hay smelling weed

after curing weed smells like hay?


Take all veg off flower. Before hanging

Dry in darkness, colder the better down to low 60’s no humitity.

Dry till Stem crack and dosent bend then but away for cure.

light is the enemy after harvest


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Hmm.. If your growing Greenhouse Seeds or some inferior genetics, then you might not be able to get any smell at all. How are your genetics?

My gear st8 off the vine will be chem funk, kerosin fuel, or pineapple skunk piss, whatev. I used to think that all herb needed a “cure” to get that chem, skunk, sweet, or hashy smells and tastes. Not so.. Granted it helps a lot and helps the breakdown process.. But it all comes down to genetics, imvho..

I would def. flush for 2 weeks prior to harvests.. Allow for a slow and long dry with all the leaves on the plant, if ya want, you can cut the large fan leaves only. I allow for a min of 14 days to about 21 days for drying. I do not remove anything from the plant during this time. Once stems crack, I jar up and ready. Burp as will..

I had to make a separate small drying room to achieve optimum conditions in my environment. We go thru all this trouble with expensive nutes, lights, fans, bloom & veg boosters, etc., to have an amazing final product, why skimp on the drying room.. .02


When I’ve not immediately trimmed, much of the smaller leaves dry extremely close to the bud. This makes it very hard to trim later and kind of gives it an outdoors look. Like someone had too much work to trim very well.

Do you just leave the buds like this and smoke those trich covered leaves on the bud in spite of a loss of bag appeal? It also seems like more crystals fall off when handling dried buds.

all due respect and thanks..

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Genetics? Please . . .

I couldn’t disagree more.

Especially with you purpleberry “crap genetics to a master and get crap” – :rofl

Quality caretakership of even middling genetics can easily produce great pot.

The genetics of a particular cut might determine whether a plant is suited to outdoors or indoors, gets strectchy or not, internode spacing and lateral growth profile, and, most importantly for med users, the ratios of CBN and CBD, among whatever dozen other cannabinoids there are, and THC, within the flowers themselves.

But – like so many things – it is not even close to the end of it. The temperature, pests, light spectrum, fertilizers, flush method, and grow medium all play just as important a role as ‘genetics’ – after all – the environment is what determines the expression of those genetics.

The genetics don’t determine that chlorophyll, improperly broken down, smells like hay. This is ‘genetic’ only in the sense that it is universal among the species.

ANY cut of marijuana, improperly cut, dried, and cured, smells like hay.

It’s not your seed source, it’s your cure method.

First of all – if it’s bagseed, that means, more likely than not, some cartel grew it in a national forest somewhere for commerical sale – with genetics designed for commerical output – these guys aren’t dumb – and the cartel scene is re-tooling all operations south of the border to meet “medical” demand – so your genetics are probably alot better than you might imagine on first blush – even if the herb you took the seed from wasn’t that good.

Anyway – I can’t even count the number of great grows I started from bagseed – let alone the number of times my friends have. Dozens and dozens of great crops in my lifetime . . .

Look virgil – there are dozens and dozens of excellent cure tutorials out there.

Fire up your search function and, most importantly, BE PATIENT.

This is a bitch – after waiting four months for the nugs the final three weeks to cure KILLS me too – but you really gotta take your time here.

Don’t underestimate the amount of time the buds need to hang before they can go in jars. This is the most critical step in the organic breakdown that gives us that smell we all crave.

A good quality cure – devoid of all hay smell – will take at least two weeks for popcorn, and up to three and a half for big colas.

after my last harvest i hung it for 5 days (popcorn sized buds) cut them off the stems threw them into a paper bag for a day then threw them into a jar for…

This Is Why Your Weed Smells Like Hay..

When people start growing weed they’re usually focused on growing big, dank, delicious smelling buds.

And if you’re doing it right, you’ll definitely be able to smell that distinctive marijuana scent. (Check out carbon filters if you want to make sure nobody else can smell it).

But you might notice that right after you harveset your plants and start to dry/cure your buds, they have a distinctive hay smell.

Don’t worry. Your weed isn’t ruined. That beautiful dank smell will come back in a few weeks.

The reason your weed smells like hay is because it was recently harvested and still has chlorophyll in it. Once the plant dries out completely the chlorophyll will break down and the hay smell will naturally go away.

How to Avoid the Hay Smell

If you want to avoid the hay smell issue entirely, the best method is to dry your plant as slowly as possible.

The optimal conditions for drying and curing your plant are:

  • 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 60% relative humidity
  • Complete darkness
  • Fan gently moving air around without directly blowing over the buds
  • More time

One of the biggest things you can do to avoid the smell of hay in your freshly chopped bud is to let it dry for as long as possible.

When you dry too quickly, either by having high temperatures, low humidity, or fans blowing directly on the weed, you’re preventing the chlorophyll from breaking down and leaving the plant.

When the chlorophyll gets trapped inside of the plant it leaves a strong hay smell and the only thing you can do then is wait it out.

How Long Until My Weed Stops Smelling Like Hay

The good news isthat the hay smell will go away. But depending on how quickly the weed was dried and cured will affect how long the hay smell lingers.

Typically the hay smell in cured weed will go away within 2-4 weeks.

It’s very rare for the smell to linger past a month but if it does, just keep waiting. Eventually it will go away and you’ll be left with dank, glorious buds that are ripe and ready to smoke.

When people start growing weed they're usually focused on growing big, dank, delicious smelling buds.