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How to get free weed seeds? Shop with Herbies and get free marijuana seeds of the premium quality. Thousands of you have already received free seeds from Herbies, and thousands more will soon! Free Marijuana Seeds. Landrace, autoflowering feminized indicas and sativas strains. Ace Seeds Sales & Freebies Free is great and we want to reward your loyalty by giving you some of the finest Dutch genetics free! Every order receives a minimum of 2 free seeds!

Free Cannabis Seeds from Herbies

At-home cannabis cultivation can be quite costly, and when there’s a chance to save some cash along the way, it should be seized! So it comes as no surprise, that at some point most growers pause and ask themselves “Wait, what if there’s a way to get free cannabis seeds?”. Of course, bag seed is the first thing that comes to mind, but don’t even start pondering that idea! What if we told you, you can receive free cannabis seeds of the premium quality instead? Hang on, and we’ll tell you exactly how to do it.

How to Get Free Weed Seeds?

So, fellas, if you’re new to Herbies, you should know that we’re really big on freebies here. Years ago, our free seeds policy helped Herbies build a strong fan base of loyal customers, who didn’t mind getting a lil extra bang for their buck. Now, we aren’t planning on ditching the tradition – it’s actually the other way around – we keep improving the system and adding more strains to our pool of free cannabis seeds, that you’re going to learn about in a minute.

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Meanwhile, here’s how you can receive free marijuana seeds for a purchase from our store:

Free Seed With Every Purchase. Make any purchase at Herbies, and pick one of the seven eligible varieties to receive for free at the checkout. No minimum order total or other fine print conditions – every customer gets a top-notch extra seed.

Free Seed For Every 20 RUB Spent. On top of the previous rule, choose one of the seven eligible strains for every 20 RUB in your cart. You do the math: 20 RUB order makes 1+1 extra seed, 40 RUB – 2+1 extra seeds, 60 RUB – 3+1 extra seeds, and so on – there’s no limit to how many free seeds you can receive.

A Choice of Seven Spectacular Free Seeds

A saying as old as this world goes “you’re only as good as your free seeds”… and we completely agree! That’s why Herbies is the place where you can get seeds of renowned, prized, and simply legendary genetics totally free. The seven varieties of our free cannabis seeds are delicious, high-yielding, resistant, and of course, potent. We’ve picked them to satisfy growers’ most common needs, so you’ll easily find something that speaks to you.

Zkittlez: Extra Zesty

Perfect for: a Warm Body-Buzz

Effects: Happy, Creative, Narcotic

Flavors: Fruit, Earth, Citrus

This feminized photoperiod variety is a household name among American cannabis strains. Zkittlez has proved to be a perfect all-rounder that’s both a joy to grow and smoke. Choose this free cannabis seed for long day’s nights when you just need to put the whole world on pause.

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25 € to 49 € we add 1 Orient Express feminized seed for free.

50 € to 74 € we add 2 Bangi Haze feminized seeds for free.

75 € to 99 € we add 3 Panama x Bangi Haze feminized seeds for free.

For every 100 € of purchase, we pay the shipping costs and you can choose for free:

10 standard seeds for free to choose between the following strains: ACE Mix, Tropical Mix, Hokkaido Japan, Nepal Annapurna, Nepal Mist or Ethiopian

Or 5 feminized seeds for free to choose between the following feminized strains: ACE Mix, Tropical Mix, Bangi Haze, CBD #1 or Violeta.

Can I change the freebies to other strains?

Sorry, the freebies at our website are fixed and CANNOT be change or modified for any other strains beside what is listed in the promotion.
If the freebies are not of your taste, you can always choose to remove the freebie during the check out process at our website.

Free Marijuana Seeds

All our seeds are sold as collectable or novelty souvenirs only. The germination of cannabis seeds is Illegal in most countries.

Check your own laws before purchasing from us as we will in no way be liable for any action contrary to the law.

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