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Federation Seeds

Federation Seeds helps you find the finest cannabis and marijuana seed genetics at affordable prices. We offer our visitors a large selection of marijuana/cannabis strains for medical marijuana users as well as recreational users where legal. All seeds are bred by the master breeder.

Excellent For Making Cannabis Extract

Potent genetics are excellent for making cannabis extract. If you already have high potency, you’re going to get really crazy numbers when its extracted.

Welcome to Federation Seeds Federation – Federation Seeds helps you find the Blueberry Romulan Strain and romulan weed strain at affordable prices.

Australian Seed Federation

Be Smart from the Start – Know Before You Sow

See which pasture products are varieties and which are not

Make informed decisions in the handling & marketing of seed

2020 Celebrating the International Year of Plant Health

Code of Practice and Best Practice Guidelines

The ASF has developed a number of documents and protocols to assist industry participants to make informed decisions in relation to the handling and marketing of seed.

Pasture Seed Database

The ASF Pasture Seed Product Database lists pasture seed products by species. It also identifies the intellectual property, marketing and varietal status of the various pasture seed products nominated by their Australian marketer.

Know Before You Sow – Smart from the Start Checklist

Always ask if the seller of your seed is a member of the ASF to ensure you Know Before You Sow. Use the Smart from the Start Checklist as a guide to help you with questions to ask when buying seed.

Seed Tech Notes

The ASF has developed Tech Notes on VNS Seed, Australian Seed Testing laboratories and their accreditations and on Seed Storage, to help with your business. Click here to view the tech notes now available.


Barenbrug is one of Australia’s leading seed businesses specialising in research and development, marketing, extension and distribution of proprietary pasture and forage seeds, cropping, turf and seed enhancement technology. Key products in our range include temperate and tropical pasture varieties, fodder crops, forage cereals, field crops and turf and amenity grasses. Barenbrug has a strong research and development focus with significant programs being conducted at our facilities near Howlong, New South Wales and Gatton, Queensland as well as additional regional sites across the country.

Centor Oceania

Centor Oceania is an independently owned business servicing the entire Asia Pacific with a wide range of seed applied and seed improvement technologies. Best known for our Seedworx™ and Ezicote™ film coating polymers, we also have a range of specialist analytical equipment and seed treatment machinery, though at the very heart of what we do is Research and Development. Our dedicated team of scientists work diligently to develop and strengthen what we offer, and importantly to create new and innovative ways to improve the finished products for our customers. While we may be part of a global group we enjoy working locally with our customers, utilising our fully equipped laboratory to find the best solutions to seed coating application issues. Explore our website for more information, better still get in touch with one of our team to discuss how we can help you.


Another quality Colquhoun’s product, our range of PALLET SHEETS are ideal for all seed and grain palletising. When your products needs to be protected from moisture, splinters and nails, keep it protected with a quality Colquhoun’s Pallet Sheet. Available in several configurations: • B FLUTE • 3 PLY WATER RESISTANT • 210 gsm PLAIN KRAFT • 105gsm PLAIN KRAFT. If you need something slightly different to our standard range, please contact your nearest Colquhoun’s branch and let us work with you. .

Enza Zaden

Enza Zaden develops new vegetable varieties that are grown, sold and consumed all over the world. So it’s very likely that you’ll often find our tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, lettuce or other vegetables developed by us on your plate. We produce and sell the seeds of those vegetables worldwide. Besides an international vegetable-breeding company, Enza Zaden is also an independent family business. For three generations, an entrepreneurial spirit, long-term vision and focus on innovation have characterised our company’s distinctive features and healthy growth. .

GrainTech Engineering

Since our formation our focus has been on providing innovative turn-key solutions to the feed, food and seed industries, and we have become an industry leader through our commitment to excellence. Nick and Charles Smith, together with our highly skilled team, have the motivation and expertise to provide leading edge solutions to exceed the requirements of our customers. We are committed to proving unequalled design, quality and world leading technology solutions to meet the needs of our customers, no matter where located. Our focus is innovation, clever thinking and timely delivery to achieve the very best for our customers.

PGG Wrightson Seeds

A truly national supplier of seed to Australia’s farmers. PGG Wrightson Seeds has a complete range of proprietary temperate, tropical and sub-tropical seed varieties to suit a wide range of pasture and cropping operations. We pride ourselves on delivering top of the line products backed by extensive research and development. With over $9 million per annum invested in research and development, 25 full time plant breeders, 58 research staff across Oceania, and cold storage facilities for our endophyte products: we are your trusted seed company. .

Seed Services Australia

Seed Services Australia, as part of Primary Industries & Regions SA, is Australia’s premier and trusted seed certification and seed testing provider. Seed Services Australia offers internationally accredited and recognised seed quality programs to growers, processors, marketers and exporters of seed. We are an accredited ISTA seed testing laboratory and offer OECD, AOSCA, Domestic and SureSeed® Program seed certification services to clients across Australia. .

Australian Seed Federation Be Smart from the Start – Know Before You Sow See which pasture products are varieties and which are not Make informed decisions in the handling & marketing of ]]>