how to say marijuana in japanese

How to say marijuana in japanese

Cannabis in Japan
A vocabulary primer

This Kanji is read MA in Chinese and represents two hemp plants hanging upside down from the rafters of a drying shed.

Asa = The Japanese reading for the traditional kanji character for hemp In the post war era, also refers to jute, sisal & flax as well as true cannabis.

Taima = If you combine the character for “big” with the character for hemp, you get big hemp or cannabis sativa. The “official” word for the plant used on law act that prohibits it’s cultivation.

marifana = Common slang adaption of the Mexican/ American word for cannabis.

choko = A modern Japanese slang for weed, kinda like ganja (which is also used)

happa = “Leaf” A common used term used the same way as “weed.”

kusa = “Grass” as in “You got any grass?”

maku = The verb “to roll.” Try “happa o maku” Roll up some weed.

dozo = This is the closest to say “here, take this” as you pass the joint. A polite word used in everyday use.

happachu / happaboke = “Weed junkie,” used a bit lightheartedly sometimes as the suffix also refers for harder drugs.

Definitive research about the history of hemp cannabis in Japan. Traces many uses from Neolitic to modern times. Published in several magazines.

How to say marijuana in japanese

  1. hemp (Cannabis sativa)
  2. marijuana; cannabis吸食大麻xīshí dàmá ― to use marijuana
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  • ( marijuana ) : ( slang ) 葉子 / 叶子 ( yèzi )
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  • IPA (key) : [täimä]

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  • マリファナ ( marifana )
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大麻 • ( daema ) (hangeul 대마)

  1. Hanja form ? of 대마 ( “ hemp, marijuana ” ) .

How to say marijuana in japanese hemp ( Cannabis sativa ) marijuana; cannabis吸食 大麻 ― xīshí dàmá ― to use marijuana Synonyms Edit ( marijuana ) : ( slang ) 葉子 /