how to play weed card game

How to play weed card game

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Weed! card game – Hy version

Bots will come πŸ˜€ I just couldn’t take the time to program them when I started this.

Weed! is an easy-to-learn strategy card game where you and the other players compete to grow the most pot plants.

As you build your garden, you also try to prevent other players from establishing healthy crops. You can plant Dandelions in someone else’s garden, Steal plants and even Bust another player for possession. Five plant cards in your garden closes the round, but watch out for Potzilla who can destroy it all.

###RULES – How to Play

Objective:To grow the most plants in your garden.

Shuffle the cards, then deal each player five cards face down. The remainder of the cards should be stacked face down in the center of the table. Also, each player needs to have a space in front of him (or her) to build a garden. The garden can hold up to, and should never exceed, five cards.

The player to the left of the dealer takes thef irst turn, then play continues clockwise. When taking a turn, select a card from the deck and then either play or discard one card from your hand. If the deck runs out, continue playing without drawing cards. If you cannot play, then you must discard a card.

The round ends when a player has five plant cards in his garden (or all players run out of cards.) Add the number of pot plants in each garden to each player’s score. Keep Playing rounds until at least one player reaches 50 points. The player with the highest score wins. If there is a tie, play another round.

Plant cards hold one, two, three, four, or six pot plants on them (Weed1, Weed2, Weed3, Weed4 and Weed6). Play a plant card by setting it in your garden. If someone has planted a dandelion in your garden, you must first kill the dandelion with the weed killer before adding another plant card. End the round after any player fills his garden with five plant cards.

Dandelion: The Dandelion card can be placed in any garden of your choice. A dandelion in someone’s garden blocks her from having five plant cards and closing out the round.

WeedKiller: Use Weed Killer to remove a dandelion from your garden. After playing this card, discard it and a Dandelion card from your garden. Weed Killer cards can also be used to remove a dandelion from another player’s garden.

Note: Trading cards is not allowed, but a player can use her turn to kill someone else’s dandelion.

Hippie: Place a Hippie card in the garden of your choice on the top of the lowest plant value. If the player has two equally low cards, select only one of the cards for the Hippie. The Hippie smokes the plants on this card, then is discarded along with the Plant card.

Steal: Play the Steal card by placing it next to the garden you wish to steal from. Steal the best weed from it.

Butsted: Bust one of the other players by placing this card next to his garden. Confiscate his highest plant card and discard it. Leave the busted card next to his garden so he can discard it instead of taking his next turn.

POTZILLA wipes out everything in its path. Play this card on someone’s garden and take all of her plant cards and weeds, then discard them with POTZILLA.

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Weed card game written in Hy. Contribute to haskellcamargo/hy-weed-card-game development by creating an account on GitHub.

How to Play


  • Deal each player 7 RESOURCE CARDS and put the remaining RESOURCE CARDS and FACTOR X CARDS face down on the board.
  • Banker gives each player $1000 to start the game.
  • Players lay their RESOURCE CARDS – face UP for all to see.


  • The OBJECTIVE OF THE GAME is to get the most CA$H by turning SEEDS to PLANTS – PLANTS to WEED – and WEED into CA$H.
  • Roll the dice, and take your turn – players can only move forward . Read the square you land on and do what it says.
  • You can buy a Medical Cannabis Card if you land on a Rx square. If you buy an Rx card retain the card when played.
  • Land on HARVEST to turn PLANTS to WEED. Land on SELL to turn WEED to CA$H.
  • Land in the FARM SUPPLY to buy SEEDS – 10 for $100 or PLANTS for $100 each – $2000 spending limit PER TURN .
  • Player has the option to Harvest, Sell or Turn Seeds to Plants and may wait for a bigger return.
  • When you land on FACTOR X – draw a FACTOR X CARD and read it out loud.
  • When you use a RESOURCE CARD turn it in to the Discard Pile – you can only use ONE Resource Card per turn
  • ROLL a 1 or 6 to GET OUT OF JAIL OR PAY $2000.
  • Wait in the square next to the JAIL for your NEXT TURN to move forward.
  • If you get near the end of the game with plants to Harvest, go in the Harvest-Go-Round for guaranteed Harvest.
  • If you get a penalty card (like LOSE 10 PLANTS) and do not have enough to pay the penalty lose UP TO that amount or LOSE NOTHING IF YOU HAVE NOTHING.
  • Be a BROTHER – Keep it on the UP-AND-UP (be honest), cut a guy some SLACK and CHILL. It’s all for FUN!
  • Game ENDS when one player reaches the DISPENSARY. Exact Roll Required to END the Game. (While waiting for an exact roll you cannot re-do whatever the square has on it.)
  • The Dispensary pays $1500 per pound to add to your total.
  • Players can PASS UPthe Dispensary and keep playing for more CASH instead of ending the game – (This is helpful when another player has more cash)
  • Any Player who passes START gets another 7 RESOURCE CARDS and $1000 CASH.

When the game ENDS – Each players ADDS UP THEIR CA$H – Player with the most CA$H WINS.


The fun part about playing WEED the game is that it’s different every time. Here are some strategies to increase your chances of getting the most money in the game.

  1. Buy as many seeds as you can early in the game. Seeds have a higher return than buying plants ($100 worth of seeds can turn into 5 plants which would cost $500).
  2. Late in the game – buy plants instead of seeds. To convert seeds to plants – you have to land on the right square. You don’t want to get to the end of the game with seeds – they are not worth anything.
  3. Always buy a prescription – it will keep you out of jail.
  4. If you can afford it – pay the $2000 to get out of jail so you can get back to the game.
  5. Spend the $2000 limit in the Farm Store every time you can.
  6. Don’t give up – it can take 10 extra rolls to end the game when someone gets close to the Dispensary. Keep playing hard – you can still win the game.
  7. Lots of bad stuff can happen in the game but it does not always determine the outcome. You can lose everything on one turn and still wind up growing a ton of plants for lots of cash. There’s always hope.

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Check us out in the North Coast Journal under Monday 4/20 “4/20″s Back” We attended a Free Speech event in Redwood Park which was blocked from happening last year. We played Weed the Game – the Official Game of 4/20. The cops felt the need to have a heavy presence and gave out 8 tickets for smoking violations. Most people were afraid to REALLY celebrate 4/20

Come check us out at Humboldt Cannifest on April 19th at Redwood Acres Fairgrounds. We have a free tournament all day with prizes!
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I’m gonna grow some weed – Only got $20 in my pocket. Funny Thrift Shop Parody for stoners. “I’m growin great big buds – they look incredible. Got everything.

I’m gonna grow some weed – Only got $20 in my pocket. Funny Thrift Shop Parody for stoners. “I’m growin great big buds – they look incredible. Got everything.

How to Play TO START: Deal each player 7 RESOURCE CARDS and put the remaining RESOURCE CARDS and FACTOR X CARDS face down on the board. Banker gives each player $1000 to start