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Fields of Hemp NEW 2020 Flower is available now! BOGO SALE includes Bubba Kush smalls, Elektra, smalls, Grumpy Grandpa smalls , Hawaiian Haze smalls, Lifter smalls, LIfter (Machine trimmed

Fields of Hemp CBD Flower Review

We’ve reviewed Fields of Hemp’s most popular line of CBD products. Click below to jump to a review or read in order from highest to lowest rating.

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Fields of Hemp AC/DC Hemp Flower (7.9)

Fields of Hemp Grumpy Grandpa Hemp Flower (7.8)

Highest Rated

Fields of Hemp AC/DC hemp flower, Sativa, 15.6% CBD, 75%

Initial Thoughts

Fields of Hemp is one of the early entrants into the CBD flower space that has established a name for themselves. Hailing from Southern Oregon, Fields of Hemp is a small, family-owned business that seems to be growing premium hemp for the right reasons. We previously reviewed the FOH Grumpy Grandpa strain, which is more of an indica-leaning strain. When the opportunity arose for us to pick up some AC/DC, we couldn’t pass it by. AC/DC has it’s roots in the medical marijuana space as one of the most well known and early examples of what a High CBD, Low THC strain can do. Namely, deliver the medicinal effects of marijuana without the psychoactive aspects. We were excited to give Fields of Hemp’s version of AC/DC a shot.

The Five Senses (7.5 out of 10)

Popping open the sealed pouch of AC/DC, our noses were greeted with a scent of pine, citrus and earth. While the smell doesn’t jump out of the bag, it was inviting. It is worth noting that we only ordered a gram from FOH, but our pouch had to clock in closer to two grams. Bonus points for not skimping on the quantity and you can be sure you will get your money worth here. From a taste perspective, we were a little hesitant to smoke the AC/DC after the Grumpy Grandpa came off as pretty harsh. In this case, the AC/DC strain was more mellow – a relatively smooth overall smoke. We didn’t find any irritation on our throat, which is why we scored this a half-point higher than Grumpy Grandpa.

Curb Appeal (7.5 out of 10)

Similar to Grumpy Grandpa, the AC/DC flower arrived in an unassuming black pouch affixed with the Fields of Hemp logo. The nuggets were slightly compressed from shipping, but looking pretty good and plump. Overall, this flower has more of a brown shade to it than green. That is, in part, because amber and orange trichomes are everywhere on this flower. It is really loaded with them, which is great. Of course, the flower is still actually green, but it is just more muted. AC/DC is not quite as frosty as some, but the trichomes suggest it still packs medicinal value. Beyond the looks, the cure was comparable to Grumpy Grandpa – a little too dry for our taste. Luckily, that didn’t have a huge impact on the mellowness of the flower, but a slightly more moist flower would likely be even smoother.

Potency (7.5 out of 10)

This strain of AC/DC comes in at 15.6% CBD content, which puts it squarely in the middle on the CBD potency spectrum. If you’re looking for something with a kick that won’t cloud your mind, AC/DC is a good candidate, similar to Berkshire CBD Remedy. On the THC side of things, the Fields of Hemp AC/DC came in at less than .1% delta-9. FOH isn’t pushing the .3% limit, which ensures you probably don’t have to be worried about staying lucid after your session. When it comes to terpenes, this flower has 1.58% total terpenes, which is right down the middle, but slightly higher than Grumpy Grandpa. As we look through the Certificate of Analysis (kudos again to FOH for making it easy to find), AC/DC packs a healthy dose of bisabolol, beta caryophyllene and myrcene. To be exact, 36% bisabolol, .31% beta caryophyllene and .25% myrcene. With myrcene present, but not the dominant terpene, we could quickly see why the sativa effects are the dominant focus.

Effect (8.0 out of 10)

After the first few puffs of AC/DC we felt a slight head rush coming on. Nothing crazy, but just enough to let us know that the flower was starting to kick in. Overall, the AC/DC effect won’t knock you off your feet, which is kind of the point. This strain seeks to be medicinal without being incapacitating. After 20-30 minutes, we did feel some of the numbing body effects starting to reverberate through our body. But, the predominant effect overall is what we refer to as “head seizing.” In this case, the head seizing is a combination of relaxation and focus. This flower almost calls you to attention and would make a great daytime stain, in our view. Though the predominant effect is in the head, this was a completely lucid experience from our perspective. Overall, we felt relaxed, heady but clear headed, happy and content. Great work, Fields of Hemp!

Price (9.2 out of 10)

At the time of writing, AC/DC is available at $9 for a gram or $30 for an 1/8 oz. While unavailable in other sizes, we expect that Fields of Hemp would follow the $45 for a 1/4 oz, $70 for 1/2 and $100 for an ounce that we see with their other flowers. As such, this flower is priced at the lower-middle or lower end of the spectrum. Read: a great price. We’ve seen a few flowers cheaper at low volume, but as you increase the volume to an ounce, the price quickly becomes harder to ignore. Based on the potency here, you’ll be paying 5.5 cents per milligram of CBD when you buy an 1/8th, which is middle of the road pricing. Assuming that FOH follows the pricing structure for AC/DC that they do for other flowers, you might be able to cut that price in half when they make ounces available. If a focused, relaxed sativa experience is your jam, you can’t go wrong here with AC/DC for the price.

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