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Top 5 – Highest yielding indoor strains

When you begin to grow weed, you will soon find out that high yields are vitally important as they determine whether you will be able to produce enough marijuana for your needs. Of course, quality comes before quantity, but who doesn’t want to harvest a large pile of sticky buds? The yield is not only determined by the growing conditions but is mainly dependent on the genetics of the variety. If you have seeds with first-class genetics and take good care of your plants, huge yields are almost inevitable. So if you want high yields, check our compiled list of our top five highest yielding indoor strains with first-class genetics; all of which are available at Weedseedsexpress.

Highest yielding indoor strains

  1. Big Bud
  2. Power Plant
  3. Super Silver Haze
  4. Blue Dream
  5. Green Crack

1. Big Bud

It is no coincidence that this strain was called Big Bud – the name says it all. Within just 50-65 days of flowering, this 85% Indica will produce an insane amount of buds. They can weigh so much that they can bend the branches and even break them, so make sure you find a way of supporting this green monster. With a flowering time of 7-9 weeks, you should have enough time to prune the plant and achieve even higher yields. Big Bud has a sweet, fruity taste and an impressively high potency.
Whether you grow it indoors in a grow tent or outdoors, you can expect an 85% Indica-dominant, medium-sized plant. Growers should be aware that Big Bud likes moderate temperatures and can fail to thrive in other conditions. In both cases, one thing is sure: your profits will go through the roof.

Big Bud induces a pleasing blend physically relaxing effects with earthy aromas and a spicy taste in the mouth. The high is euphoric, and fits of giggle can be expected. The holistic, relaxing effect on the body is exceptionally soothing, without resulting in couch-lock. Big Bud is perfect for those who like to smoke during the day but want to maintain a certain level of creativity and functionality.

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2. Power Plant

Power Plant is a Sativa-dominant strain that became an instant hit when it hit the market in 1997. You can still find them in many Dutch coffee shops. It is known for its overwhelming high and smooth, soft smoke. It grows very evenly and consistently, which makes it relatively easy to trim for maximum yield. Treated properly, it has reliably impressive yields!

This strain has been in the most select circles for decades, including the Amsterdam ganja elite. According to the cannabis scene, this Sativa creates a stable high that gives it its legendary status. In 2016, Power Plant won three prestigious awards at Canadian cannabis competitions. Not surprisingly, considering their winning genes.

Power Plant is derived from the original South African Sativas and has genes that have remained pure without hybridizing with other strains. Their historical value makes the South African Sativas legends in the Amsterdam coffee shops.
The harvests are spectacular. No wonder, because it’s not for nothing that it bears the name Power Plant. Serious crops of 500-600g / m² can be expected in the grow room. Outdoors, under sunlight, the Power Plant will develop extremely high yields. Both inside and outside, the Power Plant will grow to a height of between 100-150cm. If you enjoy Sativa strains but can’t handle a classic sky-high, this plant will be just the thing.

The Sativa dominance of the Power Plant produces sweet and uplifting highs that make the user stand out. Euphoric feelings are evident, and it is possible to experience personal revelations. Amazingly delicious aromas and flavours round off the experience. The THC content is exceptionally potent; you should only venture into small quantities if you still want to participate in everyday life.

3. Super Silver Haze

Serving a Sativa high of the “highest” quality, Super Silver Haze is an almighty mixture of Haze, Skunk and Northern Lights – in a wonderful super variety! This femme fatale from a plant is pervasive and potent. It blooms for 8-10 weeks, during which it produces a super Sativa high with legendary proportions.

Super Silver Haze really lives up to the “Super” in its name; with its tall growth, plenty of resin-covered buds and beautiful appearance, it is truly an unforgettable sight. To get the most out of this hybrid requires a certain level of skill and experience. Newbies may want to experience a few other varieties beforehand.

When grown in the grow room, the flowering time of Super Silver Haze averages between 8-10 weeks and the yield is in the range of 450-550g / m². When grown outdoors and under ideal conditions, each plant adds more than 550g and will bloom until the end of October.
Super Silver Haze is an all-rounder, it induces an intense high with a great taste and generous yields. It is a variety of undeniable beauty and yet powerful at the same time. Real connoisseurs of Ganja who want a full-blown Sativa experience will not be disappointed with Super Silver Haze.

4. Blue Dream

Our Blue Dream has a legendary status in the USA because it combines the popular Haze and Blueberry genetics. It is also known as Azure Haze. It’s a Sativa-dominant hybrid that originated in California, although its exact origins are a bit of a mystery, as is the case with many types of weed. DJ Short bred the version of Blue Dream by crossing Blueberry FB and Santa Cruz Haze.

