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New York Chefs are Going Nuts for. Hemp Leaves?!

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New York City chefs are tossing hemp leaves in salads and meat dishes for a refreshing flavor.

“It’s in the vein of parsley or mint,” says Andrew Whitcomb, executive chef at Nordic-inspired café Norman, whose young-lettuce salad combines hemp with speckled lettuce and endive.

You can also find hemp leaves as a sautéed side at New American staple ABC Kitchen, draped over Ibérico pork at small-plates bistro Estela, and, yes, even in salad mixes at Whole Foods locations in the Northeast.

Unlike cannabis, hemp contains almost none of the high-inducing chemical in marijuana. But it is packed with nutrients, making it a bona fide superfood: The seeds are full of amino acids and contain a 1-to-3 ratio of omega-3s and omega-6s (a balance that may help reduce inflammation), and the leaves boast “five times more protein than lettuce,” says Daniel Dolgin. As co-owner of JD Farms in Eaton, NY, he runs the first farm certified to grow hemp legally in New York in more than 80 years.

“The leaves have good levels of magnesium and iron,” says Dolgin. “They’re comparable to kale.” Now, that’s what we call fine herb.

New York City chefs are tossing hemp leaves in salads and meat dishes for a refreshing flavor. “It’s in the vein of parsley or mint,” says Andrew Whitcomb,

Infuse Your Diet: 12 Benefits of Eating Raw Hemp Leaves

Wellness Benefits – Raw Hemp Leaves are dense in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals

Eat them Raw – New York chefs are replacing arugula with raw Hemp leaves in salads

Blend it up – Can be blended using our “Green Dream” Hemp Smoothie recipe

The Hemp Plant is truly the Giving Tree of the agricultural world. Every part of this amazing plant can be harvested and put to good use:

Hemp Seeds are dense in protein and nutrients

Hemp stalks, stems and flowers can be made into CBD Oil with therapeutic benefits for mind and body

Hemp fibers are used to make durable clothing, textiles and biofuel

With all these benefits, what about the raw Hemp leaf? Good as it is for making rope, this up-and-coming superfood can be eaten like Kale or any other dark leafy green!

Despite sounding a bit odd, raw Hemp leaves are not only edible, but they contain impressive benefits to upgrade, enhance and optimize your wellness.

Go Raw: 12 Benefits to Know

Raw Hemp leaves contain 5 of your 24 daily essential nutrients and vitamins: Magnesium, Iron, Folate, Vitamin C and Vitamin K. Hemp leaves also…

#1. Contain 5x More Protein than Lettuce

Contrasted to Kale which has four times more protein than lettuce and is considered a powerhouse superfood, this is rather impressive.

#2. High levels of Magnesium and Iron

Both of these constitute 2 of your 24 essential nutrients helping oxygen move through the blood.

#3. Contain Folate

One of the B-vitamins helping to repair and produce DNA throughout the body by making red and white blood cells in bone marrow

#4. Rich source of Vitamin C

Enhances immune function and cell health.

#5. Also contains Vitamin K

Supports reduction of blood clotting by helping the body absorb calcium.

#6. Good flavor

New York chefs have compared the taste of raw Hemp Leaves to parsley and mint. Some chefs are now swapping arugula for raw Hemp Leaves in salads to provide that peppery complexity and kick.

#7. Contains CBDA

Also known as Cannabidolic Acd, research indicated that CBDA has potential to reduce nausea and vomiting with additional anti-inflammatory properties for less-achy joints.

#8. Rich in Terpenes

Terpenes are aromatic oils found in Hemp that give you an earthy, fresh scent with anti-inflammatory benefits of their own.

#9. Source of Chlorophyll

Infuses your wellness with anti-bacterial, skin healing and energy-boosting benefits.

#10. Bountiful in Fiber

Enhances your body’s digestive functions and promotes healthy weight loss.

#11. Zinc Dense

Medical News Today states the Zinc mineral supports wound-healing and is vital for “healthy immune function and correctly synthesizing DNA.”

#12. Phosphorus Detoxification

Helps build strong teeth and detoxify your kidneys.

The Difference Between Raw and “Dried” Hemp Leaves

You can purchase Raw or “Dried” Hemp Leaves, but which is better? Here are the facts…

Raw Hemp Leaves…

healthier, and non-psychoactive

synonymous with “Raw Cannabis Leaves”

contains 5 of your 24 daily essential nutrients and vitamins that are destroyed via high heat in Dried Hemp Leaves

can be labeled as “Heated Hemp Leaves/Buds”

traditional approach to consuming Cannabis

converts CBDA to CBD through a process called “Decarboxylation”

What is Hemp?

is a plant from the Cannabis Sativa specie grown in the northern hemisphere that takes 3-4 months to mature.

is not marijuana.

is the female version of the Cannabis with low THC, marijuana is the male with high THC.

Contains naturally-occurring CBD, bringing balance to your mind and body without exerting a psychotropic effect.


have been harvesting Hemp plants for over 4,000 years for the natural relief it can bring to all kinds of ailments.

The 2018 Farm Bill has allowed the full range of Hemp’s health and wellness benefits to be explored for the first time since it’s ban in 1937.

Hemp Leaves for Vegans

For vegans and vegetarian consumers, the vitamins and minerals contained within raw Hemp leaves satisfy a need that can be difficult to fill otherwise. Dense levels of plant-based protein and omega-3 fatty acids qualify Hemp leaves as an acceptable source for these plant-based lifestyles.

How to Make a Raw Hemp Leaf Smoothie

We nicknamed it “The Green Dream” because it includes a “dream team” of green superfoods.

The “Green Dream” Smoothie

Keep these tips in mind…

Blend, don’t juice – Juicing raw Hemp leaves reduces CBD content

Opt for Fresh over Dried for less THC – Also, keep it organic

Add fruits and vegetables to mask bitterness

Handful of Ice Cubes

8 Large Raw Hemp Leaves

1/2 Lemon (Squeezed)

1 Large Avocado

A little parsley (no stalks)

Handful of blueberries

Add ingredients to blender

Switch on and blend till smooth

Pass smoothie through a sieve for added smoothness

Enjoy, and remember you are awesome!

The healthy fats infused in Avocado provide a creamy base for the bitter taste of Hemp leaves to sit in

Blueberries and Fuji Apple give you an enjoyable experience with antioxidant effects for free-radical protection

Adding raw Hemp leaves helps replace sugar-rich fruits, while not bad in moderation, can certainly be overdone and hyper-concentrated if they are the only base ingredient

The combination of these ancient superfoods promote gut health and cleaning with beneficial properties for skin rejuvenation and mental clarity

Try adding ginger and turmeric to help introduce key enzymes to aid digestion, relieve nausea and reduce inflammation

Hemp protein powder is a popular substitute for soy protein isolate, but if you’ve been turned off from the texture or haven’t been able to find a brand that works for you, using raw hemp leaves is a good workaround to get those vital nutrients

Final Thoughts

Hemp Leaves…

can be eaten raw and supply the body with vitamins and minerals


Opt for Raw over Dried


Make the Green Dream Hemp Smoothie for an infusion of pure natural goodness! You can even infuse the Green Dream with Full Spectrum CBD Oil for added Terpenes and Cannabinoids.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Please contact us with any questions.

To your health,

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The leaves of the Hemp Plant naturally contain Magnesium, Fiber, Vitamin C and MUCH more! Infuse your diet today!