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UCSD Biochemical Genetics and Metabolomics Laboratory

We are a CLIA/CAP certified laboratory performing global metabolomics research
and clinical assays geared towards inherited metabolic disease.

Note re: Coronavirus CoVid19 (SARS-CoV-2): Posted 19-Mar-2020
Our laboratory is free-standing and has implemented measures to keep our workers safe, so we plan to remain open through this pandemic, to provide essential services for medical care of patients with inherited metabolic disease. Our dedicated workers are operating in alternating shifts, but we expect to be able to meet normal turnaround times.. Please contact us directly if you anticipate specific critical samples .

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UCSD Biochemical Genetics

Conservation Genetics

Sustaining and restoring genetic diversity through scientific innovation

We use innovative genetic and cellular approaches to assess, monitor, and manage endangered species in zoos and in the wild, contribute to their sustainability, and prevent species extinction via genetic rescue. We conduct genome-wide sequencing studies and collaborate with efforts to develop genomic tools for species of conservation concern. We propagate and reprogram tissue culture cells to produce induced pluripotent stem cells and direct their development for genetic rescue efforts for critically endangered species.

Sustaining and restoring genetic diversity through scientific innovation ]]>