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Grease Monkey (Phat Panda) Feminized

Grease Monkey hits like a velvet hammer, with a lazy body buzz that eases chronic pain, stress and nausea. Smoke a little for a chill afternoon. Take a few extra rips to sleep like a baby. The smell and taste are both pungent and slightly sweet, with strong overtones of skunk and freshly spilled diesel fuel.

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Phat Panda – Grease Monkey: Big oily buds with powerful aromas

Grease Monkey has a world-class pedigree that does more than promise big, crystal-coated buds and an unstoppable, couch-locking stone. It delivers. Both ancestors of this strain, Gorilla Glue #4 and Cookies & Cream, are proven high-yielders with impressive THC levels.

This particular mix leans heavily towards the Gorilla side of the pairing as far as the effect goes, with the Cookies & Cream adding a subtle sweetness to temper the intense diesel and skunk notes in both the flavour and aroma. The strong fragrance is a pleasure to smell every time you open your jar, but take precautions when growing. Heavy-duty filters are highly recommended.


If you prefer concentrates to dried herb, you’ll definitely appreciate Grease Monkey’s exceptional resin content. The flowers are covered in such a thick layer of trichomes that even the sugar leaves look like they’ve been dipped in oil. No matter what extraction method you use, you’ll be in good shape when 710 rolls around.

Grease Monkey has a forceful buzz that appeals to both recreational and medical consumers. As long as you enjoy in moderation, it’s on the lazy side with a relaxed, chill high that’s perfect for a laid-back afternoon playing video games, streaming movies and satisfying a raging case of the munchies. Take it too far and you’ll be glued to the couch until the next morning. Medical benefits include relief from chronic pain, nausea, insomnia and appetite loss.

GG4 and Cookies & Cream come together to create this resin-covered indica, a strain with pungent skunky, earthy and diesel notes.

grease monkey


Introduction: Grease Monkey feminized is a huge producing, highly potent strain that will lock you to the couch every time. World class parents make her a THC rich hybrid that boasts a unique pungent and sweet terp profile. Be careful with this lady as she is extremely aromatic and will put your carbon filters to the test. She is incredible for hash makers and extracts artists and will deliver pure gold.

Genetics: Created by crossing Original Glue with Cookies and Cream, the results are an outstanding Original Glue dominant hybrid, that commercial growers will admire. Expect hybrid vigour that will express the heavily resinous traits of the Original Glue and retain her knockout potency, as well as the highly desirable Cookie characteristics.

Strain Characteristics: She is an easy to grow strain, with enormous yields of super greasy buds perfect for beginner growers, hash makers and extractors. During the growing phase she is easy to train and will stay low in height, and once flowering will grow to be quite tall and may require staking for extra support.

Flowering time will range between 8-9 weeks, where is capable to produce abundant harvests of 550 – 650 g/m². Grease Monkey feminized is a prolific producer of trichomes with THC testing above 20% meaning she is best suited for smokers with a high tolerance. Once flowering begins, be extra careful to mask to her powerful, pungent aroma indoors, thanks to her excessively loud terpene profile.

Experiencing this strain: It will not be long before you feel like you cannot shake this indica dominant monkey off your back. She lays on you heavy with a couch locking, narcotic effect that will blast you into another realm.

Her flavours are very special and truly complex, and can be described as a diesel funk and sweet cookie dough combined. Fans of fuel and Cookie strains will quickly fall in love with Grease Monkey feminized as she expresses the best of both worlds, and is well suited for evening times, lounging out with friends, watching movies, boxsets and avoid any type of heavy movement. Medical patients may find this hybrid to be useful for reducing feelings of anxiety, tension, treating aches and pains, insomnia and increasing appetite.

What makes this strain so great: Unbelievably resinous and a dream strain for hash makers and extractors, who want to take their work to the next level. Well suited for beginner growers and massive yields make her a wonderful choice for all types of growers.

Grease Monkey feminized is a huge producing, highly potent strain that will lock you to the couch every time. World class THC rich hybrid.