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7 Amazon Seed Collections That Take the Stress Out of Choosing Plants

The possibilities for your garden are endless. Make it easier to know where to start by getting a pre-curated bundle of seeds.

Before you can start your garden, you need to decide what you’re planting first. If deciding on plant seeds is the most stressful part of gardening for you, these seed packet sets on Amazon are a good option to consider—all you need to decide on is what type of garden you want. Whether you just want a good variety of flowers or have a more specific theme like herbs, vegetables, or gardening by color, you can find a seed bundle that makes starting a garden easy.

Seed Needs Milkweed Seed Collection

Milkweed plants are key for monarch butterflies—milkweed is their host plant, which means those are the plants that they lay their eggs on and primarily feed on. Make sure butterflies have plenty of space and food by planting multiple types of native milkweed in your garden. This collection includes six different seed packets filled with non-GMO milkweed seeds. In a time when the monarch population is dwindling, adding these seeds to your garden will give butterflies a sanctuary where they can thrive.

Botanical Interests Bees, Butterflies, and Hummingbirds Flower Seed Collection

Pollinators are the only reason why we have fresh fruits and veggies on our tables. So, why not cater your garden to benefit the pollinators? There are certain colors and varieties of plants that attract them. This collection of seeds focuses on the plants that pollinators prefer. Cosmos, hollyhock, and zinnia are just a few of the 12 flowers in this bundle.

Exotic Vegetables Grow Kit

Tired of growing the same basic vegetables each year? Look for veggie varieties you’ve never heard of before. This grow kit box is a one-stop shop for unique, exotic vegetables you can grow in your backyard. Not only do you get four types of vegetable seeds, but you also get everything you need to start your garden: planting pots, potting soil, and plant labels. Nature’s Blossom has 10 other themed grow kits you can try, too.

Botanical Interests Edible Petals Flower Seed Collection

Edible flowers can be the perfect garnish on a spring dessert or something to stir into a summer cocktail. Take out the question of which flowers to grow with this collection of seed packets. You get 10 packets in the set, including nasturtium, viola, and bachelor’s button.

Herbal Tea Seeds Variety Pack

You can grow your own herbal tea if you know which herbs to plant. This bundle of seed packets makes it easy to grow herbs that you know will taste good seeped together in a cup. This pack comes with seven seed packets: lemon balm, peppermint, chamomile, coneflower, lavender, bee balm, and catnip. All are perennials besides chamomile so they will come back year after year.

Sow Right Seeds Herb Garden Seed Collection

You’re going to need a bigger pot—these herb seeds come in bundles of 11 or 25 with no repeats. You can grow these herbs indoors or outdoors. Since they are non-GMO seeds, you can be sure that the herbs are safe for you and your family to put in your meals. Get the smaller set to start with the basics, or branch out and get more unique varieties with the packet of 25 herbs.

Botanical Interests Purple Passion Flower Seed Collection

If you’re wanting to start a garden with a color theme, try this set of 10 purple flowers. These showy ornamentals will keep your garden feeling cohesive without being boring. Honeywort, poppy, and morning glory bring in different hues lilac, lavender, and plum.

It’s easy to get into a rut when it comes to choosing seeds. By choosing a collection of seeds, you may come across varieties you love that you would have never picked on your own. You can have an herbal tea garden or a pollinator garden with one order from Amazon—just provide the dirt.

The possibilities for your garden are endless. Make it easier to know where to start by getting a pre-curated bundle of seeds.