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8 Easy Ways to Intensify Your Cannabis High

Drinkers rarely get higher on one bourbon rather than another brand. Still, the experience ages toward boredom without some change or variety. Trying something top shelf or switching to rye might perk up the experience.

Sticking with the “same old-same old” with cannabis will reduce your high or your perceived high. If you’ve been a cannabis user for some time, you appreciate the value of changing strains and habits. But, novices should consider their options for keeping their experience enjoyable.

8 Easy Ways to Intensify Your Cannabis High

1. Eat a mango every day. Mangoes are a miracle food. Loaded with antioxidants, mangoes reputedly fight occurrences of breast, colon, leukemia, and prostate cancers. Enzymes also smooth skin and treat digestive problems.

Less well known, mangoes will strengthen and lengthen your cannabis high. Myrcene and terpenes produce the fragrance of fresh mango and enter the bloodstream immediately on consumption. When you’re smoking cannabis, the terpenes will trigger the THC whether you have your mango before or after the smoke. Best advice is to eat your mango an hour or two before.

2. Make munchies fishy. Writing in Forbes, David DiSalvo quotes the leader of a University of Illinois study: “the endocannabinoids our bodies produce from omega-3 fatty acids found in foods like fish, eggs, and nuts bind to the same receptors in our immune system as cannabinoids in marijuana, and both trigger an anti-inflammatory response.”

The findings suggest that omega-4 fatty acids reduce inflammation. So, if you have eaten fish, eggs, or nuts before or during your cannabis use, you enhance the impact of THC which also reduces inflammation.

3. It’s tea time. A nice soothing brewed cup of green or black tea is loaded with flavonoids and relaxation. Flavonoids are antioxidants with different chemistry than those usually found in fruits and vegetables.

When the tea does its thing relaxing you and reducing inflammation, it also relieves the cannabis to do other things. As the tea opens pathways, the cannabinoids have a more direct route to producing their effects stronger and longer.

4. Buy it right. Your choice of strain has a key role in boosting your high. It may take some trial and error, but your cannabis with a significant amount of THC. Some medical marijuana and edibles are purposely low in THC.

Indica content will help medical problems and relax you if that’s what you’re looking for. But, the Sativa content should boost and energize. So, over time, you should explore strains with different THC: CBD ratios until you find the effect you want.

5. Smoke it right. If you work harder at preparing your smoke, you can put more effort into a stronger high.

Well-ground or carefully-cut weed will expose more surface. With more surface, it burns more evenly. Then, you can roll your joint without seeds or stems.

6. Eat your way high. It takes a while for edibles to take effect. And, you are not advised to increase your intake. But, you can purchase edibles with a stronger THC potency than usual.

The edible high lasts longer because of the way it is metabolized. Julia Wright at Civilized cautions, “Edibles aficionados know to expect different effects from gummies, elixirs, and baked goods – even when they purportedly contain the same THC content.” So, you should proceed with caution to find the taste and dosing right for you.

7. Take a break. Your cannabis experience may level off after you have been using for a while. When you reach this level of tolerance, you can up the ante with a stronger strain.

Or, you can stop using for a while. Taking a break from smoking or eating will let your system re-establish itself. When you return to cannabis after some time off, you should find your regular stuff is refreshingly new.

8. Try something different. Anything will get old with time. So, you might change your pace. You might pay more attention to your smoking. If you hold the inhale longer, it should increase your rush. And, you must learn to savor what you have instead of smoking it to the quick.

But, you should also consider breaking up your regular smoke with something different. If you prefer the pipe, you might switch to a joint or bong for a few hits. You can consume edibles, dab concentrate, or vape. The idea is just to break up the monotony.

The best way yet

The easiest and smartest way to intensify your cannabis high is to be moderate in your use. Heavy and chronic use will dull or kill the flavor, aroma, and effects.

Some people suggest drinking beer with a toke; certainly, that has been a combination for many young people. Beer will relax and reduce anxiety making room for the THC to do its thing. But, these are inebriants, so you would do better with mangoes and tea.

Others suggest exercising vigorously before or after smoking. The exercise will boost the circulation allowing the cannabis to work even faster. But, that just seems counter-productive.

But, as an overall piece of advice, you would be smart to take a cannabis break with some regularity. If you are a chronic and heavy user, you may have some dependency patterns. If you find yourself increasing your dose or frequency, you may be feeding a dark pool.

So, for many reasons, creativity among them, you might keep a journal of your cannabis experience. It would encourage you to report and analyze the circumstances of the event. You might record the time of day, strain, method, and the social situation. Then, you describe the effect, the high, and the duration.

With an analysis of your own experience in hand, you can shop better and smarter.

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7 Ways To Boost The Intensity Of Your High

Cannabis delivers a powerful psychoactive high. But sometimes, this effect can become diminished or not feel as potent. Here are our 7 tips for boosting the intensity of your high.