Blue Dream first became famous for its medicinal benefits as it can effectively treat chronic pain, headaches, and a range of mood disorders. Its THC range is usually between 18% and 22% and induces a creative and cerebral high, which starts with a rushes and continues to mix intoxicating effects with full-body relaxation. The taste of Blue Dream is sweet with mango, citrus and blueberry notes.

The Blue Dream strain is ideal for novice growers as it flowers in about 7 to 9 weeks and is easy to grow. And as it is a high yield plant, you will be handsomely rewarded at harvest time.

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5. Green Crack

The Green Crack strain was reportedly named by Snoop Dogg himself. It was originally known as Green Cush until the hip hop legend sampled it for the first time and dubbed it ‘Green Crack’. Some sources claim that it was developed by a grower known as Cecil C. in Ohio in 1990.

Green Crack is powerful and can have THC content as high as 25%. Green Crack provides an uplifting buzz that energizes the mind, body and soul. In fact, three years ago, ‘Rolling Stone’ described it as one of the finest weeds of the year calling it the weed equivalent of a strong cup of coffee. For this reason, we recommend using this strain in the daytime, unless you want to be awake all night. Green Crack can be used to combat fatigue as well as treat depression. Smoking Green Crack can also have psychedelic properties and may affect your sense of time.

Green Crack is a Sativa-dominant strain descended from Skunk #1 and an anonymous Indica. The strain has an earthy, musky scent and tropical notes of mango and citrus. Green Crack is a clone-only strain. This means that it is not possible to harvest your own seeds.

Green Crack is ideal for those who are new to the art of growing weed. It can be grown indoors or outdoors and has a quick flowering time of 7 to 9 weeks. Look forward to a monster harvest as you can expect approximately 46 grams per square foot.

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Top 10 Highest Yielding Strains of Marijuana in 2020 (Expert Reviews)

If you’ve ever considered growing your own marijuana, the yield is surely a factor – therefore, you should put one of the highest yielding strains at the top of your shopping list.

As a grower, you’ll likely put a lot of thought into the marijuana you are growing. After all, your goal is to produce the highest yield possible, right? To be honest, there are tons of factors responsible for your yield – it’s not all about whether you choose an indica or sativa strain.

You also need to consider the climate, your grow medium, the nutrients you use, and more. However, the plant’s genetics are some of the first factors you can control when it comes to producing a bountiful crop of weed. We’ll tell you all about the best indoor strain for high yield and potency, as well as the overall highest yielding marijuana strains for you to consider.

10 Top-rated High Yielding Cannabis Strains in 2020

1. Critical Kush

Created as a blend of two infamous strains of weed, OG Kush and Critical Mass, this marijuana strain is known for its light and sweet flavor reminiscent of citrus. It also packs a punch with its strength and is one of the best indoor cannabis strains for high yield and potency.

You do need to be careful growing Critical Kush outside – it’s not one of the high-yielding outdoor strains because it is prone to mold. The buds mold from the inside out rather than from the outside in, so it’s important that you create a setting where humidity can be closely regulated. Greenhouse or indoor growing is preferred, as is heavy feeding in order to ensure bountiful yields.


  • Heavy feeding produces good yields
  • Citrus flavor
  • Produces potent buds


  • Prone to mold when grown outside

2. White Widow

This is easily one of the most popular strains of weed that is easy to grow and has a significantly high yield – but it’s also acknowledged as an high-yielding indoor strain. Created in Amsterdam, White Widow was developed as a cross between landrace strains from Brazil and Southern India. Smokers love its euphoric effects but growers love its high production of buds and resin.

White Widow hasn’t stayed in Amsterdam, however, but is a popular high yielding indoor strain in the world. It is resistant to mold and pests and flowers in just nine weeks or less. It produces its best yields in indoor gardens – once you have your seeds, there’s little else you need to do to care for this White Widow plant. It’s won a ton of awards!


  • Award-winning strain
  • Great for indoor growers
  • Resistant to pests and mold


  • Not as good for outdoor growing

3. Blue Dream

Perhaps one of the most popular sativa-dominant strains that enhance high yields in the United States, this hybrid plant is also known for its big bud strain yield. It produces mildew resistant buds that are flavorful, easy to find, easy to grow, and ample in number. Its buds have a mellowing effect that are also euphoric, a factor caused by its blend of indica and sativa strains of marijuana.

Popular among beginning and expert growers and smokers alike, Blue Dream is one of the best strains for high yield. It is easy to grow and suitable for outdoor farming, too, as it was originally developed for this purpose in California. This plant truly reaches its full growing potential under the sun, responding well to a mild Mediterranean climate.

