how to make weed smell better

How to make your weed smell better

If you have ever wondered if it was possible to improve on the smell of your cannabis, then you are not alone. There is an entire sector of the cannabis industry that is dedicated to just that. Whether you are seeking a way to scent the smoke after it’s been inhaled artificially or prefer to boost this characteristic while either growing marijuana, or just before you smoke it, we’ve got you covered. Here you will find three ways to enhance the smell of your cannabis at any stage of its life.

How to strengthen the smell of the buds when you are growing marijuana

If you are seeking methods or ideas that might help you to improve on the scent of your cannabis plants while they are still being developed, then this section is perfect for you.

Begin with a marijuana strain that produces a strong smell naturally. This is the easiest way to grow strong smelling plants that are already known for their ability to provide a scent that you might enjoy.

Use additional nutrients and supplements. There are hundreds of different types of supplements and nutrients on the market that is made specifically to improve the smell of cannabis plants artificially, but many of them remain unproven to make much of a difference. What you need instead is the best base ingredients possible for a living soil as well as other living nutrients and supplements that will help the plant to thrive naturally. Since marijuana will produce higher amounts of terpenes as well as cannabinoids when the plants are fed well, this way is much safer than filling it with unknown products that may or may not work and could potentially cause adverse effects once ingested.

Provide high-quality lighting. The smells that we enjoy so much from cannabis plants are naturally occurring terpenes which take a lot of energy to produce, which is why a good quality light set up is an essential tool for anyone trying to enhance or strengthen the scent during the process of growing marijuana.

How to add smell directly to cured cannabis buds

If you have already cured marijuana flowers that you want to enhance, then this section is where you want to be.

1. Terpene juice/spray
Several different types of terpenes are produced by each marijuana strain, and they are categorized by their boiling points. Light terpenes are some of the most potent and enjoyable scents, but they are also the very first to dissipate as the plant materials are cured. By the time the colas are ready to smoke, there are only heavy terpenes remaining, which will dramatically affect how strong the smell is. Luckily, we have options like terp juices that can come in a sprayable or droppable form, making them easy to apply to a bud immediately before it’s packed into a marijuana pipe or bong.

2. Fruit peels
This method is only recommended for the driest cannabis buds, as the added moisture can increase the risk for mold and other contaminants that will ruin the product. Marijuana plants are not the only type that produces natural oils, and fruit contains many of the same terpenes that we see across the most popular weed strains. This makes the two a perfect combination in moderation. To use fruit peels to enhance the smell of your buds, just add a few to your regular storage container for 24-48 hours. Once you are satisfied with the scent, the peels can be disposed of, and the bud will have a nice additional boost in delicious aromas.

3. Manufactured synthetic bud sprays
Many different man-made sprays are explicitly made for this purpose, but you will want to be careful and choose one that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. Since this portion of the market has yet to be regulated, it is essential to always check the ingredients before buying. This can also be done by purchasing flavored marijuana rolling papers, for a more straightforward way to flavor and enhance the smell of your cannabis while on the go.

How to add smell directly to cured cannabis buds

If you have already cured marijuana flowers that you want to enhance, then this section is where you want to be.

1. Vape
Some people believe that vaping produces absolutely no scent, and that isn’t entirely true. It’s just a much lighter one than you would get from using a marijuana pipe, which makes it much less noticeable. This method also offers the option of additional additives that can change both the taste and the aroma of your marijuana smoke.

2. Add smells directly to the marijuana bud flowers
Most people use these additives to improve upon the aroma of their cannabis, but it can also help to mask the pungent smells carried by cannabis smoke that are typically less than discreet.

3. Blow your smoke through a smoke buddy or sploof
This one is most frequently used by people who live in shared spaces and need to keep their marijuana use privately for one reason or another. There are manufactures options like the smoke buddy that can be ordered on Amazon for around $20, but if you find yourself in a quick pinch, you can always throw together a sploof with regular household items.

How to make a sploof

To make a sploof you will need one elastic, one toilet paper or paper towel tube (empty), and one dryer sheet, or paper towel that’s been infused with some essential oils. Place the cloth over one end of the tube and use an elastic to fasten it into place. Take a draw from your smoking device of choice and exhale the smoke through the uncovered portion of the sploof. This will filter out the marijuana smoke, and make it smell like freshly dried laundry.

Whether you are seeking a way to scent the smoke after inhaling, are growing marijuana, or just want a boost before you smoke it, we’ve got you covered.

Essential Tips For Preserving The Aroma Of Your Cannabis

We provide you with some essential tips for preserving the aroma and the terpenes of your favourite herb. You can actually do a lot in all stages of growing—be it pre or post-harvest, or even beyond that—to avoid a stale smoke that tastes lousy and is harsh on your lungs.


To preserve the aroma of your cannabis, you have to save the trichomes. And by save the trichomes, we mean save your terpenes. Terpenes are what give the cannabis plant its distinctive aroma, and they have many enemies in the world that can destroy them, leaving your buds smelling and tasting dull.

After harvesting your cannabis plants, these volatile compounds begin to degrade, but there are several steps and tips you can follow to avoid this process—or at least delay it. If you get this right, your cannabis buds will actually have a long shelf life, will smell and taste better, and will even have a more potent effect.

Some of these tips even begin while you are still growing your cannabis, but most of them apply to the phases after harvest—and some actually apply to how you use your buds once they are completely cured.

Let’s delve into these helpful tips!


