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Hybrid Marijuana Seeds

Specific characteristics define the hybrid cannabis seeds category. This could be the case with the expected types of strains from these seeds. For instance, some are easy to grow, others grow fast, while you may find that others have give redefined aromas and tastes. Under most circumstances, you can’t be wrong to expect most cannabis strains to be hybrids. While two or more species play a vital role in creating a particular marijuana hybrid, you can expect that most of the original characteristics of the parental figures get maintained. This gives you – the grower, the assurance that you are getting an improved version of the dominant strain, which translates to a better cannabinoid profile, a mostly Sativa strain, or a mostly Indica strain.

Grow your hybrid seeds anywhere

Do you have space in your balcony, a marijuana farm, or a greenhouse? Well, our hybrid seeds typically do the best across almost every growing medium. While under most circumstances, you need to be careful with how you grow your hybrid marijuana seeds, we have a Grow Guide that should come handy with making your choice easier.

Feel better with Hybrid Pot seeds from AMS

As you probably know, we deal in more than 120 cannabis strains and different other marijuana-related products. While it is our joy to meet the specific needs for every customer, we are also campaigning for the usage of medical marijuana products through ensuring that we have a great line to choose from in the medical hybrid weed seeds section.

As most of our buyers purchase the medical marijuana hybrids, most of them nod that they have used the seeds to cultivate hybrids that can help in solving conditions like chronic ailments and to enhance their overall mood. This is, nonetheless, not to say that this category doesn’t incorporate seeds that can grow pot for recreational purposes.

You can be sure to agree that our line of either mostly Sativa or mostly Indica strains can offer nothing lesser than met recreational and medical marijuana needs.

A wide assortment to choose from

While the list is inexhaustible in this category, you undoubtedly can’t fail to settle in a specific strain or two in this category. Our list is always dynamic as we always strive to have something new in store for each category. As of the moment, you can expect to find 70 results in this category alone! Quite huge and daunting to make a profound decision on what seeds to choose and what not to.

If for a reason or two you find that any of our hybrid weed seeds meets your needs, we avail write-up names as Our Seeds Table to help you know much more about any strain. Making a profound choice couldn’t be easier! Be classy with our classy hybrid seed selection.

True hybrids

We are a seed bank who stands with our word. Every strain in this category is a true hybrid and that which can give the yields and strain traits as described. Of course, that is not limited to the size of the buds. Our hybrids give rise to dense buds, sturdy plants, and adequately defined cannabinoid profiles to make those who prefer to take their pot for recreational or medical merits meet their dream.

Some of the best hybrids with a perfect balance of beauty, yields, and atypical cannabinoid profile comprise:

A strain that bears our name will undoubtedly be among our sources of pride. And that’s clearly defined in the 5-star reviews accorded to the strain by most of our buyers. We have crossed this strain with our renowned White Widow XTRM and Critical. The best item of news is that this hybrid can give you both recreational and medical merits. Order it today, and feel good with our AMS Supreme Feminized hybrid.

You undoubtedly feel extreme when you take a hit from our AMS XTRM Feminized. The seeds come in quantities of 5, 10, and 20. But did you know that you can save when you purchase the 10 or 20 seeds pack? Of course, there isn’t a better to save in this category than getting a price discount.

Get your hybrid cannabis seeds anywhere around the globe

Is the cultivation of ganja legal in your country? If yes, then that item of news makes us get overwhelmed with joy. We deliver hybrid marijuana seeds everywhere in the world while ensuring that these goodies reach you in their best form and packaged in discreet materials. Not everyone should know what is getting delivered to you. Shouldn’t that be the case?

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Indica / Sativa Hybrid Seeds

Indica, Sativa and Hybrid represent the three main categories of Cannabis which are predominantly known across the region with hybrid seeds providing users with benefits from both Indica and Sativa. One of the first known hybrid’s of an Indica and Sativa was known as ‘Skunk’ which was first bred by a group of cannabis growers based in California, USA, Sacred Seed Co., led by David Watson. The resulting strain was revolutionary, producing high yields in relatively short periods of time along with having the innate ability to withstand an array of climatic conditions hence enabling it to be grown indoors, outdoors, and in greenhouses. The latter has been especially helpful to growers since hybrids can be selected for their size, bushiness and other features, catering to specifically to the grower’s requirement.

Furthermore, cannabis strains which are considered to be ‘hybrid’ can either be Indica dominant, Sativa dominant or a fifty-fifty split in accordance with the need of the user i.e. whether they are inclined towards the cerebral high of Sativa or the body relaxation properties of Indica. Needless to say, in recent years, the therapeutic properties of Cannabis have become prominent leading to a noticeable rise in demand for the product. This has further lead to the rise in experimentation with Cannabis strains resulting in the likes of Indica / Sativa Hybrid Seeds, which were essentially a man-made attempt at customising plants via cross breeding with specific kinds of characteristics usually found in Sativa, and Indica strains.


The process of breeding such hybrid seeds involves breeders carrying out selective breeding in a controlled environment; they pick the female plant and male pollen to produce a specific trait. Specific Cannabinoid Content is one of the main reasons for breeders opting for producing Indica / Sativa Hybrids. Research into the field of hybrid breeding has enabled breeders to maintain specific concentrations of cannabinoids, with strains either maximizing or minimizing the levels of THC and the amount of CBD. This has especially aided in medicinal cannabis production for children which contains high amounts of CBD but low levels of THC. In addition to this, maintaining resin content is another reason for the adoption of hybrid seed production. Hybrids are essentially cross bred for their resin content since some plants are more resinous than others. In this case, Sativa tends to be less resinous than Indica though a hybrid of the two can control the resin content depending upon whether the resultant is Indica dominant, Sativa dominant or a fifty-fifty split.

Therapeutic Properties of Indica / Sativa Hybrid Seeds

Individually Indica and Sativa strains are known to provide certain therapeutic benefits; Indica is known to be an aid in alleviating insomnia along with providing pain relief whilst Sativa is known to be helpful for depression, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and even fatigue. Therefore, depending upon the dominant strain, individuals can incur the benefits of both Indica and Sativa via the hybrid strain; hybrids can be especially helpful when tailored to a user’s specific need.

What’s the difference between indica & sativa? Find out in our blog post.

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