One of the highest yielding outdoor strains, Blue Dream produces tall, lanky growth but not at the expense of its dense buds. There are plenty of other high-yield marijuana plants to consider, but Blue Dream is a smart choice if you’re looking for a cash crop that requires minimal time and effort to cultivate in just 10 weeks


  • Great for outdoor growing
  • Produces dense buds
  • Mildew-resistant strain


  • Needs a Mediterranean climate outside

4. Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a 90% indica and 10% sativa hybrid. It offers the best of both worlds in that it is one of the strains that produce high yield not only for indoor but also for outdoor growers.

The high from this indica dominant plant offers both long lasting physical and mental relaxation, as the strain has 18% THC. It is easy to grow with the flowering time is just 7-9 weeks and can be ready for harvest as soon as mid-October in many outdoor growing zones.

This high yielding indica dominant strain has a sweet, citrusy smell combined with skunky and spicy undertones. It’s great for producing an uplifting – yet occasionally sleepy – high and produces ample yields of dense buds.


  • Gorgeous bud colors
  • Yields 12-16 oz per 3×3 ft
  • Has a pleasant citrus flavor


  • Needs lots of light

5. Cheese Quake

A combination of Cheese and Querkle strains, Cheese Quake is a high-quality strain with potent yields. It is one of the purest hybrids you will find, taking ideal genetics from both types of plants and using them to strike the perfect harmony between a physical and cerebral high.

The buds have a unique aroma that is not unlike cheese – it’s a sour, funky smell with fruity undertones that is beloved by smokers. It grows quickly indoors and is one of the highest yielding indoor strains overall. It should be topped early on to keep it growing in a bushy shape, but otherwise, it will grow quickly and vigorously, reaching massive sizes without you needing to do very much at all.

However, experienced gardeners recommend utilizing careful pruning and low-stress training (LST) to keep this plant producing epic yields.


  • Great genetics
  • Pleasant aroma
  • Quick grower indoors


  • Needs pruning and LST

6. Purple Trainwreck

Another big-yield and easy to grow marijuana strains designed for outdoor growth is Purple Trainwreck. This strain, also originally from California, is famous as being one of the biggest yielding cannabis strains that also has a relatively short flowering time.

Created as a hybrid between Trainwreck and Mendocino Purps, this blend has the smell and effects of Trainwreck with the resilience and productivity of Mendo Purp. It provides consumers with a long lasting and uplifting euphoric high and is a great strain for beginning smokers looking for mellow user experience from their pot.

This strain is easy to grow outside or indoors in a grow room and has a flowering time of just eight weeks. It’s a great option for people who want to harvest their buds in early fall but need to grow in a light-deprived setting or in a greenhouse.


  • Great for light-deprived setting
  • Resilient and productive strain
  • Short flowering time


  • Not the best overall high

7. Critical Mass

Critical Mass has a similar lineage to other high yield plants like Big Bud. This plant is one of the newest, most modern cannabis strains you will find – and it’s perfect for weed growers seeking a bountiful harvest.

Critical Mass produces plants that develop thick, chunky colas. In fact, you might need to stake them because they are so heavy. Best for the indoor grower, this plant produces some of the purest and heaviest buds that are perfect even for commercial growers. Additionally, it is also very easy to grow and easy to clone

Unlike White Widow, Critical Mass is not very mold-resistant, so it’s recommended that you grow it indoors. However, if you have the space, it will be well worth the effort – this plant produces buds that reek of lemon and skunk with slightly sour undertones. It will give you the perfect knockout high.


  • Flowering time is just 45 days
  • Produces up to 750 g/m2 when grown indoors
  • Offers a knockout high


  • Needs to be staked

8. Big Bud

Known as one of the original strains that produce high yields, Big Bud is a combination of Skunk #1, Northern Lights, and Afghani strains. An indica dominant strain, this option has a bushy growth structure similar to that of other common indica strains. It can be grown indoors and outdoors, but is often regarded as the best indoor strain for yield and potency because outside, it can be prone to bud mold.

This plant absolutely thrives in heat and dry weather, and given those conditions, is one of the high-yielding plants. It produces huge buds that can barely hold themselves up along with sweet, subtle, hashy flavors. Watch out for the munchies with this strain of cannabis!


  • Flowering time is just 9 weeks
  • Produces a mellow high
  • High yield – booster for breeding other hybrids


  • Prone to mold outside

9. Chronic

Another strain of 2020 with an impressively high yield is Chronic. A combination of different strains that have incredibly high yields like Northern Lights, Skunk, and AK-47, seeds from this plant develop into beefy adults with lateral limbs that produce large, dense flowers. Mature plants also have single main top colas.

