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“When you can’t see your life without weed, it’s an addiction. We have to talk about it.”

Smoking marijuana in Tel Aviv has become the norm. In social gatherings, bars, and in every corner of the streets, you can easily smell the sweet-sour cloud of cannabis. The city seems to have regained its support for legalization. With weed becoming legal in a number of countries in the United States, here too, there has been an awakening, and the government and the police are slowly realizing that no one can prevent people from smoking their evening joint before getting some shuteye. But with the fun of getting stoned, many people who smoke experience the high in a less pleasant way. Paranoia, panic attacks, fatigue, and there are those who dare to say openly – I lost control, I am addicted.

Twenty-five year-old Lenny Cohen, an Tel Aviv-based actress, experienced the aforementioned addiction to weed for four years, and when she got to her boiling point, she decided to help herself while trying to help others. After she could not stop the habit on her own, she opened a support group for people dealing with a similar problem. “In the first two years I smoked from morning to night and I had a lot of fun because it suddenly brought me peace of mind, but then it got to the point where I smoked before exams and during the filming of a TV show and whenever I had a chance. Finally, I went into debt and depression.”

How did you realize you were addicted?

“It became a habit in every situation that was unpleasant or uncomfortable. When I was smoking, long before Telegrass made it so accessible, it was the center of my life, and suddenly I said to myself, ‘I have to stop’ because I just kept smoking, also cigarettes, like a chimney, which I did not do before the weed. As much as I wanted to stop, I could not. Even though it’s considered “harmless,” I was still tired all the time, I had no money and I felt it was wasting my time, but I just could not help it. It got to a point where I was under great stress before I would fly abroad because I had to make sure I could get it somewhere when I landed. That became the number one goal. I found myself in London buying harder drugs just because I didn’t have weed to smoke.”

It’s hard to stop when all the people around you still do it.

“All my friends smoke weed, some of them also want to quit, but no one initiates it. And then, a few months ago, I took a two-week break with a friend. The first time I quit smoking since I started. It was very difficult, but at least I did it with him, and there was something about that commitment to him and the fact that there was someone else who experienced it with me, that made it easier.”

How did you decide to open the group?

“I’ve been feeling addicted for a long time. Weed, lately, is enjoying a positive reputation, It’s not heroin. I’ve never seen myself fit into AA or any other similar framework. After I took the break with my friend, I realized that it has to happen with other people. My aunt is a consultant in the field of medical cannabis and has a broad view of research and understanding about it. I called her and told her, ‘I’m addicted.’ That’s how the idea of opening a group came about. People can say they’re addicted to cigarettes, but it’s hard to admit the same thing about weed. When you can’t see your life without it, it’s an addiction. We have to talk about it.”

“I wrote a post on Facebook, explaining that I am addicted and that I opened a group. There was a crazy response – more than 30 people contacted me in private and said that they identify and 25 people signed up for the group. That’s a lot of people. There are many others who feel this way, but to say it out loud or talk about it embarrasses them . We’ve already had two meetings and it works well.”

What do you do in the meetings?

“The goal is to share what you’re going through and what it does to you, to talk about things that are difficult to talk to people who are not addicted, and to find solutions to convert the addiction into something else. When there are people around you that you confide in that you are stopping, they understand it, and it makes it easier: Many friends who are not addicted say, ‘when I don’t feel like smoking, I do not smoke.'”

How long has it been since you’ve smoked?

“A week. The truth is that a week ago I had an unpleasant event. I smoked, I was weak and had low blood sugar, then I fainted, I fell on my face and my two front teeth broke. My lip busted open, I got it stitched up, and my teeth re-attached. Now I have braces, a broken tooth and I still smoked later that day. It didn’t make me stop.

Israeli actress Lenny Cohen opened a support group in Tel Aviv for people who smoked weed for fun but couldn't stop even when the fun was over. What it did to h

7 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting High From Weed

So, you’ve been smoking weed but not getting high. Don’t worry – you’re certainly not the first. There are several reasons why someone might not get high and I’m going to cover all the ones I know of in the article.

Once you’ve read the article let me know what you think in the comment section below. If you know any reason’s or remedies I didn’t mention please let us all know.

1. First-Timers

If it’s your first time smoking then it is certainly possible to not get high. In fact, it takes some people multiple times to get the effect. I personally didn’t feel high until my 3rd time smoking. If you’re new to smoking then you sometimes just have to give it a little bit of time. Why does this occur? Well, there are several theories:

  1. It’s possible that you aren’t smoking correctly since you’re new to this. For this reason, make sure you read the rest of the article. Not inhaling properly is a common reason, and it’s covered in the next section. If everything else in this article aligns correctly then it’s possible it could be one of these other theories for first-timers not getting high.
  2. Weed contains cannabinoids that react with cannabinoid receptors throughout out brains and the rest of our bodies for that matter. Our bodies naturally produce cannabinoids but at very low levels. Some believe that it takes a few times of cannabis use in order to fully activate your receptors.
  3. Lastly, it could be more of a psychological hindrance. That is, you may be overthinking the process and/or anxious about the situation which is causing you to have a mental block on the experience. Just try to relax and enjoy it.

