fastbuds girl scout cookies

Girl Scout Cookies Auto

The Thin Mint Variety – Everyone’s Favourite Treat!

  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Fully Automatic Hybrid
  • Thin Mint Aroma
  • 22% THC – Potent
  • 8 to 9 Weeks Total – Fast!
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Cookies, Biscuits, Wafers – By Any Name, GSC is Sweet!

The world has been screaming for Girl Scout Cookies for years & Fast Buds has answered that ear-shattering squeal with Girl Scout Cookies Auto Seeds! Believe it or not, this potent AutoFem does the original cut-only strain justice with extreme power, sweet earthy flavours & a thin mint aroma that’ll lead you around by your nose all . day . long!

  • Girl Scout Cookies Auto Finishes in 8-9 Weeks from Seed
  • Heavy with Fat Trichs – Perfect for Extractions
  • Medical-Grade with Near-Narcotic Stones & Happy Highs
  • Like the Original – Only Waaaaay Faster!

Even better than the tantalizing scent, Fast Buds was able to keep all those incredible effects! In just 8 to 9 weeks from seed, Girl Scout Cookies Automatic Seeds can yield up to 650 gr/m2 of rocky, resin-coated buds that can relax your body, soothe your ills & fill you with joy. This extractor’s special is social, she’s creative and she’s definitely a mood lifter. What more could you ask for?

Not into fully autoflowering seeds like Fast Buds Girl Scout Cookies Auto? No problem! At Rhino Seeds, we have the widest variety of 5-star cannabis seeds on the net including plenty of photoperiod strains in both new and old flavours. Why not pick up a pack of AutoFems for now & some photos for later?

Buy Your Girl Scout Cookies Auto Seeds Now – They’re the Real Deal!

NB: You’ve heard the stories. You can buy the Girl Scout Cookies Auto Seeds. What you can’t do is break the law by trying to germinate or cultivate your new collectible marijuana seeds – The Rhino doesn’t allow it!

Girl Scout Cookies Auto adds Canadian Ruderalis to the original genetics to leave all the most desired traits intact while revving up the speed & making these weed seeds much more beginner friendly. The flavour is all sweet, earthy OG Kush while the aroma is clearly reminiscent of the famous Thin Mint cookies that GSC was named for.

Finishes are extremely fast at only 8 to 9 weeks from ganja seed with very impressive yields for an autoflowering seed: up to 650 gr/m2 inside & 300 gr/seed outside. Power ratings are equally generous at a full 22% THC for strong effects that reach the body & the mind with equal force for medical-grade benefits. This is a good one!

Fast Buds puts the hottest West Coast strain within easy reach with Girl Scout Cookies Auto. It's got 22% THC, 650 gr/m2 yields & 55 day finishes.

Girl Scout Cookies Auto (FastBuds) feminized

Growers seeking the best US autoflowering genetics have just found their perfect match. Girl Scout Cookies Auto, the absolute killer-strain from the West Coast, is now conquering Europe. This exceptional hybrid has an autoflowering life cycle of 8-9 weeks and yields up to 500-650g/m², or 70-300g per plant. THC levels are skyrocketing up to 22%. Order while stocks last and get baked!

Girl Scout Cookies Auto (FastBuds) feminized
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FastBuds – Girl Scout Cookies Auto: The Californian dream girl with 22% THC

FastBuds is of the opinion that Girl Scout Cookies Auto is the best Californian strain of all time. It surely is one of those varieties one would expect to see on the cover of a cannabis magazine. European bud smokers, who have had the privilege of smoking GSC at least once in their lifetime, will agree that the quality lives up to its outstanding and positive reputation. FastBuds took the most productive and well-performing phenotypes of Girl Scout Cookies and crossed them with Canadian ruderalis and sativa genetics.

Girl Scout Cookies Auto is indica dominant strain, with almost 60% indica genes. There is also a considerable amount of Sativa in this hybrid which is reflected in the cerebral elements of the high, but not so much in its growing traits. This strain is easy to cultivate and can potentially be an interesting strain for novice growers to choose, as it does not even take GSC’s full potential to amaze even the most professional cannabis growers. Everybody who is willing to give this beauty a try will profit from plants being highly homogeneous, between 60-100cm tall, and incredibly fast, with a complete autoflowering life cycle of 8-9 weeks. Yields of up to 500-650g/m² or 70-300 g per plant can be expected!

Evaluating the effect and flavours of Girl Scout Cookies Auto is probably one of the best tasks. This variety is loaded with 22% of THC, and growers should ask themselves if extreme THC levels like that are really necessary. Yes, of course they are! This bud is valuable like a nice bottle of cognac, and made for the cannabis connoisseur with HIGH demands. The effect is both mind stimulating and physically relaxing. It’s a real pleasure to experience feelings of joy, enhanced perception of music and humour, and boosts of individual creativity. Definitely a great smoke for social gatherings of any kind! The taste and flavours of Girl Scout Cookies are something growers don’t necessarily want to hear about: They leave them no option, other than to grow this strain. This sounds a bit exaggerated, but the heavenly taste of chocolate and mint, embodied in a unique sweetness, gently compliments the palate of any enthusiastic bud smoker. Girl and boy scouts love to camp out in nature, so one also notices earthy aromas that are usually present on a hike through the woods. According to FastBuds, GSC has the real OG flavour. This might be the final argument to convince even the most demanding grower.

Saying no to girl scouts that ring your door bell wanting to sell their freshly baked cookies is not a smart move. Homemade cookies are the most delicious ones out there! The same is true for Girl Scout Cookies Auto. Is the international hype around GSC just marketing, or is this strain truly able to significantly raise the standard by providing potheads with exceptionally flavourful bud, and by providing breeders with the highest potency they are capable to establish in a cannabis plant? See for yourself if this Californian dream girl will leave you empty-handed after 8-9 weeks. Chances are pretty high that this won’t be the case!

Grow the sweet and innocent all American dream girl of the Californian cannabis community. Girl Scout Cockies or GSC is upper class cannabis!