growing cannabis with t5 lights

Using T5 Grow Lights for Cannabis

T5 Grow Lights & Other Fluorescent Tubes

A few years ago, growers usually only used fluorescent tube lighting as a supplemental light for cannabis plants, or for young seedlings and clones only.

In recent years, we’ve seen the creation of new high-light-output versions of fluorescent grow lights which can actually be used through the entire vegetative stage.

Some growers even use fluroescent grow lights such as the T5 successfully to flower their plants (if the plants are kept short/small enough through growth control methods).

In general, I recommend changing to stronger grow lights like LEDs or HIDs for the flowering stage because they will usually give you double or more yields/watt of electricity. Unless you keep your plants very small, they will need more light to produce buds than a fluorescent light can usually produce. If you’re in a dire situation where your plants have grown too big and you can’t afford to get a different type of light, you can supplement your fluorescent tubes with additional light, for example you could supplement their light with a few CFL(compact fluorescent light) bulbs wherever you notice any “shadowy” areas. This is only a minor fix – the real fix is to grow very short plants or upgrade to a bigger light for the flowering stage.

Training plants to grow very short will produce the best yields with T5 grow lights

The biggest problem with fluorescent tubing is that the light that they give off is only useful for about a foot or so. That’s why they’re kept so close to your plants.

T5 grow lights should be kept as close as possible without burning your plants.

Any part of the plant that is further away then 1-2 feet from the fluorescent grow lights is not getting an optimum amount of light, especially in the flowering stage when plants need a lot of light to produce buds.

With the new high output lights such as the T5, fluorescent lights can be used until the plants are about 24 inches tall, which is just enough to grow a very short plant through to the flowering stage when you control your marijuana plant’s growth through the vegetative stage.

The great thing about fluorescent grow lights is that they don’t get very hot, and they can usually be kept 1-4 inches from the tops of the plants at all times without having to worry about burning your cannabis leaves or buds.

The other great thing about fluorescent lights is that they are usually relatively low powered and won’t make a huge mark on your electricity bill.

There are many different levels of fluorescent grow lights including the T5, the T8 and the T12. I strongly suggest sticking with the T5 style of fluorescent grow lights for cannabis because they give off the most amount of light for the size, and are specifically designed to be able to support taller plants up to 24 inches.

If the temperature is under control they can be kept as close as an inch or two away.

For optimal results, for vegetative growth choose fluorescent light bulbs that are labeled either as “Cool White” or “Cool” colored (also labeled as “6500k” colored).

For flowering, choose bulbs that are “Warm White” or “Soft White” colored (usually labeled as “2500K” or “3000K”).

Example of a ScrOG (Screen of Green) Grow Under a T5. Using a screen can be an effective way to create a flat, table-top shape to take the best advantage of T5 grow lights

However, you can use either type of lights during either stage and still get good results. People also use “Daylight” (5000K) bulbs with success.

If possible, opt for bulbs labeled as “High Output” (HO). This ensures that you’re getting the most lumens (light) from your bulbs. But any T5 bulbs will work – hundreds of cannabis growers have the harvests to prove it!

Fluorescent lights like the T5 can be used to grow a cannabis plant from seed to harvest, but it may not be a good choice for the flowering stage unless you train your plants. Learn more!

T5 Grow Lights for Seedling – 10 Best Led Grow Light Reviews 2021

Last Updated: Nov 30 2020

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Information About Best T5 Grow Lights

Are you a marijuana and cannabis garden owner? Do you love your garden? And you want make a healthy yield of cannabis and marijuana production indoors providing it with the appropriate artificial grow light fixture.

Main nutrients needed for growing weed are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Hence the entire process of growing marijuana and cannabis can take place under artificial lighting system using t5 grow lights.

Long time ago, growers were only dependent on natural way of growing weed. But as the technology advances, it provides you with so many other best ways to carry out the grow process, which are much more convenient and simple.