2. Not Inhaling Properly

If you’re smoking or vaping weed then inhaling is absolutely crucial to get the effects. At first, inhaling is going to be a bit uncomfortable for new smokers, but it gets easier over time. Just start off with really small hits. It’s better to properly inhale a small hit than to take a big hit that goes to waste with improper technique.

The simple explanation is to get smoke in your mouth then take a slow deep breath. Remember: you’re inhaling smoke into your lungs – not swallowing it into your stomach. If your stomach hurts or you burp up smoke then you likely swallowed the smoke instead of inhaling it.

You do not have to hold it in like many people think. This is a myth. Once it’s inhaled into your lungs your good to go ahead an exhale. Holding for an extra 5-10 second is going to have little to no impact on your experience.

If the simple explanation didn’t quite do it for you then don’t worry. I have already written out a more detailed explanation of inhaling in one of my other articles which you can check out by clicking here.

3. Bad Weed Quality

The quality of your weed is going to play a major role in your ability to get high. Don’t get me wrong – you can still get high from lesser weed. You just have to smoke more of it. This is talked about in a bit more detail in the next section.

So, how do you know if the quality of your weed is good or not? If you’re new to this it’s best to rely on a friend who is a bit more experience to help you procure your herb. I do realize, however, this is not always possible so here are a few quick things that anyone can use to help identify quality:

  • Does it have seeds? You may get a random seed every now and then with good weed but if you start finding lots of seeds it’s not going to be great quality. Seeds occur when male plants are not removed from the growing area. This shows the plants were not strictly cared for. Also, it takes energy and nutrients from the plant to grow seeds, so anytime you see a seed it’s lost potential for the herb.
  • Look for crystally structures around the herb. Do you see little white crystal looking things? Those are trichomes and they contain THC and other cannabinoids so they’re a good sign of weed quality.
  • Is it sticky? Not all good weed is super sticky but a high resin content is usually a good sign when the weed sticks to your fingers.
  • Smell. Break open a bud and give it a nice big sniff. Different strains will have different small ranging from piney to fruity and everything in between. A strong and pungent smell without any moldy odors is often a good sign.

Unless It’s Been Tested For THC Content You Really Don’t Know

Let me tell you a little story from my college days. I used to get herb from a guy who always had great stuff. I never had a problem until this one batch. The batch looked absolutely gorgeous. A beautiful purple hue was woven together with luscious flowing red hairs. It smelled divine.

I was beyond excited to give it a try. I loaded it up in a pipe and took a nice big hit. It tasted amazing. So, what’s the problem? It didn’t get me high no matter how much I smoked. It was the most frustrating experience ever. Here I had some terrific looking, smelling, and tasting weed that just would not get me high.

I really have no idea why happened to the weed to render it in such condition. Perhaps an error was made in the growing process. It could have also been the strain. Maybe he got a CBD strain without realizing it. I’ll probably never know. All I can do is offer this tale of caution to anyone buying weed that hasn’t been tested to verify it contains the desired amount and type of cannabinoids.

4. Not Smoking Enough

This is always a possibility, but honestly, it’s not normally the cause of contention in these cases. Of course, if you only take a few small hits and don’t get high then there’s your problem, but this tends to be an obvious solution for people.

It’s usually a quality problem in these cases. If you have low-quality weed to start with then you’re going to need to smoke more of it. If you’re starting with good weed and you don’t smoke regularly then you should be feeling high off of 3-4 hits.

5. Method of Consumption

There are lots of ways to smoke – pipes, bongs, joints, blunts, vaporizers, and the list goes on. Sometimes first-timers use a method that doesn’t work well for them. For most early smokers I recommend joints. They’re just simple. No carb. No relighting. No batteries. Just paper and herb. BUT, if you’ve tried only joints and it’s not working for you then you may want to try something else like a pipe.

I also hear of some people having trouble getting high off vaporizers. This could be due to a defective unit or one that is set at the wrong temperature. If your health allows, try smoking instead of vaping. You could also try edibles.

The idea is simply to mix up what you’re doing with a new method of consumption.

6. Medical Condition

I’m not going to go too deep into this section because I’m not a doctor. If you have a medical condition then you should really be consulting a physician on these matters and not some random blog you found through a google search. With that said, some people with severe medical conditions claim to not feel high after smoking, but rather they feel normal.

This goes along with the notion that feeling high can be very different things to different people. Just because your high doesn’t manifest itself in the same way as someone else doesn’t mean you’re broken.

Before we move on I do want to take a moment to talk about the pregnenolone hormone, which is kinda fascinating. A study published in 2014 showed the hormone pregnenolone acted as a blocker for THC in lab rats. This mean, if your body produces high levels of pregnenolone it could possibly be naturally blocking the THC from interacting with your body.

7. Tolerance is Too High

If you’re new to smoking then this is not going to be the case for you.

The more frequently you smoke the higher your tolerance is going to build up. Over time, your tolerance may get to the point that it’s very difficult to get high without smoking an exorbitant amount. In this case, it may be time for a tolerance break. Essentially, a tolerance break is when someone takes a break from smoking in order to lower their tolerance down to a reasonable level.

If you want to read more about tolerance breaks you can check out this article I wrote on the subject. The comment section is really great on that article so make sure you check it out.

Lastly, I want to mention strain tolerance. This occurs when you’ve been smoking the same strain for a long time. If this is the case then try switching to a different strain.

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