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Why Smoking Reclaimed Cannabis Resin Isn’t a Good Idea

Cannabis is quickly becoming legalized in many areas of the United States, and many newly introduced people are curious about the preparations of this psychoactive plant.

Cannabis resin, or reclaim, is a byproduct of smoked cannabis. It’s commonly found on the inside of smoking tools.

Although seasoned users may be familiar with reclaimed cannabis resin, many are still unaware of the potentially harmful effects of using this cannabis byproduct.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the different forms of cannabis resin, what reclaimed cannabis resin is, and what you need to know about smoking reclaimed cannabis resin.

Cannabis resin is a substance that’s naturally produced in the trichomes of the cannabis plant.

This natural substance contains many of the active compounds that cannabis is known for, including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive component of the cannabis plant.

What are trichomes?

Trichomes are exterior growths on plants that protect them from dangers, such as fungus, pests, and ultraviolet rays.

The resin found in cannabis plants appears as either a sticky secretion or a powdery substance and can present in a variety of colors.

Cannabis resin can be extracted directly from the plant or from the tools used to smoke the cannabis plant. This resin has different names depending on how it’s extracted.

Some of the most common cannabis resin preparations include:

  • Hashish. Also called hash, this is cannabis resin that’s extracted from the plant and dried into a pressed powder.
  • Rosin. This is cannabis resin that’s extracted from the plant using heat and pressure.
  • Resin or reclaim. Also called weed tar, this is cannabis resin extracted from tools, like a pipe or dab rig, after smoking.

When discussing cannabis resin, it helps to understand the distinction between the various types of resin, what they’re called, and how they’re used.

Hash and rosin

Hash and rosin aren’t usually called “resin” because they’re extracted directly from the plant.

Preparations like these are a popular choice for people who are looking to smoke or vape something more concentrated than dried cannabis leaves.

Hash and rosin are often stronger and have a longer-lasting high than traditional preparations.

Leftover resin or reclaim

Leftover resin, or reclaim, is often simply called “resin.” People usually only smoke it to avoid wasting any cannabis that may be left over in the pipe.

In fact, most people dispose of the reclaimed resin when cleaning out their tools rather than smoke it.

Cannabis resin or reclaim is the sticky byproduct that can be found cannabis pipes or dab rigs. Unlike fresh resin products like hashish and rosin, reclaimed cannabis resin is a harsh product that can irritate the throat and lungs. Learn about the side effects of smoking cannabis resin.

Best Way to Smoke Resin – Quick & Easy

Some of the safest and newest means of cannabis administration are ways of smoking cannabis concentrates or extracts. These include budders, pressed hashes, shatter, glass, waxes, dabs, or any other type of CO2 or BHO extracted concentrate forms of a plant.

However, currently, there’s a new method that’s been seen to offer the highest content in trichome. The method is loaded with flavorful terpenes and cannabinoids. So which is the best way to smoke resin?

Before looking at some of the ways you can smoke resin, it is important to first get a closer look at exactly what resin is.

What is Resin?

Simply put, resin is a by-product of smoking marijuana. It sticks to any surface that marijuana is smoked out of. Resin is highly rich in cannabinoids, carbon, ash, and tar. These are inherently contained in cannabis.

According to many people, it’s the unhealthiest way of smoking since it contains high tar levels. Nonetheless, it is handy during difficult financial times or when your neighborhood experiences drought.

Over the years, stoners have discovered new ways of smoking. They utilize all forms of science and kinds of tools. Yeah, science is handy nowadays! People are moving from wooden pipes to dabs, bongs, and joints.

Best Way to Smoke Resin

Hitting the pipe dry is the best way to smoke resin. You shouldn’t even bother scraping it. Granted, you can scrape it out of the pipe, gather some fat resin ball, and then plop it inside your weed bowl in order to smoke it.

However, why should you go through all this trouble when you already have resin in your pipe? Therefore, just hit your pipe as if you have stuff inside the bowl. Next, puff a couple of times.

This will make the resin hit up and you can now begin to smoke. It is that simple. Nevertheless, you should be cautious because resin normally heats up fast. In return, it can heat your pipe real-time thus making you burn.

Additionally, you should refrain from rolling your resin ball to a snake and then utilizing a rolling paper to puff it. It is extremely thick and you’ll not have any airflow.

Vape pens and resin do not work together. Unless your resin to taste funky for the entire device’s life. Resin normally vaporizes at a much higher temperature compared to trichomes. Consequently, you can make a mess.

The best way to smoke resin is by having a bong and a resin ball or any kind of water pipe. Water filters out some of the dangerous components. Furthermore, refrain from making a tincture or tea. Also, keep off utilizing weed resin in your edibles.

How to Smoke Resin (Otherways)


Bongs come in different sizes and shapes. Often, they can be quite aesthetic. They can also make exceptional decoration pieces too. A gravity bong is the most popular form of the bong.

This creative bong utilizes gravity force in order to force smoke inside a chamber. Making them demands some little work. Nonetheless, it’s a fun and interesting way of smoking resin. This method certainly gets you extremely stoned.


Dabs also go by the name Butane Hash Oil (BHO). They are extremely potent and have oil that is meant to be smoked using a rig. They are similar to a bong bowl only that you use a blowtorch. Essentially, dabbing is a flash-vaporization method. Nonetheless, it’s more intense.

To some people, it might look quite dangerous. However, it is actually healthier compared to other ways of smoking resin. Of great importance to know is the fact that it’s not for beginners. You need to be savvy to use this method. That is for sure.


Basically, bubblers are miniature bongs. They are small enough to fit perfectly into your pocket. Just like bongs, bubblers usually allow time for the smoke to calm/cool down. This goes miles in making it quite easy for users to enjoy bigger hits, which simply means bigger effects.

Bowls and Pipes

This is a much easier and quicker way of smoking resin. All you need to do is just light it up, inhale and you’re definitely good to go. Bowls and pipes method is as effective as blunts and joints.

However, it might not taste as good because it does not include any paper. For each hit, you normally have to light your bowls. It can be incredible if you need to save the bowl for later use. Nonetheless, it is inconvenient if you are on the outside especially on a windy day.

Resin FAQs

Q: Does resin contain THC / can it get one high?

A: Resin contains less THC compared to actual buds. Plenty of the THC combusts whenever you light it.

Q: Which is the best way to scrap pipe resin?

A: You can use any means necessary to scrape pipe resin. Every pipe is slightly unique. Therefore, you need to get creative. In most cases, the whole thing gets messy. The following are some handy tools when it comes to scraping the resin from a bowl:

  • Smoker’s multi-tool – You can use a smoker’s multi-tool, which is usually incredible for scraping-out resin from a bowl.
  • Parchment paper – It’s incredible to have an amazing disposable non-stick surface whenever you need a place to put place your resin.
  • Lighter – You can try dry hitting a piece a couple of times. It helps warm up your resin thus making it very easy to scrape.
  • Paperclip or Bobby Pin – In this case, you’ll need something which you can blend effortlessly into shape. It lets you scrape around the curves with the utmost ease.


There are different ways of how to smoke resin. Smoking resin is handy on one of those days you are hit financially to afford weed. If such a day comes calling, you need a smoking method that will make you enjoy the most of your resin. The above list of the best way to smoke resin ought to be handy.

Some of the safest means of cannabis administration are ways of smoking cannabis concentrates or extracts. So which is the best way to smoke resin?