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Smoke on the Water

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Smoke on the Water

Smoke on the Water




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The #1 medical marijuana dispensary on Vespucci Beach. All 100% legal and purely for medical purposes! VOTE NO ON PROP 208” — GTA V Digital Manual

Smoke on the Water is a pharmacy located on the Vespucci Beach Sidewalk, Vespucci Beach in Los Santos. It sells prescription marijuana for “medical” purposes.


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This business can be purchased by Franklin for $204,000 after completing the mission Nervous Ron, and produces a weekly income of $9,300. If purchased, Smoke on the Water will take 22 weeks to turn a profit over the initial investment.

After purchasing the venue, the manager will occasionally contact Franklin to help run the pharmacy, in the form of product pick-up and delivery missions. Smoke on the Water utilizes a unique Pony, which is slightly faster and can take more damage than the standard variant.

These side missions can be as simple as delivering the van within a time limit, to outrunning the LSPD at a maximum of three stars.


You’re our new owner, right? If not, completely ignore this email, man! If you are, welcome to the marijuana industry, all 100% legal and purely for medical purposes! We’re saving lives!

I’ll let you know if anything comes up, but you don’t have to worry – I run a pretty tight ship.

"The #1 medical marijuana dispensary on Vespucci Beach. All 100% legal and purely for medical purposes! VOTE NO ON PROP 208" — GTA V Digital Manual Smoke on the Water is a pharmacy located on the Vespucci Beach Sidewalk, Vespucci Beach in Los Santos. It sells prescriptionmarijuanafor "medical…

The Families

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The Families












For the gang featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, see Grove Street Families.

The Families are a large African-American street gang in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. They are based around the areas of South Los Santos.


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    • 4.1 Chamberlain Gangster Families (CGF)
    • 4.2 Forum Drive Families (FDF)
    • 4.3 Carson Avenue Families (CAF)
    • 4.4 Davis Neighborhood Families (DNF)
    • 4.5 Grove Street Families (GSF) (formerly)
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The Families have territory in the whole of Chamberlain Hills and Strawberry neighborhoods, and also some parts of Davis. They hold a bitter rivalry with the neighboring Ballas gang and the Los Santos Vagos gang on the southeast side in Rancho. Their signature green attire mainly comes from the support of the colours of the Los Santos Corkers Baseball Team and the Feud Baseball Team. The “Forum Gangsters” may as well support the San Andreas Magnetics as seen by Lamar’s general attires, and the Feud Baseball Team as seen by Franklin’s purchasable clothing. Also it is clear that the “Davis Neighborhood Families” also support the Dust Devils hockey team due to the members of this set seen wearing Dust Devils attire with their logo.


The Families are possibly based upon the Crips gang in South Central Los Angeles, as they control the west side of South LS, just like Crips in real life. They also wear clothing with C’s on them, and wear green because of Rockstar switching secondary colors of Crips and Bloods. The name of the gang however, appears to be a loose reference to the Bloods (“family” and “blood”).

The Families control the entire neighborhoods of Chamberlain Hills and Strawberry, and also the northwest side of Davis. However, Forum Drive and the Crystal Heights projects are particular hotspots for activity. Families have slightly more territory than Ballas. Members are often seen drinking, driving vehicles, walking dogs, engaging in illegal races, standing on the sidewalks and also battling the police or other gangs if they happen to shoot a gun in their turf. They usually stand in groups of 2-10. Their weapons of choice include Micro SMGs, SMGs and Pump Action Shotguns and Assault Rifles (rarely), Pistols, and knives. They are often seen drinking Pißwasser lager and smoking cigarettes or marijuana, while chatting about their gang lives and such.


  • Franklin Clinton
  • Lamar Davis
  • Harold “Stretch” Joseph – OG (Formerly; Deceased)[1]
  • Gerald – Drug Dealer
  • Tavell Clinton(Formerly)
  • Demarcus Bradley – OG (Incarcerated)
  • Stanley(Determinant)
  • Leroy
  • Slim Skills †
  • Tone Sampson
  • Benton Cox
  • Jamal Reynolds
  • Vernon – OG
  • The Boss – OG
  • Andre Barnes
  • Lil Rhino †
  • Darryl Knox


  • Online Player – Friend of Lamar, associate of Gerald and Trevor, and hired gun for The Families and Trevor Philips Enterprises.
  • Trevor Philips – Leader of Trevor Philips Enterprises and friend of Lamar, Franklin and Michael, and associate of the Online Player.
  • Michael De Santa – Friend of Franklin and Trevor, and associate of Lamar.
  • Benny – Friend of Lamar, associate of the Online Player and Vernon and possible associate of The Families.
  • Hao – Friend of Lamar and Franklin, and possible associate of The Families.

