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In this article, we look at some of the best seed suppliers in the game to answer the question, where to buy cannabis seeds. Homegrown Diaries is a unique platform to log all stages of your cannabis growing adventures

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds

Cultivating cannabis is a satisfying and rewarding endeavor. Before getting started, there are plenty of factors to consider, including lights, location, medium, and nutrients. It’s paramount to consider where to buy cannabis seeds.

While all the above are certainly important, there’s one crucial aspect often overlooked, and that’s seed quality. The best way to ensure you’re buying top-quality seeds is to work with a trusted cannabis seed supplier.

Read on to find out what to look for when choosing a cannabis seed supplier. You’ll also find some recommendations for websites featuring some of the best cannabis brands in the USA.

What to look for in a cannabis seed supplier

The most expensive setup and all the nutrients in the world won’t make much difference if you’re using low-quality seeds. The most important factors to look for in cannabis seeds are viability, genetic quality, and stability.

The best cannabis seed providers store their inventory in climate-controlled conditions to maintain high viability rates. Smaller brick-and-mortar establishments or less reputable online cannabis seed suppliers often lack adequate storage facilities. As a result, the viability of the cannabis seeds can be compromised.

The quality and strength of a seed’s genetics greatly affect the growing experience. While it might be tempting to plant those few seeds you found in the bottom of a bag of schwag; the results aren’t likely to be great. Low-quality seeds produce weak, sensitive plants that often fall foul of genetic issues like hermaphroditism or foxtailing.

Choosing a cannabis seed supplier that works with top cannabis brands ensures you’re getting both highly viable and genetically stable seeds with every purchase. In addition, the best cannabis seed providers offer more than just premium products. Expect nothing less than valuable growing tips and advice, exclusive deals, and brand partnerships.

You’ll find recommendations for establishments that go above and beyond just selling seeds in the following sections. These cannabis seed suppliers provide you with everything you need to make an informed purchase and much more.

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An ideal cannabis seed provider is reliable, transparent, and trustworthy. Before choosing where you spend your money, look for a retailer who satisfies these conditions. Consider how long the company has been in business, whether or not they have positive customer reviews, and if they’ve maintained close partnerships with top cannabis brands.

Where to buy cannabis seeds: Three Good Suppliers to Explore

The following three cannabis seed suppliers all provide top-quality cannabis seeds with proven genetics at reasonable prices. While each has a different focus on what they provide, between them, you’ll find seeds from some of the best cannabis brands in the USA.

i49 Genetics

i49 Genetics is a no-nonsense cannabis seed provider that provides a wealth of attractive deals for its customers. Order two or more products from its range of over 400 varieties for free shipping. In addition, i49 runs regular exclusive deals and offers free seeds as part of its BOGO offers.

Use i49 as your cannabis seed supplier, and you’re guaranteed premium genetics and top quality with every purchase. Navigate to its clean, minimalist storefront, and you’ll find seeds separated into categories, making it easy to find the perfect seeds to match your needs.

Whether you’re after sativa, indica, hybrid, feminized, or autoflowering seeds, i49 offers an 80% germination rate guarantee.

On top of providing a huge range of top cannabis brands, i49 offers a wealth of advice on cultivating productive crops of cannabis. Beginners and experts alike should check out the High Gardening Blog for invaluable growing tips and guides for a range of popular strains.

One of the best-selling strains on i49 is its Ultra Violet OG feminized. These seeds develop into bushy, indica-style plants displaying stunning purple coloration.

This spectacular strain delivers high yields of potent, relaxing cannabis that’s ideal for winding down after a tough day. Spark a bowl of the fragrant buds, inhale the smooth floral smoke, lie back, and feel your worries and tension evaporate.

i49 Genetics offers an impressive range of medicinally-focused strains. Among the most popular of these is its CBD Harlequin feminized seeds. This specially-bred cultivar offers a massive 18% CBD while containing a negligible amount of THC, around 1%.

While you’ll need some experience to manage this somewhat sensitive specimen, it’s an ideal option for medicinal users. CBD Harlequin provides significant analgesic qualities without the psychoactive effects associated with THC.

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Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. aims to provide its customers with up-to-date information on all its seeds. In addition to buying seeds, customers are free to join a thriving community filled with discussion on all things cannabis. Join the conversation and engage with other like-minded growers online.

Every seed in Homegrown Cannabis Co’s vast range of options has a dedicated page providing reliable strain info and expert growing advice. You’ll find tips to help you from germination through to harvest, whether you’re an indoor or outdoor grower.

It also has a Homegrown Diaries section, where users post growing journals displaying their progress and providing valuable insight into the cultivation process.

As a highly reputable cannabis seed supplier, expect to find top cannabis brands on offer at Homegrown Cannabis Co. Premium organic strains from cannabis gurus Nikki & Swami sit alongside designer options from Steve DeAngelo, Ricky Williams, and Kyle Kushman. Additionally, you’ll also find Mr. Kushman contributing regular blogs and articles.

One of the most popular seeds for Homegrown Cannabis Co.’s customers is its Shishkaberry Kush feminized seeds. This indica-dominant hybrid boasts astronomical amounts of THC, with buds regularly containing up to 24%.

Afghani genes give this strain incredible resilience, making it easy to grow under all conditions. The deeply fruity flowers deliver a nice balance of mental stimulation and physical relaxation.

Another top seller is Strawberry Cough feminized. Kyle Kushman introduced this sweet sativa to the wider community, and it gained mainstream attention after featuring in the hit movie “Children of Men.”

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My first plant stunted, with less than ideal soil, minor light burn, and a power outage that occurred within the first days of the seed popping (which left it in the dark for about 24 hr), this plant had a rough go. I in.

The plants look awesome man, the only thing I’d suggest is lowering the temperature some how in their environment. 93 is too high and they’ve probably been stressed out because of it.

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Homegrown Cannabis Reviews

I ordered blueberry, blackjack and deelite auto flowers and every single seed produced huge, awesome plants with great yields!! Can’t wait to try some mor.

What is Homegrown Diaries?

Homegrown Diaries is a unique platform exclusively for customers of Homegrown Cannabis Co. It affords cannabis cultivators the ability to document and track their grow cycle from start to finish, factoring in elements such as strain, grow room type, grow medium, light type and start date. Furthermore it is also a digital space for growers across the country to share their experiences and learn from the experiences of other growers.

How to start my Diary?

First, you must sign up for Homegrown Diaries with your Google account or email address, after you have done so, you will need to do the following:

  • Go to the diary icon in the top right of the screen and hit ‘+’ to start your diary
  • Give your diary a name
  • Add the Homegrown Cannabis Co. strain you will be growing
  • Select the date you planted the seed
  • Choose your room type from indoor, outdoor or greenhouse
  • Select the grow medium you will use; soil, hydroponics or soilless
  • Select the type of light you will be using for the vegetative and flowering stages
  • Click “Save” and you are ready to track your grow!

Note: while you can only select 1 strain per diary, it is possible to have multiple diaries at one time.

How often should I update my diary?

We recommend that you update your diary once a week as the diary keeping interface is divided into weeks. Thankfully, uploading your weekly information should be a quick and easy process. Our platform allows you to add images of your plants, what nutrients you’re using and more to really help you track your progress.