Using T5 grow light is the best way to grow marijuana and cannabis or other variety of plant from vegetable seeds to any delicate breed of flowers.

T5 grow lights are tube shaped bright lights having a diameter of 5/8 inch. Why these lights are known as t5 lights because they are tube shaped and t stands for tube.

T5 grow lights are effective and as bright as sun,these lights saves you’re spending on electricity bills and are economical. You can get any size of light depending upon your type, Purpose and size of garden. T5 lights can be a little tough to use for some who are unaware of its features fully.

Growing weed indoors by yourself can make you face various problems. Primary step that you need to keep in mind is about its setup concerning where the lights should be hanged, which direction should it be hanged, at what height should it be hanged.

Before you start using t5 grow lights for your garden make sure you nicely study its basic characteristics like, which color of light to use, its temperature, which direction should it be hanged and light cycles are some of its usage qualities that need to be kept well in mind which helps you to grow your crops well.

T5 grow lights are considered the best for growing cannabis and marijuana because its high spectrum bulbs produce a blue color florescent light similar to the sun during long summer days.

Table of Products

  • Jump Start 4
  • Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLT22
  • Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLT24
  • Durolux T5 Ho DL844s
  • VIVOSUN T5 4ft Grow Light
  • Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLT28
  • Hydro Crunch T5
  • Durolux T5 HO Steel
  • Hydroplanet T5 2ft
  • Compact Kitchen Tabletop SunLite174

Jump Start 4 Best T5 Grow Lights system

Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLT22 T5 Grow Lights 2ft System

Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLT24 T5 Fluorescent Grow Light

Durolux T5 Ho DL844s High Output T5 Grow Lights

VIVOSUN T5 4ft Grow Light 54W Growing Lamp System

Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLT28 2 Foot T5 Grow Light

Hydro Crunch T5 96-Watt High Output Fluorescent Grow Light

Durolux T5 HO Steel Reflector Series 600W High Intensity LED Grow Light

Hydroplanet T5 2ft 4 lamp 600W High Intensity Florescent Grow Light

Compact Kitchen Tabletop SunLite174 Indoor Garden 2 T5 Light

Jump Start 4

#1. Jump Start 4 Best T5 Grow Lights system

Review Summary

Jump Start 4′

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It comes as no surprise that growing their own marijuana using indoor hydroponics techniques instead of traditional soil-based methods has become very common.

In the absence of sunlight grow lights play a critical role in the grow process. All that we need to have our own weed production is a good hydroponic system and a proper light set up.

Jump start 4 t5 grow light is the best T5 grow light for any stage of growing. Hydro farm t5 jumpstart 4 not only makes your grow easy. But it gives success in your grow crop by crop as your start the process. This light is particularly helpful in growing indoor plants and flowers.

This jumpstart t5 grow light comes in pieces which you need to assemble before you start using. Its long lasting setup can help you grow yield for long. This light by hydro farm has been designed in the easiest possible way. You can use or remove if you done growing your crops.

While using jumpstart T5 grow light, make sure you keep a thorough check at every stage of the growth period. Adjust its height as per your requirement to keep your grow healthy.

Jumpstart T5 light emits some amount of heat through light, so it’s mandatory to keep the plants well adjusted to light and heat in all ways. If the light is placed too close to the crop excess of heat can affect the crop in a bad way.

Jumpstart 4 T5 light is a light that functions well and power the growth in your plants. So far as what we have reviewed is people who have been using this light have not faced much problem, the only downside of this light is its plant room size.

This T5 grow light is less ideal for large grow or plant rooms which are very narrow. This is the perfect choice for those who have the right size of plant room for its usage. Thus we include this into best t5 grow lights list.

If you are a keen indoor Marijuana grower then, you should definitely try your hands on this advanced t5 grow light full spectrum grow lights.

Using this version of t5 grow light in a unfavorable environment can prove to be less effective as then u need to consider various other factors hampering the grow which can make the whole process complicated and time taking.

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