One of the highest yielding outdoor strains for dry climates, this plant is also one of the best for indoors. You’ll be rewarded with some of the heaviest buds with harvests up to 650 g/m2 inside. It produces lots of resinous buds with sugary effects. When you smoke Chronic, you’ll enjoy a drowsy, soothing effect.


  • Flowering time is just 8 weeks
  • Available in regular and feminized seeds
  • Can be grown indoors or outside


  • Needs to be pruned indoors

10. Pineapple Express

A pungent sativa hybrid native to Hawaii, Pineapple Express is now known by growers and users all over the world. It combines two of the biggest yielding weed strains, Skunk and Big Bud, to produce a high-yielding strain with a fruity flavor. Plus, it has a super-short flowering cycle.

Pineapple Express grows to medium-tall heights as a 60/40 blend of sativa and indica strains. It feeds heavily on nutrients and also does well when growers utilize tactics like topping, super-cropping, and LST.

This plant has a big bud strain yield, producing more than 450 g/m2 when given the right conditions indoors. When grown outdoors, it’s also one of the best outdoor strains for high yield and can produce several pounds per plant. Just keep in mind that you may need to stake the plants to keep the heavy buds from tipping the plant over!

With aromas ranging from fruity to musty, skunky to pineapple, this cannabis strain gives users a great head high and a powerful full-body buzz.


  • Gives a great full-body high
  • Yields big, heavy buds
  • One of the best indoor strains for high yield


  • Heavy nutrient feeder

11. Super Silver Haze

With a skunky, citrusy aroma, Super Silver Haze is a high-yield sativa-dominant strain you’ve got to consider. This strain of marijuana is 10% indica and 90% sativa hybrid, so it has the ability to boost your mood with its potent aroma.

It has less than 1% CBD, so Super Silver Haze is not likely to chill you out. However, Super Silver Haze has the potential to provide a serious feel-good high that will keep you energized and moving all day long. You’ll feel motivated and creative when you smoke this blend.

It’s a bit more challenging to grow Super Silver Haze if you are a beginner. When you’re growing Super Silver Haze indoors, you’ll need lots of light. However, it does very well in a hydroponic set-up. These feminized seeds flower when they receive less light per day, ideally by manipulating the light cycle indoors.


  • High potency and long-lasting
  • Boosts energy and excitement
  • Good smell
  • Hard to grow

Buyer’s Guide: How to Produce the Biggest Yields?

Starting with one of the high-yield strains is a great place to start if you’re looking to grow the heaviest, densest buds. What sets a high yield strain apart from its peers? It’s one that has been bred selectively for heavy harvests. These often have more resilience to certain environmental conditions and are more focused on production than anything else.

However, there are other factors to consider as you set out to grow one of the highest yielding marijuana strains, too.

Nutrient Solution To Produce The Highest Yields For Your Marijuana Garden

Regardless of whether you are growing your pot plants outdoors in the round or indoors, you need to make sure you have plenty of nutrients to support the development of your plants. High yield strains need more nutrients than other strains – they are heavier with more plant matter to produce. Make sure you add the fertilizers your plants need for success.

How To Adjust The Perfect Lighting for The Biggest Yied?

If you’re growing outdoors, you may not have a lot of control over lighting unless you are growing in a greenhouse. However, when producing marijuana indoors, make sure you invest in a high-powered light that will provide your plants with a minimum of six hours of sunlight each day – more is obviously better, especially during certain periods of your plants’ growth.

Harvesting Time & Techniques: When And How To Harvest Your Yield?

A big mistake that many novice growers make is harvesting a cannabis plant before it has yet to reach its full maturity. It can be tempting to start harvesting and processing buds as soon as you start enjoying an ample harvest – but wait! The best could be yet to come.

Why Should You Choose One of the Highest Yielding Seed Strains in the World?

Whether you are hoping to make money with some of the high yield strains or you just want to grow plenty of weed for you and your friends to enjoy, you’ve got to consider one of these strains that produce high yield.

Not only will you get more bang for your buck, but you’ll begin to truly enjoy the overall growing process, too. Happy growing!

Growing Fundamentals: How To Choose the Correct Equipment (new paragraph)

The correct equipment will nurture and ensure your strain’s health status, which is why it is critical to choose the best equipment available. As to choosing the equipment, it is best to do thorough research first from Soil Testers , Garden Sprayers , Hydroponic Systems , and other important appliances for you to be knowledgeable about what type of apparatus is best to use in your situation, climate, and environment.

However, solely depending on equipment even if it is of the premium class will not guarantee the best results if you do not consistently monitor your strains. As a Gardener, you must also do your part in order to successfully achieve high-quality strains.

Want to get high-quality cannabis seeds that produce high yields and potent? Consider these ten highest yielding strains in 2020. Read on for more!