There are at least five distinct sets of the Families in Grand Theft Auto V.

Chamberlain Gangster Families (CGF)

The Chamberlain Gangster Families are the largest set. Their territory consists of the entire Chamberlain Hills neighborhood. They are also referred to as “The Hills” or “Killer Hills”. They hang around the Crystal Heights project buildings. They normally wear black, white, or green track jackets with the Feud or Corkers logo in front as well as green, white or black caps. Other members wear black and white tank tops. It is possible, that Chamberlain Gangster Families and are also known as “26 Set”, because this tag can often be seen near other set’s tags. CGF is most likely based on the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips in Inglewood (which Strawberry is based on), as they are the largest set of Families within Strawberry and the Rollin 60’s are the largest Crip set in southwestern Los Angeles. This gang district was mentioned at the mission The Long Stretch. While shooting some Ballas, Lamar will shout “CGF for Life!”. Stretch will also proclaim “This Chamberlain Gangster Families here!”

Forum Drive Families (FDF)

The Forum Drive Families, more commonly referred to as the “Forum Gangsters” are the secondary set of the Chamberlain Gangster Families and also the set of Lamar and Franklin. Ironically, they both founded this set at some point before the beginning of the events of Grand Theft Auto Online. Their territory consists of Forum Drive and possibly the entire Strawberry too. Lamar and Franklin proceed with growing their set who are also known as the “88 Set”.

Carson Avenue Families (CAF)

Hostile to the Chamberlain Gangsters and presumably other sets. Their territory consists of the Strawberry section of Carson Avenue though they sometimes appear in Chamberlain Hills. Members of this set often sport varsity jacket attire with the letter “C” for Chamberlain, which also stands for “Corkers”, the baseball team supported by the gang. Other members wear green, black or white shirts with either the Feud or Corkers logo. Possibly based on Eight Tray Gangster Crips, As they are hostile to CGF, who is based on Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips.

Davis Neighborhood Families (DNF)

Their territory consists of the northwest part of Davis. They currently are at war with the East Side Ballas set, due to proximity of the territories. They are known as “Dirty Davis Devils” or “Davis Devils”. They can often be seen around Chamberlain Set territories (mainly Forum Drive) and sometimes on south and northwest of Davis. Members can be identified by their white, grey, and black sport clothes, many with the word “Davis” on the back. The fronts will have one of three or four Dust Devils (a local hockey team) designs. Some members have a dust tornado in the front of their shirt which is one of the logos for the team. Others wear the normal Families outfits of green plaid shirts, beanie hats, green, black feud caps. Sometimes, when starting a fight with someone from the set, they can be heard screaming: “Davis Gang, bitch!” or “DNFG”. Davis Neighborhood Families could be based on the Neighbor Hood Crip Card, as the Families are based on the Crips and Davis is based on The Neighborhood Card.

Grove Street Families (GSF) (formerly)

Grove Street Families was the largest Families set in 1992. They operated out of Grove Street with a presence in the greater Davis area, mainly in the south and west part. Lamar states that the leaders of the set moved on with their lives and gave up the gang lifestyle. It is suggested that many of them became wealthy CEOS. At some point before 2013 the Ballas took control of Grove Street claiming it as Balla turf after the Grove Street Families set disbanded. The Grove Street set seems to be regarded as the most famous set of all, with Jimmy De Santa asking Franklin if he is from the Grove Street Families set or whether it is a myth during a friendship activity. Franklin explains that it is not a myth and that the set was active in the early nineties referencing the events of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

The Familiesare a large African-American streetgangin Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. They are based around the areas of South Los Santos. 1 Overview 2 Influences 3 Members 4 Sets 4.1 Chamberlain Gangster Families (CGF) 4.2 Forum Drive Families (FDF) 4.3 Carson Avenue Families…