, which was replaced by the stronger skunk type varieties which is where most of the problems lie.”


“I smoked a lot of hydro from the time I was 18 until I was 30. I had a bong next to my bed, I smoked weed during work – I was literally stoned for 12 years. One day I woke up and thought ‘I don’t want to do this anymore’, and haven’t had weed since. Saying that I never once had any mental health issues, I never stopped myself from living an active and full life. Some people have no problems, some people fall down a wormhole, but I don’t think weed is any worse or better for mental health than anything we face in daily life.”

Lance Nichols via Dazed Group Chat on Facebook


“I’m a bit on the fence as it’s made me less tense and anxious and actually relaxes me, but once it wears off I can get a little paranoid. I haven’t really smoked consistently for a specific amount of time to really know how it’s affecting me though.”

Clamae Vizcawa via Dazed Group Chat on Facebook


“In my personal experience I needed to quit smoking; every time I smoked, I started to feel anxious, paranoid and a bit introverted. Depression, insecurities, and self-doubt also tended to come out too.”

Felipe Cassaniga via Dazed Group Chat on Facebook


“It has changed my creativity in a positive way – it boots my inner expression and will to act. When I don’t smoke, I’m lazier and lack enthusiasm. If it was possible, I’d prefer to be high all the time but without needing to smoke, as too many doubts and mental health issues block my mind (when sober).”

Jāzeps Podnieks via Dazed Group Chat on Facebook

“I don’t think weed is any worse or better for mental health than anything we face in daily life” – Lance Nichols


“It really depends from strain to strain, and your own mental health circumstances when smoking. If you already have mental health issues I definitely think weed can exacerbate them, but it will depend specifically on what you have. It’s certainly helped me when I’ve been depressed, but I can’t imagine it would be good if I suffered from anxiety. In my experience just stay away from skunk strains as they do nobody any good.”

Rik Clarke via Dazed Group Chat on Facebook


“Weed can be bad for an individual’s mental health, but it depends on the individual. A far more valid question would be: ‘Is weed bad for society’s health?’ In which case I think the answer is no, not especially.”

Comments have been edited and condensed.

In honour of 420, we asked what you think…