You had everything prepared so well. You got your weed, you had your favourite snacks and fresh water standing by. You had your comfy clothes in your comfy place to sit, ready to revisit your favourite music, movie, or YouTube channel. But when you light up, you don’t feel the high you were hoping for. Maybe it creeps up on you. No. This is more mellow and diminished than you expected. This is a frustrating problem to encounter. Whether the quality of your stash is subpar or your tolerance is through the roof, here are 7 ways to boost the intensity of your high.


Hopefully, you really do have a good source for your weed. This will of course be easier if it’s legal through a dispensary or cannabis club where you live. If you live somewhere where your choices are limited, it may still be possible to at least know the name of the strain you’re offered.

This is enough for you to research the cultivar on our site for some general advice. Here, you can also learn about the unique effects of each strain caused by its unique phytochemical profile, including dominant cannabinoids and terpenes. Varying ratios of these molecules induce anything from light and airy highs to deep body stones. You can even get figures on what THC levels to expect. Of course, these traits will vary depending on who grew the strain, and from which seeds. The best thing to do is to experiment until you find the strain that provides the sensations you desire.


When you get your weed home, where do you store it? If you use a plastic container or the baggy you got the weed in, this may spoil the herb’s potency. Plastic can conduct an electric charge, which will fry the THC-rich trichomes on your flowers. Avoid this with a good glass or steel jar.

There are ones with humidity controls built in, as well as ones with removable humidity packs. If you lack these, a simple solution for curing is to leave a peel of orange, lemon, or lime sealed in with your weed for 2 or 3 hours. This will stop your supply from becoming dry, crumbly, and less potent as a result. A dark, cool place is recommended for preserving the quality of your stash.


Maybe you’ve got a good stash and you’re taking care of it. So why is there still a sense of diminishing returns from your weed? By definition, taking anything in excess is bad. If you’re smoking too much cannabis, that can spoil the treat of it. As your body adjusts to having more cannabinoids in its system, your cannabis tolerance improves.

Consider how you can change things up in terms of your cannabis use. Are you in the habit of smoking first thing in the morning? Try abstaining until evening, or at least 4:20pm. Smoke earlier in the day if you smoke too much at night. Don’t smoke with every meal. Observe when you’re smoking and see how you might catch your brain off-guard by changing up the schedule a bit.


Another thing you can adjust is the method by which you’re getting high. Some people like to smoke, but will experience a different sensation when trying different methods. You may prefer the feeling of a high from vaping or a bong hit. This may also be something you dislike. It depends on the individual constitution of each person.

Avoid using your lungs altogether by experimenting with edibles. In general, edibles and dabs are considered two of the most high-potency cannabis products. Proceed with caution.


There are a number of pleasant accompaniments to marijuana that will boost its potent impact. A simple cup of black or green tea contains catechin, an antioxidant that binds with your brain’s CB1 receptors. This will help the soothing effects of cannabinoids come on much more efficiently.

Dark chocolate has a similar effect when containing 72% or more cacao. This will not only act as an antioxidant, it will slow down the breakdown of anandamide, the brain chemical named after the Sanskrit word for “bliss”. This will sustain the length of your high.

Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids will also efficiently synthesise endocannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors. Also, look out for foods with terpenes in them, like THC-boosting myrcene or high-enhancing pinene. Pinene can be found in sage, thyme, and other herbs, while myrcene can be found in mangoes, broccoli, and nuts. If all else fails, a multivitamin is good for you anyway, and improves cellular absorption and the flow of the circulatory system. That will be very helpful for the flow of THC.


You should be looking at how healthy your habits are in general. Your diet can be tweaked to improve the quality of your high. Body fat is where a lot of THC is absorbed and stored. Sometimes this can be slow to release, diminishing the quality of your high. So, a diet and exercise routine that reduces your overall amount of body fat is advisable.

It may mean switching from ice cream to aforementioned dark chocolate. The exercise component is also highly relevant. Not only is exercise good for your overall health, studies suggest it impacts the brain in similar ways to cannabis. It doesn’t just elevate mood, it can actually trigger the release of THC from stored body fat. A 2013 study in Drug and Alcohol Dependence found that a cardio session raises blood-THC levels by 15%.


If you have tried all of this and you’re still not getting high, we feel for you. You’ve optimised your circumstances for intensifying that high and it’s still not happening for you. You should start to consider why you’re chasing the high. Cannabis can enhance our lives in many ways, but it won’t resolve a deep-seated emotional issue. Be honest with yourself about your consumption levels. If you have been over-indulging, maybe over-exposure to cannabis is creating diminishing returns.

It is okay to decide to take a tolerance break from cannabis. See if you can last a month, or several, without any cannabis. The longer you leave it, the stronger your next high will hit you. It is estimated that a month is needed for cannabinoids to completely leave your system. If a tolerance break sounds unpleasant, you can find supports to get you through it. See what your life is like without cannabis. If there’s still a responsible place for it in your life, get back in and feel a more powerful high than before.

Users desiring the most potent psychoactive high from cannabis can follow our 7-step guide to making your high more intense. ]]>