This tip applies to all phases of your cannabis grow; from the growing process and the trimming to the drying and curing. If you constantly touch your plant’s sugar leaves and buds while it’s growing, you will already have lost many trichomes during the process. Your fingers will smell great, but that’s because you’re destroying the trichomes that protect the terpenes.

Avoid too much agitation while trimming as well. Of course, you have to hold something in order to manicure your buds perfectly, but just be gentle with them. The same principle applies to the drying and curing process. Don’t shake the buds in the jars or touch them the whole time as this will only cause the trichomes to fall off, leaving you with a diminished end product.


Before you can harvest, you need to flush your cannabis properly to remove any excess nutrients that have built up during the growing process. This will result in a smoother smoke that burns evenly and tastes better, because the aroma and flavour can cut through more. You can recognise a good flush by the colour of the ash. Light grey or white ash indicates a thorough flushing. Black ash signals otherwise.

The right moment to begin the flush depends on your growing style. If you grow in soil, it is recommended to flush your plants with pure water 2 weeks prior to harvest time. If you grow in a hydroponic setup, you should flush your plants 10 days before harvest. Only with an organic, soil-based growing style do you not have to flush your plants for long. But you must still give them pure water for at least a week prior to the chop.


When your cannabis is ready for harvesting, you have to choose whether you want to “wet” or “dry” trim. Wet trimming means you trim your cannabis plant stalk by stalk directly after harvest and hang them upside down for the drying process. Dry trimming involves hanging the whole plant in the drying room after harvest, then trimming it when it’s dry.

If you want to preserve as many terpenes as possible, you should opt for the wet trimming method. This way, you will save the most trichomes. When you dry trim, chances are you will lose a lot of trichomes because they tend to fall off a lot easier. Plus, you have to really handle the buds to trim them properly.


This step is crucial for getting supreme buds at the end of the process. After you have trimmed your cannabis, it needs to dry to get rid of the moisture in the buds. This will not only prevent trouble with mould and mildew, but will also lead to exceptional aroma and flavour. Light and moisture are the two main enemies here, so dry your cannabis in a cool and dark place that has a temperature of 15–22°C and a humidity level of around 50%. If the temperature is too high (above 26°C), your terpenes will begin to evaporate, which you want to avoid at all costs. This can happen if you dry in hot summer conditions.

How long you have to dry your cannabis for depends on your drying environment. Most growers dry their cannabis for 3–7 days, but there are some that even go 14 days. You will know when buds are ready to be put in jars via the snap test. Regularly check your cannabis stems or twigs. If they snap easily, they are dry enough to proceed with the next step. If they bend, it means they still have too much moisture in them. For more information about drying, check out our comprehensive article on the subject.


Some growers will say that the product is already finished at this stage, but for the best possible aroma, you should definitely go the long way and cure your cannabis properly. This will give it the finishing touch, refining it so that you end up smoking some delicious-smelling and tasting weed.

Moreover, this process will increase the overall potency and cannabinoid effectiveness of your buds. So, don’t skip it! To cure your cannabis, loosely add your buds to wide-mouth mason jars with an airtight seal. If you grow different strains, don’t just put them all together in one jar; separate them to get the most out of each cultivar. Avoid using plastic bags for the curing process. They increase the risk of mould and mildew, and furthermore you don’t want your precious buds to make contact with harmful microplastic particles. What’s more, the buds are mangled together in these bags because of their shape, which will ultimately result in the loss of many trichomes and terpenes.

The temperature in your jars should be approximately 21°C, with the humidity around 60%. There exist several means on the market to ensure these conditions are consistently met, such as humidity packs. For the first two weeks, open or “burp” the jars once or twice a day to exchange air and inspect your buds. You should notice how the smell of your buds enhances over time. After two weeks, your buds should be dry to the point where you can leave them in the jars without opening them all the time. But the curing process still continues. Most growers say cannabis is properly cured after 4 weeks. But some even cure for several months. We have a great article about curing as well.


Even after you have successfully dried and cured your cannabis, there are still some things to consider when preparing and using your buds to achieve the best aroma and smoking experience. Using a grinder will unlock the pleasant aroma of your tight and dense nuggets. Don’t break your buds apart with your fingers like a Neanderthal. This will only make your fingers sticky from all the resin you now have on your hands instead of in your bowl or joint.


Most stoners use normal lighters because they are convenient and easy to come by. But these lighters use butane for their flame. Butane is not only unhealthy, it masks the terpene profile of your smoke. Trust us, you don’t want that! There are several alternatives to lighters. You could use hemp wick or a plasma lighter for a natural taste and less harmful smoke.


For maximum aroma and taste, you should always make sure that you use clean smoking accessories. What we mean is that you should clean your pipes and bongs regularly. Why? Because nothing ruins the aroma of a perfectly dried and cured bud so effectively as a nasty, foul-smelling smoking device. And always go for glass gadgets, for other materials will kill your experience with their unpleasant taste.

If you prefer smoking joints, be sure to select rolling papers made from natural materials and produced without any chemicals or additives. Don’t ruin your aroma and taste with rolling papers that are full of chlorine and taste like newsprint. Unrefined options don’t alter the aroma of your joint. Companies like RAW, Smoking, and others offer several options for you that are thin, natural, unrefined, and even vegan. Some options actually make use of hemp instead of normal paper.

The Royal Queen Seeds Embossed Metal Grinder looks like a million bucks. But the best thing is that it performs as good as it looks!

The Royal Queen Seeds Embossed Metal Grinder looks like a million bucks. But the best thing is that it performs as good as it looks!

Preserving the aroma of your stash is key for smoking fragrant, flavoursome flowers that will delight every stoner. Find out how to save your terpenes.